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10-Day Kenya Safari Tours

4.6/5  –  1,375 Kenya Reviews

There are endless options for a 10-day Kenya safari. Whether you want to sample Kenya’s highlights or to go where few travelers venture, you’ll surely go back home with countless memories to cherish. Kenya pioneered the African safari, and today it still ranks as one of the continent’s top safari destinations. It has a well-established tourism industry and packages to suit all expectations and budgets. Time to start planning? Make sure you get several quotes and talk to different operators to put together the safari that’s right for you. In the meantime, here are some common questions answered.

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6 Questions About 10-Day Kenya Safaris


6 Questions About 10-Day Kenya Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Is 10 days a good amount of time for a Kenya trip?

“Yes, 10 days is a great amount of time for a Kenyan safari. There are a lot of parks and reserves in Kenya, so you’ll have to make some hard choices. But 10 days will give you a good feel of what Kenya has to offer. You’ll be able to get away from whatever work or other pressures you might have going on at home and be absorbed by the safari rhythm. Although 10 days is a fair amount of time, you still need to resist the temptation to cram too much into your itinerary. Moving lodge every day is tiresome and tends to be unproductive for wildlife viewing. Aim to spend at least 2 or 3 nights in each destination. That way you get some much-needed downtime between game drives and you won’t lose valuable time moving between parks.”


Can I combine a 10-day safari in Kenya with a gorilla trek?

“A gorilla trek is a popular add-on to a Kenyan safari. You can track mountain gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda. Both offer a similar experience, but the gorilla trekking fee of US$1500 in Rwanda is more than double the fee charged in Uganda. However, the logistics of visiting Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda are easier. The drive to the park from Kigali, Rwanda’s point of entry, is only a few hours. Coming eye to eye with our close relatives is an incredible experience. Many people enjoy the opportunity to get active and spend time in the forest after a classic safari in Kenya where most time is spent on game drives. Time permitting, you can also add a couple of days for forest hikes and other activities that are on offer. ”


What are the options for a 10-day safari in Kenya?

“Kenya has many fine options for a 10-day safari. All Kenyan parks and reserves have a different feel. There is no best place to go. The well-known parks and reserves offer very good wildlife viewing, but they are more crowded than parks in remote destinations. These have fewer animals, but offer fantastic wilderness appeal. The world-renowned Masai Mara National Reserve lives up to the hype. The wildlife viewing is incredible with big cats often stealing the show. It’s even better if you can time your visit to see the great wildebeest migration. The more expensive Mara North Conservancy offers an exclusive safari in the same ecosystem. Amboseli National Park is one of Africa’s top places to see elephants. You’ll see some seriously big tuskers here, and if you’re lucky the sky might open up to create that picture-perfect moment of elephants in front of Mt Kilimanjaro. You’ll have to head north for an off-the-beaten-track safari. Scenic Meru National Park is a little-known Big Five destination that you’ll probably have all to yourself. The main attractions of Samburu Game Reserve are dry-country animals such as gerenuk, Beisa oryx and the handsome reticulated giraffe. If you’re looking for adventure, consider a trip to Lake Turkana in the far north of the country, near the Ethiopian border. This remote Rift Valley lake, also known as the Jade Sea, is home to a melting pot of people whose traditional lifestyle is rare in today’s world.”


Is there an ideal time of the year for a trip in Kenya?

“The best time for wildlife viewing in Kenya is from late June to October. As this is the Dry season, roads are usually in relatively good condition. More importantly, at this time animals are easier to spot as they gather around predictable water sources. The thinning vegetation also helps. Although not ideal, the Wet season has its advantages too. Everything is lush, the sky is free of dust and you can usually score a good deal. Note, however, that April and May are the wettest months and some parks and reserves close over this period.”


What are my chances of seeing the Big Five?

“With 10 days out in the bush, you’ll see a wide variety of animals, including most, if not all, of the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard). Exactly which animals you’ll see depends on which parks and reserves you visit. Even then, every day on safari is different. No sightings are guaranteed. The best time to see big cats is at dawn and dusk, and the longer you spend out and about, the better your chances are of seeing something special. While most parks and reserves offer a good chance of elephant, buffalo and lion encounters, you need a bit more luck to catch a leopard. These secretive creatures are widespread, but not easily seen. Not all of Kenya’s parks have rhinos. To see the second-bulkiest of African mammals, head to any of the Laikipia reserves or to Lake Nakuru National Park. Chasing the Big Five is fun, but don’t let it take over your holiday. In the end, seeing a good variety of safari animals is what counts, and the quality of your safari won’t hang on whether you’ve seen all of the Big Five or not. ”


How much will this safari cost?

“You can use the filters on to narrow down your priorities, but here are some rough figures to give an idea of prices. A 10-day camping tour starts at about US$1200 per person. Mid-range lodge tours start at US$2500 per person. Luxury tours start at around US$3000 per person. There are many factors determining the price of a 10-day Kenya safari. You can share some of the costs on a group tour, while private safaris offer more flexibility but cost more. That is obviously most pronounced if you’re traveling alone. The difference is less for couples or families. Safari accommodation ranges from budget to moderate to luxury, and your choice of accommodation will hugely determine the overall fee of your safari. Camping safaris are fun and cheaper than lodge safaris. Mid-range accommodation is usually no-frills, but offers all the comfort you need. Luxury lodges are often more exclusive. Some camps consist of only six or eight units. Fly-in safaris are a popular choice at the luxury end of the range. Finally, you could consider traveling out of season to get a discounted rate. This corresponds with the rains, but it is also the most beautiful time of the year and the ultimate bonus is that there are fewer visitors around at that time. ”


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4.6/5 1375 Reviews
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Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa.

Africa for Beginners

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France FR
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Amazing country

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Terri McCargo  –  
United States US
Reviewed: May 13, 2024
Beautiful people and exciting animals every day.

Even with all of the rain and flooding taking place in Kenya are experienced was amazing amazing. The people were beautiful and so willing to help and I could not believe all of the animals we were able to see every day. Our trip was...

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Simon Prince  –  
United Kingdom UK
Reviewed: May 13, 2024
Masai Mara has to be seen by all once in your lifetime

On arrival in Nairobi, you really feel you have entered Africa. The people are very friendly and willing to help you in anyway. Travel to and from the Masai Mara is, well lets just say, an adventure. Traffic is horrendous, roads are a...

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Anetta Damm  –  
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An underrated holiday destination

It was definitely one of my best holidays. Apart from the beautiful nature and wildlife, I particularly remember the kindness of the people. Kenya has so much to offer. I went on a three-day safari, which was very impressive. I went...

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