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Magic trip with a super driver
Overall rating

Everything was perfect, we saw lots of animals and a lot of lions and hyenas (I'm big fan of hyena). Lots of babies of every kind at the time of the year.
Food and accommodation were very nice. We have some rain but hopefully it wasn't during the game drives. 4 different area with a change of scenery each time. And the driver was perfect! Thx a million, it was an amazing journey!

Lions were expected, but the experience delivered so much more with ecological observations
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Kenya offers more wildlife experiences on a lower budget than you'll find in other African countries. In the Maasai Mara we saw many prides of lions, mostly resting and sleeping but we did encounter a lioness who was the last of her pride to eat (so scavengers were gathering to finish the remains). Even if your guide may not be the most knowledgeable about the local fauna, the guides use teamwork and communicate when unusual sightings take place. Thus, you are often ensured of seeing great sights.

Once in a lifetime experiencie
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It was very difficult for me to find a company that could give me advice and have enough patience to help me organize my safari, having in consideration that I travelled on my own. Vanessa was very very helpful and kind. She has patience and helped me designed the trip, acording to the time I had available.
I was very lucky to have Joseph as my driver and tour guide. He is extremely kind and polite. He shown his knowledge about the fauna, and the area in general. He also was aware if I ate or not, if I was feeling well or not. He went beyond his duties and always with a smile, trying to find as many animals as possible, and we did! I could see the Big 5 and even more animals. It has been so amazing.
Every activity was done according the schedule, very organized. I do not have complaints about that. Regarding accomodations, the least I liked was Lake Nakuru Lodge because the bedrooms were quite old. At Amboseli Serena did not have any problems...just the baboons, which I really do not like.
The best for me was Ilkeliani Camp. I will definitely go back. It was very pleasant and quiet. I wish I could have stayed longer.
About the food in all accomodations, to me...breakfast was the best. Regarding to lunch and dinner, there were interesting options.
Thank you for the experience and I am looking forward to go back to Africa next year. I will definitely book it with you.
I will send you some pictures about my experience....can´t wait to go back, so feel free to send me information :)

very exciting to experience the animals so close
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very exciting to visit Kenya and experience the nature, animals and a little bit of Kenyan culture.
the weather was very pleasant, rainy at night and nice warm during the day. we did not experience the major problems with mosquitoes or other insects.
our guide was nice and pleasant and a very good driver. he told a part when we asked him, otherwise he didn't say much.

Amazing to see the big 5 in their habitat.
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The wildlife, weather, our guide Stanley from Venture Savannah were excellent. Most of Lodges we stay were great.
The biggest disappointment was to be caught on a FRAUD by the company “Kenya Walking Survivors Ltda”, I paid 50% 4 months in advance , had communication with Mr Otieno but 10 days before my trip all stopped. Ann at Ibis Nairobi help me to rebooked my Safari with Ms Pauline Mwarari from Venture, wonderful lady.
I’m a teacher from NY and love to travel.

Beautiful Kenya.....disgraceful Tukio!
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We travelled to Kenya for a safari trip of a life time. We absolutely loved Kenya, it’s wildlife and it’s people.
Kenya is a fabulous country to visit for Safari and seeing the Big Five.
However, just be advised that it is expensive, for example we paid €60 fora bottle of wine in a restaurant and we got the feeling that it was not just the wilder beast that are easy prey but tourists are very much so too.
Our tour company Tukio were good at the planning stage but we were let down very badly by them regarding accommodation. We tried to book a five star lodge which was only available for one night though we wanted two nights, and we offered for the same price, a completely different far inferior lodge in which we felt unsafe and could not even eat the deplorable food which was presented to us. When we wanted to change lodge we got very poor service from Tukio, who did very little to help our situation. We would definitely advise not using this company.

Best place for safari is east africa including Kenya
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We visited several African countries and Kenya is one of the best. It beats southern africa with its wildlife, pop-up style vehicles, food and lodges. The Indian vegetarian jnfluence, Belgian and French influence from neighboring countries provides much better food than the souther African British and Dutch style of food. It is easier to fly to and cheaper from US and Europe.

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Kenya is self-evidently one of the best destinations in Africa to see wildlife. There are many animals within the large preserves such as Masai Mara National Reserve and the several national parks, and there even is an urban gem of a national park just outside of Nairobi. There are many safari outfitters to choose from, and despite (or because of) the sometimes intimidating levels of security, the experience seems very safe for tourists. It is sad that so much of the country no longer features significant wildlife, but it is fortunate that there are so many game reserves and parks. With prudent prior planning, a visitor can enjoy an amazing safari in Kenya.

Best destination for wildlife safari
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It was my first ever safari trip and I must say it was definitely worth it. My husband and I, we both love wildlife and so we planned Kenya trip. Joseph, our tour agent from Mufasa tours is the most genuine tour agent that i have come across. Thanks to his communicative and helpful attitude, he devised the most feasible and best package in our budget.

We spent 7 days covering Masai Mara, Amboseli, Nakuru and Nairobi. At Amboseli the scenic beauty is at its best and Mara is magical. It was overall an exciting and refreshing trip.

Big 5 and many more
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Our guide Ayoni went above and beyond and we saw the big 5 in our first few hours of the game drive, this included the black rhino which had not been spotted for a while by anyone. Overall amazing experience and plenty of wildlife to see.

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