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South Africa Shared Group Safaris

Going on a group safari in South Africa will almost certainly be a fantastic experience. The country has so much to see and do, with some of the world’s best wildlife viewing at the very top of that list. South Africa’s parks are some of the most accessible anywhere in Africa, and it’s a real opportunity to see some of the continent’s most sought-after animals. The landscapes, too, are simply superb, from the glorious coastline to the high mountains of the interior and on into the plains and deserts of the north. And by seeing all of this on a group safari, you might just form some new friendships, with both locals and other safari travelers, that could last a lifetime.

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5 Questions About South Africa Group Safaris


5 Questions About South Africa Group Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

What is a good size for a South Africa group tour?

“As a general rule, smaller groups are better. That said, they’re also usually more expensive. A total group of six travelers (including you) and rarely more than eight is an ideal number. The main reason why smaller groups are better is because there’s nothing worse than looking for wildlife in a vehicle where you barely have room to move. It’s an important question to ask your tour operator: how many people will be in each vehicle when you go out on a game drive. Six is usually fine, but eight is starting to get crowded. Another reason why traveling in a big group can be a problem is that every time you stop to enjoy a wildlife encounter, there will be some who want to stay for a while, and others who want to move on quickly to what’s next. The fewer people the guide has to keep happy, the more likely you are to enjoy the safari as you’d like it to be.”


Is there a minimum age for a South Africa group safari?

“For almost all safari tours there is no minimum age. On numerous occasions, I’ve taken a trip with my young children in tow, and it has been a wonderful experience every time. Just make sure that your operator knows the age of your kids (they’ll usually ask anyway) and everything should be fine. There are two circumstances when a minimum age may come into play. The first is that some high-end, exclusive lodges and tented camps are for adults only; these places are often aimed in part at the honeymoon market. There aren’t many such places, however, so they shouldn’t greatly affect the accommodation choices for your trip. Some specific activities may have minimum-age requirements, which is usually for safety reasons. This might include water-based activities, such as white-water rafting, or walking safaris. Again, always ask your tour operator whether the activities on your itinerary are family-friendly.”


What types of vehicles can I expect?

“The two main ways for getting around while on safari are by road (or dirt track) and flying. For the most part, you’ll get from one destination to the next in a minibus or 4WD vehicle, depending on the number of people in your group. Once you’re inside a park or reserve, you’ll most often be driven around in a 4WD safari vehicle. Usually Toyotas or Land Rovers, these vehicles have open sides, a canvas roof and tiered rows of seats. You’ll feel really close to the animals in such a vehicle, while remaining completely safe (as long as you stay in the vehicle). Unless you’re covering large distances, or you need to fly into a really remote or exclusive corner of a park, reserve or concession, you’re unlikely to need to fly while on safari. If you do, expect a relatively small (six- to 20-seater) plane if you’re flying into a remote airstrip, or a small commercial plane if flying between South African cities.”


How much do South Africa group safari packages cost?

“There are so many different price packages and tours when it comes to safaris. It all depends on what kind of holiday you are hoping to enjoy, and how you answer the following questions: Will you be traveling in a small or a large group? How many days do you plan to be on safari? Are you traveling in high or low season? Will you be camping while on safari in South Africa or are you looking for a luxury travel experience? With all of this in mind, all that can be said is that the cheapest budget camping safari will start at around US$125 to US$150 per person per day, while luxury safari tours can cost four times that figure. When talking about cost, remember that it’s also really important to ask your safari operator (or any that you are considering going with) for a full list of inclusions and exclusions, so that you understand exactly what you’re paying for. Most will be more than happy to provide such clarity.”


Which animals am I likely to see?

“There is no easy answer to this question, because it all depends on where you go. If wildlife is one of the main reasons for traveling, the most important thing is to do your own research and planning: decide on the animals you’d most like to see, then find the parks where they’re easiest to see. The northeast of the country has lots of world-class parks, none more so than Kruger National Park and the reserves that surround it. It’s one of the best places in Africa to see the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) or big cats in general, not to mention giraffe, zebra, hyena and a whole range of antelope, bird and predator species. I once saw the Big Five on a single afternoon game drive in one of the reserves in the Kruger area. For something quieter and a little more intimate, Madikwe Game Reserve is brilliant, and you might even see African wild dogs while you’re here as well. The list goes on, with so many fabulous parks all across the country.”


South Africa Reviews

4.6/5 990 Reviews
Lizzie Williams  –  
South Africa ZA

Lizzie is a reputed guidebook writer and author of the Footprint guides to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

South Africa is rightly celebrated for its magnificent natural beauty and excellent choice of parks

South Africa has a wonderful range of landscapes, a near-perfect climate, and the choice of destinations, activities and itineraries is virtually inexhaustible. Aside from its beautiful coastline and cosmopolitan cities – both of which I...

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Mike Unwin  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mike is an award-winning wildlife writer, former editor of Travel Zambia magazine and author of the Bradt Guide to Southern African Wildlife.

A world in one country

South Africa’s astounding array of landscapes – from semi-desert to savanna and snow-capped mountain to coral reef – means it offers a greater variety of wildlife experience than any other African country. There are surely few other...

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Erik Poulsen  –  
Denmark DK
Reviewed: Feb 26, 2024
A troubled country

Our tour with safaribookings went on very satisfactory - we saw almost all the animals we came for.
Regarding tourism there is a long way to go before we can walk freely in the streets and that’s a shame. Get that fixed

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Romà Cots Cole  –  
Spain ES
Reviewed: Feb 26, 2024
Stunning and unforgettable experience

Me and my mother went on a 16 day trip visiting Cape Town, driving along the garden route and ending on a lovely safari experience at Nambu Camp. We had the pleasure to have one of the best guides in South Africa, Terence. I recommend this...

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Ian Matthews  –  
Australia AU
Reviewed: Feb 25, 2024
Wow! Beyond expectations

The ease of booking, the pickup at our Hotel to the arrival at the first Camp, it was seamless and professional. We weren't there very long when an elephant wandered through the carpark! The Safari's were full of interest with knowledgeable...

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Barbara Alicia Suarez  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Feb 20, 2024
The California of Africa

We visited Cape Town which I refer to as “the California of Africa” we stayed in Sea Point, Stellenbosch and Camps Bay. Camps bay was absolutely gorgeous! Very similar to Laguna Beach Ca. We then flew to Hudspruit to the Elephant...

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