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Hwange Budget Safari Tours

4.4/5  –  67 Hwange Reviews

If Hwange National Park was anywhere but Zimbabwe, a country that sees relatively few safari visitors, it would be one of Africa’s most famous safari destinations. This is because it combines classic southern African landscapes (dry woodlands, waterholes and salt pans) with plentiful and varied wildlife. Hwange is particularly famous for its dense populations of elephant, which are impressive at all times, but peak towards the end of the Dry season (September and October). It is also one of the few places in Africa where lions regularly hunt young elephants. A network of excellent and well-equipped campsites is perfect for those looking to save a little money and go on a budget safari.

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5 Questions About Hwange Budget Safaris


5 Questions About Hwange Budget Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

Are there cheap day trips available to Hwange National Park?

“It might be possible to go on a day trip to Hwange from elsewhere in Zimbabwe, or perhaps even neighboring Botswana or Zambia. But you would have to fly, thereby pushing the price well beyond the budget price range. One reason why a flight is necessary is that Hwange is one of the largest parks in southern Africa. It’s also a reasonably long drive from anywhere else, whether from Victoria Falls or one of Zimbabwe’s cities or other national parks. It could take an entire day’s drive just to get here. There is nothing to stop you from going to Hwange on an affordable budget safari that lasts longer than a day. In fact, the more time you can allocate for a trip here, the better. Hwange has excellent budget accommodation, and there is a wide range of tours and packages to choose from.”


What type of accommodation can I expect on cheap Hwange packages?

“Hwange has a handful of official rest camps, which offer everything from campsites to simple bungalow rooms. The campsites have lots of space, some shade, and communal shower and toilet facilities. Most of the bungalow rooms have en suite bathrooms. The camp complexes usually have a park office (for information), as well as a dining hall and a small grocery store. These camps can get really busy, especially during South African and Zimbabwean school holiday periods. Most of the other accommodation that is scattered throughout (or just outside) the park belongs in the mid-range or top-end price category. One exception is a handful of small camps set up on stilted hides and platforms overlooking waterholes. Each of these budget camps has a toilet and cold-water shower, and is offered to one party per night on an exclusive basis, which means they are often fully booked. Your safari operator should be able to check availability and make reservations.”


What are the pros and cons of a budget camping trip to Hwange?

“Choosing a Hwange budget camping safari comes with lots of advantages and is sure to be a fantastic experience. For a start, you’re in one of the best wildlife parks in southern Africa, and you’re getting to experience it without paying too much money. Remember that those staying at the more expensive (often luxury) camps will be seeing the same animals and landscapes as you, but they’ll be paying a lot more to do so. Another benefit of coming here on a cheap or affordable safari is the opportunity to meet locals, both those who work at the camps and local travelers staying close by. And a camping safari helps you feel closer to nature, with just canvas between you and the animals you have come so far to see. There’s nothing quite like lying in your tent at night and listening to lions roaring nearby. If there is a disadvantage to visiting Hwange on a budget camping safari, it’s that some of the campsites can get really crowded during peak holiday periods.”


What are the pros and cons of a budget group safari to Hwange?

“A Hwange budget safari is a brilliant way to visit this remarkable park, and doing so as part of a group of like-minded travelers could just mean you make friends that last a lifetime. You’ll be sharing in a few days of really intense engagement with the African wild, and it can be a wonderful thing to enjoy that with others. Or to put it another way, you’ll be enjoying one of the best possible safari experiences, but doing so for an affordable cost. That said, budget accommodation on group safaris will be less comfortable than if paying more. If you’re staying in a bungalow in one of the park’s official rest camps, the accommodation is spacious but quite simple. You certainly won’t be getting any luxuries. And going on a budget group safari usually means staying in camps that are full of other travelers during the busy months. This means that it can be noisy at night and difficult for light sleepers to get some sleep.”


How much does a Hwange budget safari cost?

“A Hwange budget safari starts at around US$250 per person per day, but it can be quite a lot more than that. This is because operators need to factor in park entrance and camping fees, as well as the cost of a guide, driver and vehicle, and game drives and transfers. Meals and water should be included, but for really cheap safari packages, you may be expected to help out around camp with setting up and taking down tents, cooking and washing up. The per-day cost of your safari will usually go down the longer you’re traveling (the cost of one-off transfer fees will be spread over more days). The size of your group can also influence the overall price. Small groups are usually more enjoyable (you’ll be less crowded in the vehicle or vehicles), but they’re also more expensive. Whatever the cost, you should always ask your safari operator for a full list of what’s included and what’s excluded from the quoted price before you hand over any money. That way, you’re less likely to get any surprises when it comes time to pay.”


Hwange Reviews

4.4/5 67 Reviews
Paul Murray  –  
United Kingdom UK

Paul is a travel writer, author of the Bradt guidebook to Zimbabwe and is closely involved in promoting tourism to Zimbabwe.

Big Game Metropolis

Hwange, which is roughly half the size of Belgium, is Zimbabwe’s premier park, and one of Africa’s finest. It also offers an excellent, uncrowded, wildlife experience. And with 108 species, it has one of the highest mammal diversities...

Full Review

Mark Eveleigh  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mark is a travel writer who grew up in Africa and has written over 700 titles for Condé Nast Traveller, Travel Africa, BBC Wildlife and others.

The Zimbabwean Giant

Hwange delivers. I spent eight days on assignment searching for painted (wild) dogs…and a pack of ten finally kept me awake for half the night as they bickered with a small herd of elephants right outside my tent at The Hide. Hwange is...

Full Review

Caroline Page  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Jan 17, 2024

Would've given Hwange 5 stars, however we did not see any elephants which was highly disappointing since the park is known for the highest elephant population in Africa. What we did see was lovely, but the park is very wooded (not a lot of...

Full Review

Michelle Welch  –  
New Zealand NZ
Reviewed: Dec 28, 2019

Hwange is a vast area and requires patience and travel over great distances to see the wildlife. There is no fencing so the animals wonder over large areas. We prefer to get away from volumes of commercial tourism so Hwange is the ideal...

Full Review

Veronica  –  
Mexico MX
Reviewed: Jul 15, 2019
Beautiful park, few people, and lots of animals

Hwange is a beautiful park and the safari experience feels quite unique because there are very few cars/ people. It was usually just our car and at times one researcher. The scenery is gorgeous and I saw lots of elephants, anthelopes,...

Full Review

Shivakumar  –  
Sri Lanka LK
Reviewed: Dec 23, 2018
Almost perfect but....

I saw a decent number of animals, however I was informed that I had not chosen the best time to visit the park (in june). At that time trophy hunters were operating in private concessions close to the national park. Apparently that made...

Full Review