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A pleasant surprise
Overall rating

The Mountain Zebra National Park was recommended to us by people we met in another park. We weren’t too convinced, but decided to go see for ourselves. What a pleasant surprise.

The park is surrounded by beautiful mountains, with a central grassland plateau, covered with wild flowers during the time we were there (April). Although most of the roads within the park are gravel, it’s well maintained and accessible to all motor vehicles. The rest camp has a number of cottages and a beautiful camp site. The cottages are quite modern, comfortable and well equipped for self-catering. The cottages are serviced daily. There is a restaurant and a well-stocked shop in the rest camp. The restaurant has a very basic menu. We did not visit the restaurant, as we self-catered. There is a swimming pool in the rest camp and another swimming pool in the separate picnic area.

We saw an abundance of mountain zebra, black wildebeest, springbok and blesbok on the grassland plateau. In the thicket surrounding the plateau, we saw gemsbok, hartebeest, kudu and eland. Most of the antelope in the park are easy to spot and they generally go about their business without giving much attention to the visitors. We fleetingly saw some black-backed jackals and two of the rhinos in the park. The best sighting however, was the two male lions. They walked within touching distance past our vehicle. To complete our list of sightings, we also saw monkeys, baboons, ground squirrels and a number of different bird species. Not seeing the cheetahs, hyenas or buffalo, was a bit of a disappointment. I would therefore recommend visitors to go on the guided game drives to improve their chances of seeing the more elusive animals.

I have visited a number of national parks in South Africa and would definitely recommend this park for its accommodation, beautiful scenery and abundance of animals. It is a small park and a three - to four night stay should be sufficient to explore the park and enjoy the scenery.

Infinity.....from the peaks of the park you can see miles and miles breathtaking scenery
Overall rating

Wildlife: enough to see like Kudus, Klipspringers, black Wildebeest, Cape Buffalos, Springboks, Ground Squirrels, Ostriches, Velvet Monkeys, 1 black backed Jackal and of course lots of the Cape Mountain Zebras.
The gravel roads are great to drive with your own car and they will take you to breathtaking scenery. Start with the Kranskoploop for the beautiful mountains, take a break and a swim at the Picnic spot and drive to Rooiplaat Loop to see lots of animals. Enjoy your stay!

A Very special Small Reserve with scarce Mountain Zebra's, in a fitting Mountainous Habitat!
Overall rating

This used to be a very small Reserve , which a lot of Tourists passed by , to go to better known Reserves, but since lots of expansion took place , became a really good destination , not just a stop over for a night , but at least for two or three nights.
The chalets are placed so that you have a view of the valley with browsing animals, nearby, Eland came close to our porch , while I was making the " braai" barbecue fire .
Camp sites are well kept , and with well tended Ablutions .
Weather is always good in April , and you could enjoy the magic scenery , of Far away Mountains , Grasslands and animals , on the High lying plateau.
The road network is well kept , even for saloon cars, and photography can easily be done from the window, as getting out of the vehicle , is not allowed , except in demarcated stopping areas .
Recently Research has begun on Cheetah's , and a walk with a guide with radio collar marked Cheetah , is a special opportunity.
Lions and Cape Buffalo has also been introduced , and although not a Big 5 Reserve, it has special treats otherwise.
Birding was very good , from Raptors, to Ground Birds, " Korhaans" Bustards , and Larks and Pipits.
In the camps a mixture of Bush Birds can be found, Wheatears, Flycatchers , Starlings and Robins. They are all habituated to movements , so are easily approachable and Photographable.
We did not need a guide , but the Reception helped with all the directions we needed.
And the Shop had the ample supplies we wanted to buy.
All in all , a very Good Restful Reserve to Shake off the Rush of modern Living!

Unique, stunning scenery with incredible views
Overall rating

We drove through the park on the way to cape point lighthouse. While driving, our guide was taking about how despite the name, he rarely sees zebras around. At that exact moment my husband looked out the window and said "isn't that a zebra right there?" There was a herd of 13 Grevy's Zebra camoflouged into the rocks and fynbos. Amazing sight that we feel lucky to have seen.

The views and scenery are amongst the best anywhere. We could have spent hours watching the clouds form over the ridges and hills, with light playing and mist rolling over the landscape.

Overall rating

Very nice place where to see mountain zebra

A most pleasant and rewarding experience
Overall rating

We were there with our Bird Club and the birding was fantastic. It is nice to see Mountain Zebras, Black Wildebees and Springbok which you don't always see in other National Parks. The accommodation is good though there was a bit of noise at times due to the ongoing building of new chalets. The scenery is magnificent despite very dry conditions. Wonderful view from our chalet patio. The staff without exception were friendly and so helpful. We had a tasty dinner in the restaurant on one of the nights of our stay.

Very nice isolated park
Overall rating

Our morning in the Mountain Zebra Park was great, there is not as many animals as in the north of the country but I was surprised to see so many.
There is less animals but there is also less tourists, we went in November and we were nearly the only ones in the park which was a much appreciated luxury.
We did the cheetah walk and once our guide found the cheetah we walk until we were 10 meters from it and while looking for it (by car, not foot) we saw all the other animals so it was really great.

Landscape panoramic heaven
Overall rating

The landscape scenery is absolutely stunning at any time of the day or in any weather condition. As a photographer there are plenty of opportunities to indulge photographic interludes. Parking your vehicle in one spot and taking a photo of the same landscape of a period of time results in a kaleidoscope of images.
Birds are plentiful, especially in the short grasslands and around the campsite in the shrubs more small and medium sized birds are to be discovered. The regal Blue Crane is present in the grassland areas as well as the Secretarybird. Verreaux's Eagle can be seen soaring along the cliff tops.
Antelope is to be found in all the biomes represented in the national park with plenty of the Cape Mountain Zebra too be seen as well. Predators such as the Lion and Cheetah are more scarce to be seen, unless you are prepared to pay for the Cheetah Tracking safari. The smaller mammals such as the Ground Squirrel, Meerkat and Mongoose are seen in the shorter grassland areas and are a delight to watch.
We splashed out on an evening game drive. Our guide was knowledgable on all topics of the park and conservation and environmentalism in general, as well as super friendly. I wanted to see owls and he obliged by taking us past a know Spotted Eagle Owl nest. The vehicle was comfortable and extra warm poncho's were provided to keep us warm in the cold night air.
The camping site was neat and tidy and the ablution facilities were sufficient for our short stay. A kitchen with a fridge, freezer, cooking tops and microwave oven was available for all the campers use as needed.
We made use of one of the picnic sites situated outside the restcamp area for one lunchtime barbecue. The children used the ample space to bicycle around and swam in the natural rock pool at the site.

A place with a vast memory
Overall rating

Mountain Zebra National Park is one of those places that leave a lingering memory of beauty. Amazing sunrise and sunset landscapes and the first place I ever saw the Aardwolf. A must for anyone planning to stay over for a few days.

This is an enchanting, small park, with a wide variety of animals and birds, easily viewed by car.
Overall rating

Quite small by South African game park standards, the Mountain Zebra NP has a wide range of wild animals and birds, easily viewed from a good road network. Although there are a small number of Lion and Black Rhino, which one would be lucky to see, we saw large numbers of Red Hartebeest and Cape Mountain Zebras, also Kudu, Springbok, Buffalo and Wildebeest. There is also a special walk available to track Cheetah. The birdlife is varied and quite beautiful, generally quite easy to spot and photograph, either from the car or on walks around the camp.

As a spectacle, this is a peaceful park, perched in the beautiful mountain areas of the eastern Karoo. It has a unique beauty, which is not spoilt by humans, as the numbers of visitors are limited. There is a variety of accommodation types. The two bedroom chalet that we stayed in, near the main reception building, was comfortable and well equipped for self catering. There is a restaurant and small shop in the main reception area, which was well patronised when we were there. As we were self catering, we did not have the opportunity to sample the fare. We walked around a well maintained camping site, with a large ablution block, so campers are well catered for.

The fenced camp is quite extensive, with two short, but enjoyable mountain side walks and a large swimming pool, which was well patronised when we were there.

All in all, a wonderful natural location for a peaceful 2 or 3 night break.

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