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Matobo National Park has huge scenic appeal with balancing granite rocks towering above the plains. Overall, the park offers reasonable wildlife viewing, but lion and elephant are absent. Several well-preserved Bushman rock art sites are open to the public.

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Pros and Cons
  • Dramatic rock landscape
  • Great birding destination, especially for raptors
  • Excellent rock art
  • Good park for self-drive visitors
  • Accommodation options for different budgets available
  • Limited variety of safari animals (no elephant and lion)
  • Small park with limited road network


Matobo has no lion or elephant, but white rhino is spotted quite regularly. This park has Africa's largest concentration of leopard, which love to move around the rocky outcrops (koppies) at dusk and dawn. Another animal associated with the rocky terrain is the klipspringer, which is often found in groups hopping from rock to rock.
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Two types of rock formations dominate the scenery. Huge, smooth, gray, granite whaleback hills rise up from the plains. Even more dramatic are the balancing piles of angular shaped rocks – which look like giant children’s toys carefully stacked on top of each other.

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Scenic beauty
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By ernst schade from PortugalPT

Matabo is a great destination, scenic wise. We stayed at the Shumba Shaba Lodge in a spectacular setting.

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