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Team Wild Planet Safari

Team Wild Planet Safari

Wild Planet Safari

(206 Reviews)
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South Africa South Africa
1-5 employees (Founded in 2010)
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Custom mid-range tours that can start every day
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Team Wild Planet Safari

Team Wild Planet Safari

We operate fantastic tours and safaris to Kruger National Park in South Africa. We have a wide variety of options to suit all budgets and adventure levels. Our Kruger National Park Safari options range from 3 to 11 days and we have many more packages that explore the area around Kruger National Park. We take pride in making sure that we provide you with the best experience possible.


Best Safari Guide and Trip

We just finished eight EPIC days with Wild Planet Safari. Every day was an incredible experience due to:

1. Superior planning of the company (great rest camp locations within Kruger park with access to exceptional wild life viewing). They were easy to work with to develop an customized itinerary.

2. Exceptional guide. Chris has eagle eyes to point out the smallest of chamelions, bee-eaters or king fishers ... as well as wildlife incredibly camoflauged (leopards and cheetahs). We sweat he whispers to the animals to bring them in so close they almost kissed the vehicle.

3. Outstanding logistics. Hob the cook ensured we had more deliscious food then was needed, including breakfasts on the road so we did not need to return to the rest camp at the end of each morning wildlife drive.

We highly recommend this company for lovely intimate safari experience. Far exceeded all of our expectations.

Life Changing Experience Due to Tour Guide Chris

My partner and I enjoyed the 4 day safari in Kruger with Chris and Hopesol of Wild Planet Safari. Here are some takeaways:

1. We tented at two different campgrounds. For both Hopesol set up our tents and cots, sleeping bags and fan. The campgrounds had a fence around the exterior but we still were able to see jackals and honey badgers at night. They just added to the experience - no concerns.

2. Each day, Hopesol cooked different meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner over a fire. Delicious. Included were an English Breakfast, pancakes, fruit salads, steaks, sausage (including ostrich), lamb, chicken roast - basically more than you can eat and still be so satisfied. Hopesol was so friendly and really wanted to know how our tour was going and how to improve it. It's hard to express how much we enjoyed the four of us talking about the day and other life events while enjoying those meals at dusk.

3. Chris drove the open air jeep for several guided tours each day, morning, afternoon and early evening. Everything that any review has said about Chris being a superior guide, friendly, welcoming and funny merely approach the truth. He made our trip what I consider the best vacation/experience of my life. My partner really wanted to see as many birds as possible and Chris would stop and point them out as we crossed paths. In the end we were able to count 78 new birds! Amazing. He recommended getting an Animals of Kruger Park picture book of what we might see and it helped us keep track of what we encountered as well as looking for others to scout. In the end, Chris takes such pride in what he does and he told us he is meant to work in the bush - we could not have had a better guide.

4. Value for the money? You could not have a better experience on safari - we were able to be on our own with just Chris and Hopesol, without a group that would require us to be distracted by others needs, wants, ways. We also went on a night trip led by a Kruger ranger, on which about 20 people crowded onto a jeep. While we were able to see some nocturnal animals like huge owls, a civet, some honey badgers and also lions just lying on the road in front of us, the crowd of people was almost painful after being with just Chris on a guided tour. We also went on a a guided walk of eight in Kruger with two armed rangers; that was fun to experience the animals and so extensive land from a ground perspective. We did see zebra and wildebeests moving up close.

5. Just Go. Experience the vastness of Kruger. You will be so happy you did this. We still say, "I wish we were on safari right now."

Thanks, Wild Planet Safari. Thanks, Hopesol. Thanks, Chris. Chris, you have found something to do that makes others so happy. Not many people can say that.

An amazing experience!

Thale was great staying in touch and coordinating all aspects of our tour. We thought we knew what to expect but the entire trip exceeded our expectations.
The transfers from/to Johannesburg worked great and gave us an opportunity to see a bit more of South Africa.
Upon arriving at Hazy View Eric quickly greeted us and we were off to explore. Quickly realizing we were not on a drive through zoo experience of just pointing out different animals. Eric would stop and allow us to observe the animal’s behavior. The buffalo herd moving across the riverbed, giraffes continually coming from the trees, hyena crunching bones while chasing off the young, lions waking as sun was rising, elephant bathing at the end of the day, rhinoceros quietly grazing, leopard relaxing in the tree, warthogs scurrying through the grass, moments forever etched in our memory. Seeing the Big 5 twice in a day was so much more than we could have ever asked for but seeing so many different species was extraordinary!
Eric is a remarkable guide, so knowledgeable about the wildlife, Park and culture but also a fantastic chef. The meals were plentiful and delicious, a great way to relax and recall all the magical moments of the day.
Staying in the rest camps was a huge bonus! It was extremely comfortable and clean all while staying in the surroundings during the entire safari.
After the excitement of the safari, the final day we enjoyed the panoramic route through Blyde River Canyon. The beautiful scenery was a relaxing way to wind down and see more of the beautiful country of South Africa.
We were a bit concerned about going in February, reading that it would be more difficult to see the animals as the grass is longer and the animals did not necessarily need to go to the watering holes. This was not an issue at all. The wildlife was plentiful, the weather was gorgeous, and the views were amazing.


Everything goes fine from the beginning. Thale helped us in all the organisation, helping to decide the route and planing everything. Once we arrived Eric was the most amazing guide that I could imagine. Eric was a passionate bird lover, a very good driver, an amazing chef, an incredible storyteller in a summary the best guide we could imagine.
I recommend without and doubt the safari we did.
Wildplanet pick up us on the Tempo Airport in the early morning arriving to the Hoedspruit at mid-day entering the krugger park the same afternoon having our first game drive on the way to Satara rest camp, here we see many animals including one Leopard. We stay 2 nights in the satara rest camp. The only experince that we will not repeat is the nigh game. After the 2 nights we went to skukuza rest time for 1 night more.

I recommend the safari and I will repeat in the future.
Thanks to Thale and Eric

Small operation with knowledgable guides and comfortable arrangements!

Chris, our guide from Zimbabwe, was very knowledgable and eager to show us the best that Kruger has to offer taking us to different parts of the park to try to catch a diversity of animals. He was patient and easy to connect with. Being a private tour, we were happy to be able to have the freedom to stop and continue on as our schedule allowed and it allowed us to find what we were most interested in. We saw 4 of the Big 5 on our 3-day tour which is really 2 days with the transfers from Joburg taking half a day each way.

We didn't realize that the driver and guide were one and the same person but this seemed to be the norm at Kruger. Our chef was lovely and made delicious foods but we would have appreciated being given different options beforehand to select our menu from.

Thale from the head office was not very responsive regarding the booking after the initial engagements were made. He doesn't seem to be on the ground with his guides and so may be a bit out of touch with the goings on.

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