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3-Day Amboseli Safari Tours

Three days in Amboseli National Park is a popular choice for a safari. Amboseli NP is one of Africa’s bucket-list destinations. And for good reason; this is the location of the quintessential African image of a huge herd of elephants walking in front of the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro. While elephants are the main attraction, there is plenty of other wildlife too. The open terrain makes for easy viewing, and the central wetlands make the park an excellent birding hot spot too. Amboseli NP is often incorporated into a longer Kenyan safari covering several parks and reserves, but it is also a suitable destination for a short trip. The park’s relatively small size makes it easy to explore on a 3-day tour.

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6 Questions About 3-Day Amboseli Safaris


6 Questions About 3-Day Amboseli Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

What can I expect from a 3-day safari in Amboseli NP?

“You’re in for an experience of a lifetime when going on a 3-day tour in Amboseli NP. Even when you’re out of the city for just 3 days, you’ll get a chance to really get away from it all. Leaving your hotel after breakfast, you’ll get to the park mid-morning. This gives you some time to relax and enjoy lunch before heading out on your first afternoon game drive. Seeing animals walk across the dusty plains at sunset is a very special scene. After a lovely dinner, you might want to turn in early as you’ll be out looking for animals again at sunrise. Early morning is a glorious time in Amboseli. With luck you’ll see the peaks of Mt Kilimanjaro glisten in the first rays of sunshine. You’ll get a nice break in the middle of the day to enjoy at the lodge or campsite before heading out again in the afternoon. On a 3-day safari in Amboseli, you’ll get a chance to explore different areas of the park. You’ll look for big elephant herds, buffalos, zebras, antelopes and gazelles, and hopefully you’ll see some predators too. On your last morning you can head out again to see what’s around, or you might prefer to stay in with a cup of coffee to watch the sunrise on Africa’s highest peak. Either way, after breakfast you’ll start your journey back to Nairobi. You can also book a 3-day Amboseli safari from Mombasa. This itinerary usually includes a night in Tsavo East or Tsavo West National Parks en route to Amboseli.”


Is a 3-day Amboseli NP road safari or fly-in safari a better choice?

“There are pros and cons to consider when choosing between a road or fly-in safari to Amboseli NP. Either way, Amboseli is very accessible from Nairobi. The distance is about 200km on a good road and the driving time is under four hours. When driving from Nairobi, you get to the park before lunch time. There are plenty of budget and mid-range tours offering this popular 3-day Amboseli NP road safari. A road trip gives you a chance to get a glimpse of ordinary Kenyan village life as you drive past settlements along the way. However, if you prefer to maximize your time in the park and you don’t mind the additional cost, a fly-in safari is an attractive option too. There are daily flights from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the park’s airstrip. Coming from Mombasa, the drive to Amboseli takes about seven hours. Regular flights from Mombasa make a 3-day Amboseli safari from the coastal resorts a more attractive option.”


What are the accommodation options on a 3-day safari in Amboseli NP?

“Amboseli NP has several accommodation options in and near the park. Adventurous travelers might enjoy a camping safari. The campsites inside the park are at fantastic locations, but the private campsites outside the park generally have better facilities. There is also a variety of hotels to choose from. Most accommodation options are located outside the Kimani Gate. There are some great mid-range options, as well as several budget and luxury establishments. In the mid-range category, you have a choice between a tented camp or a simple lodge. Both offer all you need for a comfortable stay. Whichever accommodation you choose, you most likely won’t be there much as you’ll try to spend most of your time out in the bush. Staying inside the park, however, does mean you’ll be in the best location to start your game drives. The options inside the park are limited to campsites, two lodges and a luxury tented camp. ”


Which animals am I likely to see on a 3-day safari in Amboseli NP?

“Amboseli NP is one of Kenya’s top wildlife-viewing destinations. Big elephant herds can be seen crossing the dusty plains to spend most of the day in the central wetland area. Solitary males often steal the show with their relaxed nature and unusually big tusks. You’ll see plenty of other animals too. You might spot buffalos wallowing during the heat of the day, or giraffes in the shade of an acacia tree, chewing on their favorite food. Zebras, wildebeest and gazelles dot the open plains, but predators are a bit harder to spot. Keep your eyes peeled for that special sighting: lions feeding on a kill, a leopard lazing on a tree branch or a cheetah running at incredible speed across the savannah. Spotted hyenas are a treat to watch too. Spending time at a den makes you appreciate their complex social interactions.”


How much does a 3-day safari in Amboseli NP cost?

“A mid-range tour, using a mid-range tented camp or lodge, costs between US$500 and US$1000 per person. Several factors determine the cost of a 3-day Amboseli NP safari. Operators use different vehicles and the quality of the guiding can vary as well. However, the biggest difference in tour prices is determined by the level of accommodation. Private tours are most popular, but you might be able to economize by joining a group tour. If your timing is flexible, you could consider traveling in the low season when visitor numbers are low and prices favourable. Most people opt for a road safari, but luxury fly-in packages are available too. Always get a few quotations to compare and don’t forget to check out the reviews of the operators on SafariBookings; it’s always good to read about other people’s experiences. ”


Is a 3-day safari in Amboseli NP recommended as a short bush break from Nairobi?

“If you need to get away for a couple of nights from the hustle and bustle of Nairobi, a trip to Amboseli NP is the perfect choice. You don’t need to travel far from the capital city of Kenya to be in the wild. Amboseli, located about 200km south of Nairobi, is less than four hours away by car. If you begin your journey early, you’ll get there before lunch. You’ll be able to rest for a couple of hours before going out on your first afternoon game drive. On a 3-day/2-night safari, you’ll have the luxury of a full day in the park and plenty of time to explore. Regular flights between Nairobi/Mombasa and the park make Amboseli even more attractive for a quick getaway.”


Amboseli Reviews

4.4/5 183 Reviews
Lizzie Williams  –  
South Africa ZA

Lizzie is a reputed guidebook writer and author of the Footprint guides to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Guaranteed wildlife-viewing at the foot of Kilimanjaro

Amboseli has instant likeability and although it can be crowded with game-viewing vehicles, there are plenty of good reasons for its popularity. For a start, it’s a straightforward drive from Nairobi via the newish C102 road – the...

Full Review

Mark Eveleigh  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mark is a travel writer who grew up in Africa and has written over 700 titles for CNN Traveller, Travel Africa, BBC Wildlife and others.

One of Kenya’s most picturesque parks with spectacular views of Kilimanjaro

I creaked into Amboseli after a frantic break-neck drive with the military convoy from Tsavo in a near-dead Suzuki Vitara hire-car. I had a soldier riding with me and the cartridge of his AK47 wore a hole through the dashboard because of...

Full Review

Ben Krug  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Nov 14, 2022

I'm not sure what Bush Vibe is, but there were significant parts of the park without trees or bushes. Visiting just before the rainy season was probably the reason. As a smaller park, it was not surprising to see numerous animals no matter...

Full Review

alison  –  
United Kingdom UK
Reviewed: Nov 23, 2021
Absolutely Stunning Beautiful Country Shame it is so political Saw the Big Five Amazing xxx

Honeymoon Travelled to Malindi We got Married Honeymoon On Safari Oltukai Lodge was our firm Favourite Salt Lick was astonishing seeing the elephants and finally few days in Zanzibar Three weeks of bliss Met on Club...

Full Review

Family Hansson  –  
Finland FI
Reviewed: Feb 16, 2020

The nature was beautiful and green with grass and water. We spotted a lot of animals. The animals were not afraid of the jeep so we were able to come close and got beautiful pictures. We got a very nice view of Mount Kilimanjaro as well.

Full Review

Doug Greenberg  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Oct 29, 2019

Amboseli is located not far from Kilamanjaro, but the atmosphere is often very hazy so the mountain itself is barely visible. The park has good accommodations and features significant wildlife, including elephants, wildebeests, zebras,...

Full Review