Birds – Gonarezhou NP

With over 400 bird species recorded, Gonarezhou is an excellent birding. destination. Two large river systems (the Save and the Runde), along with several large pans, support an amazing variety of birdlife. Narina trogons and Angola pittas, normally very secretive, can be spotted while they are vocal during courtship from December to February. Raptors are well represented, and migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable Birds in Gonarezhou
African fish eagle
Brown-headed parrot
Lappet-faced vulture
Martial eagle
Pel's fishing-owl

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Zimbabwe doesn't have endemic birds, although several near-endemics can be found in the Eastern Zimbabwe Mountains Bird Area (EBA), which includes Nyanga NP.

  • African finfoot
  • African pitta
  • Bat hawk
  • Böhm's spinetail
  • Black-throated wattle-eye
  • Cape parrot
  • Little bittern
  • Mosque swallow
  • Mottled spinetail
  • Narina trogon
  • Pel’s fishing-owl
  • Red-billed helmet-shrike
  • Rufous-bellied heron
  • Sombre greenbul
  • Thick-billed cuckoo
  • Western nicator
  • White-headed lapwing
  • White-headed black chat
  • Western nicator
  • Yellowbill

Best Time for Bird Watching

November through April is the best time for birding in Gonarezhou, although it is typically good year-round. During this time, migratory birds from Europe and northern Africa are present and can be readily found. Also, many resident bird species are nesting during these months and can then be seen in their breeding plumage. The Dry season (from June to October) is best for viewing wildlife.

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The Eastern Highlands, including Nyanga NP, is a well-known birding hotspot. Hwange has over 420 species recorded, and the parks in the Zambezi valley have rich birdlife as well.

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Birds in Gonarezhou NP
Bird Species
Migratory Birds
Nov to Apr