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You will have an unforgettable experience with us.

You will have an unforgettable experience with us.

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You will have an unforgettable experience with us.

You will have an unforgettable experience with us.

Kili Slope Tours and Safaris Ltd is the best African safari company , which offers Mountains Climbing, Beach holidays, Budget safaris, Luxury lodge safari ,Lodge safaris, Car Hire, Wildlife safaris, Bird Watching,culture tour,Trekking safaris and the best game viewing in Tanzania.


Excellent drivers; incredible trip

I had an absolutely amazing trip, where I saw lots of animals, incredible sunsets/landscapes, and met great people.

What made the trip even more amazing was my driver Salim/Simon. He was full of jokes, always happy, and incredible at finding animals. He adopted the itinerary to my taste and even offered hilarious extra's such as a local experience of eating ugali at a roadside cafe :') Spending 7 days with someone non-stop is a large commitment and Salim made it easy and fun; I would highly recommend any trip with Salim. I also had a chance to spend a day with Ziggy, who is great as well.

Only caveat for safaris in general: you should be very specific with your lodge/camp selection. Make sure to check the accommodation websites and to make sure you like the suggested properties, if not, ask for alternative suggestions that match your expectations. When you spend so much money on a trip, you want to make sure you are happy with all aspects of the trip :)

Perfect days in Tanzania with spanish guide

We have visited Tanzania for 5 nights (Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara)
Everything has been very good.
-The vehicle in perfect condition.
-Drinkable water available all the time.
-The guide Abdul has done an unbeatable job. He not only gave us information about parks and animals, but also about the history, geography, economy and politics of Tanzania! He is very friendly. Also, he speaks Spanish very good!
-Cook Salim has also done an amazing job. Exquisite food and always according to our tastes!

Thanks Abdul and Salim, they have made us spend some beautiful days!

Thank you Kili Slope!

I have booked a 8 nights Safari in Tanzania between Tarangire - Lake Manyara - Lake Natron - Serengeti (north and central) - Ngorongoro - Lake Eyasi.
Since the booking David Maro, the owner of the company, has been really great, customizing the tour following my needs.
Everything was really professional since the first email and the booking process was really smooth.
Being a small company, Kili Slope has great care for their customers: the communication between the booking and the start of the Safari has always been accurate and effective.
Then, when the time for the safari arrived, everything from the beginning was absolutely fantastic!
1. the driver / guide, Jackson, is a safe driver and has great knolwedge of the parks and we were always there at the right time to see the best things: the river crossing by the wildebeest, the lions hunting, the leopard having his food, the cheetah with her babies...
Moreover he was always helpful in explaining things and the dynamics of wildlife
2. the car was really comfortable and clean. Water was provided every day
3. the accomodations were really good, especially the tented camps in the Serengeti
4. the itinerary was well designed, we never had to rush and had enough time to enjoy everything at the right pace
4. David Maro was really kind and wanted to meet me at the start and the end of the tour: this is great customer care!

It was my fifth experience in Africa and i have to admit that this safari in Tanzania was the best of my life.
Kili Slope is a reliable company and i would suggest to book with them over the biggest company in Arusha if you want to have a better customer experience.

Outstanding service

David was super prompt to respond to my query and immediately customized the trip to accommodate my needs. He was great to deal with. Our tour guide Ziggy was great as well. My parents, aged 74 and 75, had a wonderful time. Ziggy was able to get us to the restrooms when needed, was very well connected with the other tour guides, planned our trip very well and was very punctual. On the last day, I thought I had left my cell phone at the hotel after 30 minutes of descent into Ngorongoro crater early in the morning. I was extremely impressed with Ziggy's resourcefulness - he managed to find the phone number of the lodge through the other tour guides, then got the manager on the phone (recalling he is Indian as are we) directly. When he proposed that we tell the manager to meet with all the morning staff and get the police involved, my brain fog cleared up in a jiffy, and I realized it was in the seat back pocked in the Jeep. We had a great time and I highly recommend Kili Slopes for your safari adventure.

Awesome tours but poor tour management !

I spent some awesome time when exploring Tanzania. I joined into 2 tours operated by Kili Slopes, Mt. Kilimanjaro tour and Serengeti NP tour.

Im giving only 3 stars because of poor tour management.

+ guides + other personnel were awesome
+ landscapes were memorable
+ tour programmes were cool

- As a tipping culture not being common in my country, i was totally surprised when i was asked to pay extra 350 USD after my tour as a tip for the guide and personnel. I wasn't given any information about this arrangement beforehand, which annoyed me a lot. Im not definitely denying the staff wouldn't deserve and need the tip usually given, but as me being the only tourist joining the tour and still asked to pay for the normal tipping sum made this situation absurd. Moreover, I imagined the staff being paid enough for a decent income, obviously not. As a compromise, i gave them 100 usd.

- Again, when discussing about the matter of tipping, I was given the feeling by the tour operator, that as a tourist (and a white person ??) I'm supposed to be rich and afford to give away random extra 350 USD ! Oh, I am surely a millionaire, but only in my dreams.

- My Serengeti tour was awesome, but bit messy. Considering this tour too, i wasn't given enough information beforehand, again including the thing with tipping. Other customers were having some more information, like list of equipment needed, which i never had. What comes to both of my trips, i thought i was having all the information in needed. Well, I didn't (even though asking for every possible information needed couple of times).

- Overall 6 customers attending to this Serengeti tour, and every person was having a different tour program. It was obvious right from the beginning that it would be impossible to coordinate everything. This is why some ppl didn't get what they were looking for - but ill let them to write their reviews on their own behalf, if they wish to do so. ++Our awesome guide Jackson did his best trying to fix it all ! ++


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