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The most convenient safari in Kenya
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If you are in Nairobi and have a free morning, there's no excuse not to visit this great park.

Just a few minutes from downtown Nairobi, this park offers sightings of lions, black rhino, zebras, giraffes, cape buffalo, wildebeest, hippos, ostrich, and more. The park is small when compared to other destinations in Kenya, so you won't see elephants roaming around (co-located with the park is an elephant orphanage that is highly recommended). Purchase your ticket at the front gate off of Langata Road. When I visited, the non-resident rate was USD 60 per person. There is a minor charge for your vehicle if you self-drive.

Many companies offer guided tours around the park, and this might be your best bet to maximize your chances of seeing lots of animals. I opted to skip the guide and driver and drove myself around the park. It is easy to get around and there are plenty of signs. With Nairobi's skyline to the north of the park visible from much of the area, it's easy to keep your bearings. The park is fenced on the north side to keep the animals from roaming into downtown. The roads can be very rough far into the park -- I would highly recommend a high clearance vehicle if you opt to drive yourself, and do so slowly. Make sure you have a good condition spare tire, jack, and tire iron just in case those rough roads result in a flat tire. I was glad I had mine handy.

Wildlife density in this park may not be what it is in some other Kenyan parks, but I was satisfied with my morning game drive. I saw two lions right away after entering on the western side of the park. On the day I visited, the eastern part of the park seemed to have more zebra and giraffes than the western part. Wildebeest, cape buffalo, various kinds of deer, impala, eland, and ostrich were plentiful throughout the park. I had a brief sighting of a black rhino before it moved out of sight. Even without a guide, I was happy with my experience and animal sightings.

Bring snacks, plenty of water, and most importantly your camera - you'll need it.

Kenya has a ton of safari opportunities that will beat Nairobi National Park when it comes to wildlife, scenic beauty, and bush vibe. However, the close proximity of this park to Nairobi and the ease of access make it a great option for anyone spending a day or two (or even a few hours) in the city. As a new resident of Nairobi, I see myself returning to this park monthly.

Convenient location from Nairobi.
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We were able to see most animals pretty easy. the park is very close to the city and is easy to get to, however from a scenery aspect you can see the city from most places. When selecting a guide make sure they have a land cruiser or similar, we had a small van and we got stuck in the mud for almost three hours. We had limited time so the National park worked well. If you go I recommend the Elephant Orphanage it was a nice stop.

Kenya's first national park opened in 1946 with much to see.
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From Kenya's capital city, a wildlife safari is a mere 8 km ( 5 Miles) away at the Nairobi National Park. There are more than 80 mammals and 500 bird species within its boundaries And far more visitors than in the ever popular Masai Mara. With large numbers of residents coming from Nairobi. The park is located to the south of the capital and takes around 15 minutes to drive to the main entrance along the Langata Road, and inside the park's boundaries a good network of roads allows visitors to explore every habitat. Near the entrance is the headquarters of the Kenya Wildlife Service and the Nairobi Animal Orphanage. The best time to visit is in the dry seasons when 2 wheel-drive cars are possible - February and March, or August and September. During these periods, migratory herds of zebra and wildebeest enter the park through the Kitengela Corridor adjoining the unfenced southern boundary. The park offers a good introduction to safaris, and visitors can spend an entire day game-viewing and picnicking at the various sites provided. Overnight accommodation at the Masai Lodge situated on the southern boundary.
The parks higher western quarter is clothed in dense forest which is watered by several streams that have been dammed as they enter the broad grassy plains covering most of the park. Wildlife is abundant and from the lookout near the Narogoman Dam it is possible to watch herds of animals moving across the plains. Gazelle,kongoni,buffalo,zebra and Masai giraffe, and the Ngong Hills, of Out of Africa fame, form an impressive background. Buffalo, bush pig and bushbuck are encountered in the dense forests, while impala are found in the open woodland.Over 50 Rhino are protected but wild and I have seen one near the gate on the many times I have been. Lion are found through out the park over 20 have been counted and are frequently seen in the Hyrax Valley where they spend on average 16 of the 24 hours sleeping . Cheetah are common and often seen as are Leopards but only seen late afternoons. Other animals include leopards,baboon,hippo and a dozen antelope species. Unique in its location on the threshold of a major city, the park conserves an unspoilt tract of forest,woodland and grassland Along the southern border, visitors can explore a trail along the banks of the Athi River at the Hippo Pools. The trail and its succulent vegetation is a refreshing getaway from the bustle of nearby Nairobi, but do keep a look out for Hippo and crocodiles in that area. I think one of the highlights of this park is that animals like Zebra are very close And try to include a photo of the city skyline in the background whilst animals graze in the foreground, when using a telephoto lens it enables you to compress the distance making them appear closer..... But do remember these are wild animals you are not in a Western Safari park. Do not take chances.

Rainy season safari trip
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We visited the park during rainy season and it was very challenging to drive through the park due very wet tracks. On the positive side it was not warm and most animals where pretty active during the day. An other plus is wasn't busy in the park

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Being the only Game Park within a capital city means you can start your day in a meeting, enjoy 5-star lunch in town and end the day watching lions roam the plains, with the city Skyline in the background. There's no other place in the world you can do this.

Wildlife right next to Nairobi
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This was my second trip to Kenya and I really wanted to see NNP. When we first entered the park we saw our first white rhinos of the trip and some giraffes with the city of Nairobi in the background. That was pretty surreal. We did not see a ton of wildlife but when we did see the animals, it was great. We saw lions, eland, zebras, gazelle, hartebeest, ostrich, quite a few birds and other wildlife and even a green mamba snake. It was really cool to see all the whistling acacia trees. All in all it was a nice park right outside the city so very convenient. The weather was mostly cool and overcast. I'm glad I made it to NNP.

Interesting experience in short time
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Nairobi National Park was an interesting surprise. Being located in Nairobi, I wasn't expecting too much, but the area, the scenary and the quantity of wildlife surprised by the positive side. Being able to see rhinos was a very positive one, and for a birder, the quantity of amazing birds was a must.
If one has short time and/or are limited in traveling, this park can give a very good wildlife safari experience.

NNP urgemtly need quick revamp....boring place
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I visited NNP december 2015 after more than 5yrs.
1.Surely this place need revamp.Animal orphnage looks du from entrance all way to cages looks same and old.seats , cages,dustbins are old.elephants skelotons shud be replaced and mounted or hanged in attractive housing.this place is lion den and full of smell.
2~There are no animals in safari walk or any kws work to do something to attract them from hidding place to the watching spots.
3-Why shud one pay twice ...orphanage and safari shud be once.cashier at safariwalk on 27th december asked my kids age thinking i was lyjng that are under 18.....he sounded rude.
All in all this place cannot compete with even orphanges and nations with imported animals.
At one point the lioned roared and kids were afraid but noticed they wanted to be freed from cages since was already 11am.
Kws shud use monies to change this is boring to see animals without someone explaning.....can staff be tasked to take group of 10 -20 around....this will have desired results...know heritage kr animals

We loved it.
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Being so close to the city it was amazing to see so many wild creatures. The park does not have the numbers other parks do and there are no Elephants there at all. But it can only hold so much with the restricted landscape. They could use an infusion of some species though. And it turned out to be our best place to get close Vulture images.
Lions were seen on every trip in there and it was fun to hang at the waterhole for long periods as many animals come & go. After a three week safari in other parts of the country we did see our only Mamba here !
For anyone who does not have time to visit other parks, it is a great place to go.
It was kind of weird having a Giraffe image with large city building & landing planes in the background.

Nairobi National Park is a wonderful introduction to East Africa - beautiful animals & environment.
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I was pleased to find an area with abundant visible African mammals, birds and reptiles so close to Nairobi. It was easy to arrange transportation and a guide who drove me through the area pointing out large mammals and typical east Africa birds. My rhinoceros sighting in Nairobi National Park was the best of the trip. I also saw zebra, lions, bateleur, and many more often in a nicely photographable setting. I have recommended this area to friends traveling to East Africa and will continue to do so. I hope to return.

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