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Should stay more but corona virus did not allow...
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The ideal time to spend in the park is four days. We just had three days...

Better than expected
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We saw it all...great accomodation, nice people, great guides...
Food was good...wildlife good...
Nothing really to complain about...

It was an amazing experience that last in my memory for ever
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The wildlife was fantastic ....never imagined we would see so many animals ...the scenery was interesting and varied

The weather was perfect for our trip ......our accommodation was more that what we expected clean comfortable and the food was exceptional ...

Transportation was very good and comfortable considering the terrain we travelled ....

The guides were helpful and very informative until the time for us to leave and they made it clear they were not happy with what we had tipped the didn’t speak or assist us with our luggage from that point on ..other than that we had an amazing time and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone .....

Best week of my life!
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Booked a 7 days safari by Kruger Park Tours during SafariBookings. They simply gave me my best experience ever. They were very welcoming, warm and professional. Stayed in a Chalet with a/c, shower and a small outdoor kitchenette with a full size fridge/freezer. Two game drives each day and a morning bush walk and a Panorama Tour (both incl. on safari more than 5 days). Great brunch and dinner every day i the tent Camp. Big 5 already on the 3. day but still lots of great experience every day. Lots of info and great stories. Camp located in Skukuza Rest Camp with two pools, great shop, a take away cafeteria and a great restaurant with a patio towards the Sabie River and a WiFi hotspot. My best week ever and I realy hope to come back someday.

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Highly recommend it was amazing
Great staff great food great view

Beautiful scenaries
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All was Nice. Staying inside the Kruger Park is one of the Best experience in the life....

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We spent one day and night at each of the two reserves.
Inverdoorn game reserve, very rustic type accommodation. Smaller resort but this had many good benefits. Not too many guests and smaller numbers on the vehicles for game drives. Very knowledgeable game ranger named charlie. great game drives with him Great food but went cold very quickly as the serving dishes did not have lids on them. Great morning coffee and rusks pre 6.30am game drive. Really nice afternoon tea just before 4,30pm game drive.
Aquila game reserve- much more up market accommodation a lot more fancy. Downside such large numbers of people staying overnight and day visitors very busy around the resort and pool areas. Much bigger game drive vehicles which meant more people per truck. Does not have the little extras like the afternoon tea before 4.30 game drive. Coffee available at 6.30 and was said rusks available but so many people they were gone before we got there. Food in buffet style restaurant was very good but also not kept very hot I did mention to restaurant staff as in the case of a chicken dish i had that was almost cold it could be a health risk.
I am glad we visited Inverdoorn first then Aquila if it had been the other way we may have felt disappointed with the more rustic facilities at Inverdoorn. But in looking at both resorts we as a group felt Inverdoorn was the best experience much more intimate and better service. I hope they don't change it to be the same as Aquila. Both reserves we were very lucky to see all the Big 5 . It is not the same as a big wildlife reserve like Kruger National Park where you spend hours driving slowly trying to spot the animals, here the staff know where to find them and you are almost guaranteed to see them. we only had 3 days off our cruise ship to do this so it was great for us in this game reserve.
Weather was great during our 3 days.
We had a fantastic driver pick us up in Cape Town his name was Andre. Drove us the 2.5 hours to the game reserve , explained all the details about the resort. He stayed at the game reserves overnight and after we had breakfast collected us and took us on the the next game reserve. After our last morning he then drove us back to our cruise ship. What a lovely person Andre was and he was so helpful to stop to get some supplies on our way out to game reserves and on our return trip to ship. I highly recommend him. I would book again with Gems of Africa, excellent service and knowledge of the resorts etc.Fantastic experience.

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Rafiki its on a wildlife state and you can live with a lot of amazing animals

Great unexpected experience!
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This was a real paradise vacation for me and my wife! We did a Garden route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and a Kruger park safari.
We did not expect such high quality of hiking trails (signs, markings, parking, supporting facilities, etc.) and got a lifetime experience.
The SA nature is just astonishing.
Food and accommodations were not expensive - we did not try to save, preferring better quality, but in general the offering is quite wide to match any budget.
Driving is easy, highways have great quality, expect to get some fines for over-speeding which is widely enforced :)
Safari of 2 days as more than enough - we would not be able to spend more days sitting in the car for such a long time.
Consider adding some bush-walking.
We got an excellent guide for the Panorama route, which succeeded in a short time to visit the best spots on the route and convey important and interesting facts of history, geography and economy.
We did the whole 2-weeks travel plan by ourselves and used Mmilo Tours via SafariBookings just for the Kruger safari and Panorama route.
Great vacation, will probably come back soon!
Extremely recommended!!!

Amazing experience
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It was undoubtedly one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Everything was wonderful ... the wildlife is amazing. We got to see all the Big Five and breathtaking scenery. The accommodations were wonderful, as were the meals. Our guides were awesome and did everything to make the games perfect. It is very worthwhile, it is an experience that everyone should do at least once in their life.

We had all the support from East Cape Tours through the consultant Tehillah Keller, which carried out all the scheduling procedures as needed. They were really incredible.

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