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Amboseli Luxury Safari Tours

Amboseli National Park is a great choice for a luxury safari in Kenya. The park lies in the heart of Maasailand, in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. They’ve been doing safaris here since the 1950s and have learned a thing or two about luxury safaris. A small handful of luxury lodges and tented camps lie within this compact, beautiful, wildlife-rich park, with more not far away, in ideal locations elsewhere in the ecosystem. A luxury safari here involves a captivating mix of guaranteed images. There’s the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, along with the kind of surprise wildlife encounters that occur wherever animals congregate in great numbers.

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7 Questions About Amboseli Luxury Safaris


7 Questions About Amboseli Luxury Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

Why should I choose Amboseli for a luxury trip?

“Amboseli is one of Africa’s most celebrated parks. The small but select collection of luxury accommodation possibilities is among the best in Kenya. There are accommodation options inside the park, and more outstanding choices in the unfenced conservancies around Amboseli. Giraffe, lion, cheetah, hyena, zebra, hippo and so much more are commonly sighted here. But it’s the elephants that really steal the Amboseli show – we know of no place in Africa where you can get this close to wild elephants. Unlike many other Kenyan or Eastern African parks, Amboseli is also a manageable size. In even a few days here, you’ll develop an intimate understanding of the park and almost certainly encounter many of its wildlife stars.”


What is included in an Amboseli luxury safari?

“Most safari trips here will operate on an all-inclusive basis. This means that all meals (three per day, and/or snacks, picnics and the like), game drives, village visits and, of course, accommodation will be included. Anything beyond that will be considered an extra to the quoted price. Extras may include scenic flights to get a really close look at Kilimanjaro; massages and spa treatments; and tips to lodge, camp or safari staff. Also, contrary to what you might think, you’ll be sharing your safari vehicle and guide with other travelers. If you want a private service, you’ll need to pay considerably more. What’s included on your luxury safari to Amboseli will vary from one operator to the next, and there are many packages from which to choose. Always ask any prospective safari operator what is and what is not included in the price they quote you.”


How long do I need for a safari in Amboseli?

“The best of Amboseli can easily be experienced in a couple of days, but longer tours are always a good idea. For a start, the snow-capped summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is often concealed by clouds. The longer you stay, the greater your chances of seeing the mountain in all its glory, and no matter how many days you stay, you’ll never tire of the view. Staying a little longer, even up to a week, also enables you to make the most of your time in the lodge or tented camp, relaxing in the luxurious surrounds. You can also build in time for visits to local Maasai communities or conservation projects. As for the park itself, its compact nature means that staying longer has considerable rewards, among them the chance to see everything more than once.”


What is the difference between Amboseli National Park and a private concession?

“The national park’s boundaries are clearly defined and the park is accessible only through an official gate, and after payment of the park fees. It is owned and run by the Kenya Wildlife Service, a government department, and anyone can enter. In contrast, most of the group ranches or private community conservancies that surround the national park are owned communally and run by Maasai communities. Only overnight guests can visit. Night drives, walking safaris, and off-road driving by guides (not allowed in the national park) are all possible in the conservancies. A small handful have a luxury lodge or tented camp where most of the staff are Maasai and where Maasai culture stands at the heart of everything they do. At least two of these inhabit the downslopes of the Chyulu Hills, between Amboseli, Tsavo West National Park and the Nairobi–Mombasa highway. Some of these concessions also host important conservation projects. These range from successful anti-poaching programs to innovative partnerships between Maasai communities and wildlife protection using traditional Maasai values.”


How does a typical day on an Amboseli luxury trip unfold?

“A typical day on an Amboseli luxury safari involves high levels of comfort and safari staff attending to your every need. A pre-dawn start to the day is a safari tradition, and with good reason. Animals are active and more easily seen at this time. In Amboseli, dawn is also when you’ve an excellent chance of seeing Kilimanjaro’s summit free from clouds. Your morning game drive (usually with blankets to ward off the morning chill) or walk varies in length, depending on what’s happening with the wildlife. By mid to late-morning you’ll be back at your lodge or camp. A more substantial breakfast awaits (your wake-up call is usually accompanied by hot drinks and a breakfast snack). This is followed by time in camp, a large spread for lunch and relaxation in your luxury tent or room. Afternoon tea, sometime after 3 PM, signals that it’s almost time for the afternoon drive in search of wildlife. Your guide will make sure that at sunset you’ll be in a place where you can watch the sun disappear over the horizon while nursing a sundowner (usually an alcoholic drink). Then you’ll be driven back to camp where you’ll have time to shower and dress for dinner. If you’re in a private conservancy, a night drive with spotlight is sometimes a possibility either side of dinner. And most nights on safari end around a campfire, and beneath an extraordinary spray of stars.”


What type of accommodation can I expect?

“Accommodation on your Amboseli luxury safari splits evenly between luxury lodges and equally luxurious tented camps. The tented camps consist of a series of between eight and 12 large, atmospheric tents that rest atop a slightly elevated wooden platform. Each tent has a main room, bathroom and outdoor shower out the back, a writing desk, wooden trunks to evoke safaris past and an open deck area for sitting. The canvas walls are ideal for those who long to hear the night sounds of Africa while sleeping. The lodges have solid walls – perfect for light sleepers – and artful decorations rich in safari chic. Some of the structures combine the best of both worlds, with a mix of canvas and wood.”


How much does an Amboseli luxury safari cost?

“The price of an Amboseli luxury safari varies considerably. As an approximate ceiling, the price of your luxury safari will rarely rise above US$490 per person per day. If you’re traveling on your own (as opposed to traveling on a twin-share basis), expect to pay a single supplement that is rarely less than 75% of the price for two people traveling together. Factors affecting costs include the number of people on your safari, when you plan to visit, and, of course, just how luxurious you want your accommodation to be. Remember also that by choosing to travel outside high season, even by a few days, you can significantly reduce the price of your safari.”


Amboseli Reviews

4.4/5 210 Reviews
Nana Luckham  –  
United Kingdom UK

Nana is a travel writer and author of multiple guidebooks, including the Lonely Planet guides to Africa, Zambia & Malawi and South Africa.

Elephants and Mount Kilimanjaro

Amboseli hugs the Tanzanian border and makes for one of Kenya’s most dramatic photo opportunities – herds of elephant lumbering past with Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop. The park is famous for them and groups of up to 100 are not...

Full Review

Brian Jackman  –  
United Kingdom UK

Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa.

A land of Giants

By East African standards, Amboseli is quite small – a mere 150 square miles of arid plains that become a dustbowl in the dry season months of July to October. And yet this is a land of giants. Amboseli is the park where Kenya’s biggest...

Full Review

Gašper  –  
Slovenia SI
Reviewed: Sep 22, 2023

Amboseli was quite hot and dusty. We saw Kilimanjaro, elephants (even the one with huge tusks), lions setting hunting formation. I was still amazed, but if I compare it to Masai Mara, I cannot give it the same rating.

Full Review

Bruno Vidal de Souza  –  
Germany DE
Reviewed: Sep 14, 2023

Because of the swamps the National Park concentrate a really high quantity of animals. It is absolutely beautiful and you see A LOT of animals all together. In really large quantities, it felt like a movie. Another unique thing is the view...

Full Review

Eva Prieschl-Grassauer  –  
Austria AT
Reviewed: Aug 18, 2023

It was very dusty, particularly in the evening when all cars have to leave the park. You cannot leave the roads which makes spotting more difficult compared to Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara. The elephants, on the other hand, were very...

Full Review

Maria Lois  –  
Greece GR
Reviewed: Jul 20, 2023

Despite the small duration of our safari we were very lucky to observe a lioness hunt, see a male elephant really close which was an amazing experience and so many other beautiful animals in a scenery that kept changing as we continued our...

Full Review