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10-Day Tanzania Safari Tours

There are many parks and reserves, all offering a slightly different experience, so you have lots of choice when deciding on a Tanzanian 10-day safari itinerary. Tanzania is one of Africa’s finest safari destinations. Wherever you go, though, you’ll see a lot of wildlife. The Serengeti National Park in northern Tanzania is the country’s most famous park, and it’s where millions of hoofed animals migrate in the annual wildebeest migration. The southern parks are less iconic, but they offer an altogether wilder experience and a chance to see endangered wild dog. Primate-lovers should go chimp trekking in Mahale Mountains National Park or Gombe National Park on the shore of one of the most beautiful Rift Valley lakes, Lake Tanganyika.

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5 Questions About 10-Day Tanzania Safaris


5 Questions About 10-Day Tanzania Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Is 10 days a good length of time for a safari in Tanzania?

“Ten days is a great length of time for a safari in Tanzania. When it comes to safaris generally, longer is always better. It takes a few days to get into a safari rhythm, and to fully tune into nature and the animal world. Early mornings are for going into the bush, then it’s back to camp for brunch or lunch, and then out again in the late afternoon. The longer you spend out in the bush and the more you learn, the more you realize how much you still have to see and experience. If you lead a fast-paced life at home, you’ll need time to slow down to fully appreciate the wonders of the bush. Therefore, it is important not to cram too much into a safari. Rather, spend more time at fewer destinations, which saves on traveling time and allows more valuable time for wildlife viewing, or just absorbing the bush vibe. On a 10-day safari, you’ll be able to spend some time in the lodges. These are often in wonderful locations, and either have a stunning view, or overlook a waterhole where thirsty animals come to drink. Lastly, on a 10-day safari, you’ll be able to get away from the busier places that tend to dominate shorter holidays for logistical reasons.”


What can I fit in during a 10-day safari in Tanzania?

“What you can fit in during a 10-day tour in Tanzania depends on whether you opt for a road or fly-in safari. For logistical reasons, you need to choose one of two safari circuits when on a road safari. The Northern safari circuit, centered on the Serengeti, is most popular. You’ll most likely visit the Ngorongoro Crater en route, and could add in a visit to Lake Manyara and/or Tarangire National Parks. A side trip to remote Lake Natron with its flocks of flamingo is highly recommended too. An altogether different experience is offered in the Southern safari circuit. Game drives are still the main activity, but there are other options too. The vast Nyerere National Park is great for boating safaris on the Rufiji River. Ruaha NP offers exciting walking safaris in baobab-studded landscapes. The very remote Western circuit is best visited on a fly-in safari. Katavi National Park is without a doubt Tanzania’s best-kept secret: hippo, elephant, buffalo and lion are abundant, but you might not even see another vehicle while on a game drive. Katavi is often paired with Mahale Mountains. Mahale offers chimp trekking in pristine forest, and relaxation on the shore of Lake Tanganyika as it laps the shoreline of the Rift Valley. The advantage of a fly-in safari is that you can mix and match from the three safari circuits. You can, for instance, combine a visit to the Serengeti and its wildebeest migration with something different, such as chimp trekking in Mahale Mountains.”


What kind of accommodation can I expect?

“You’ll be spoiled for accommodation options on your safari in Tanzania. The safari lodges and camps on a Tanzanian safari fall into three broad categories: from budget to mid-range to luxury. Not all luxury is the same though. Some lodges just surpass any normal classification: the sky is the limit. The cheapest lodges are usually outside the parks and reserves. They tend to be more than adequate in terms of comfort and facilities, but you’ll miss out on some of the safari experience when sleeping outside the parks. One level up is the mid-range accommodation found both inside and outside the parks and reserves. These are often larger no-frills hotels, not necessarily offering much bush ambience, but comfortable and often in good locations. Some mid-range options are simple tented camps that offer a close-to-nature experience. Top of the range are the luxury lodges. More often than not, these are exclusive ecocamps with limited bed capacity. The service and food are always superb, and if you’re flying in, they’ll provide guided activities of the highest standard as well. For a true bush experience, you can also book a camping trip. This option is very budget-friendly, and you might stay at some of the best locations in the parks. The campsites are usually in areas with a lot of animal traffic, and more often than not with great views too. Imagine falling asleep with the sounds of the bush all around you.”


Which animals can I expect to see?

“You’ll be able to see a wealth of wildlife on a 10-day safari in Tanzania. For sheer numbers you can’t go wrong in the Serengeti–Ngorongoro area. Whether you time your trip for the annual wildebeest migration or not, you’ve got a very good chance of seeing the Big Five here. Buffalo, elephant and lion are all over, and so is leopard, though due to its secretive nature, sightings are hit-and-miss. Rhino is quite rare in Tanzania, but you’ve got a more than fair chance to see one in the Ngorongoro Crater and Mkomazi National Park. Animal densities are slightly smaller in the southern parks and reserves, such as Ruaha and Nyerere, but you’ll see more variety here. Some unusual species to look out for include roan and the most magnificent of all antelope, the greater kudu. Even more exciting is the presence of wild dog. This area is one of the last strongholds of these endangered creatures in East Africa. Katavi National Park, in the remote west, has a good lion population, and the masses of hippo in the dried-up streams are a sight to behold. And did you know that the best chimp trekking in Africa is offered in the remote Gombe and Mahale Mountains? This can easily be incorporated into a 10-day safari itinerary in Tanzania.”


How much will this safari cost?

“It is difficult to put a price on a 10-day safari in Tanzania. Many factors determine the cost. A budget 10-day safari costs between US$2,000 and US$2,500 per person. Mid-range tours range between US$2,500 and US$4,500 per person, while luxury tours start at about US$4,000 per person. If you are traveling alone or as a couple, you could save some money by booking a shared tour as opposed to a private safari. A big variable on tours is the accommodation level. Camping packages are usually the most budget-friendly. If you don’t like camping, you can opt for budget accommodation outside the parks. However, mid-range lodges are often in better locations inside the parks. They can be no-frills and lacking in ambience, but they are usually very comfortable. Top of the range are the luxury tented camps and designer ecolodges. These high-end accommodation options are usually booked on fly-in tours, which are pricier than road safaris. Lastly, there are advantages to traveling in the low season, often called the Emerald season. You might be able to get good deals while avoiding the crowds of the high season. Some parks, such as Katavi, are out-of-bounds during the rains, but the Serengeti is lovely at this time. Rain rarely interferes with the safari, the scenery is lush, and the birding is fantastic.”


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