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Telly Africa Safaris

(117 Reviews)
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Tanzania Tanzania
5-10 employees (Founded in 2018)
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TANAPA, BRELA & Tourism Association
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Custom mid-range & luxury tours that can start every day
Kenya KE
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Telly Africa Safaris Ltd is a Local or Tanzanian registered Company and licensed tour operator with offices in Arusha, Tanzania. We are dedicated to offering you the real experience of adventures, excursions, tours around Tanzania National Parks, and its environs. We consider it our responsibility to provide you with the means to have not only a wonderful holiday here in Tanzania but also an opportunity to experience a variety of different national parks, game reserves and mountain hiking.


A great experience - 1 day safari at Selous Game Reserve (Nyerere National Park)

- GREAT ORGANISATION : from Pick-up at the hotel, flight to the Selous Airstrip, meeting the guide, safari, lunch break, more safari, drop off at the Selous Airstrip, flight back and drop off at your hotel. You do not have to worry about anything, Telly organises everything for you. TRUST THE PROCESS and you will have a great experience !

- AMAZING EXPERIENCE: each provider was a professional, from our very nice taxi driver (he had to pick us up at 3:45 in the morning and he did it with a big smile), to Mohamed from Telly and his quick reactions to our questions, and without forgetting Michael our safari guide, who was very knowledgable. Do not hesitate to opt for the shared experience: it is cheaper and the groups are max 6 people… also: ou group was organised by language so we had the advantage to have a French speaking guide !

- ONCE IN A LIFETIME SIGHTS: it was our first safari. We saw: impalas (many), warthogs (many), buffalos, giraffes (many), monkeys (many), one black mamba, elephants (three but from far because they did not want to be disturbed and the guides respect that), hippos (many in the water), crocodiles (2), kobus (but be quick because those move fast), wildebeests (in herds), kudus (2), blue birds (look out for this because they are BEAUTIFUL) and one calao (zazou in the lion king!). Our guide really tried to find lions and the other big 5 but they have a very wide territory and you need a little bit of luck to find them. Honestly, even if you do not find them, the other animals will amaze you any way!

To conclude: we highly recommend Telly for the organisation of your safari, it will be hassle free and you will not be disappointed !

A once in a lifetime experience with Telly Safari

Our family's safari adventure in Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater with Telly Safari was a journey we will treasure forever. From witnessing all the majestic animals, including the Big 5, in their natural habitat to experiencing the raw beauty of the vast herds of wildebeest traversing the landscape, every moment was a testament to the wild heart of Serengeti. The emotional intensity of watching lions hunt and killing a Zebra, the dramatic attempt of a cheetah trying to capture a young gnu, and dining just meters away from resting lions were experiences that brought the circle of life up close and personal.

Our guide, Assad, transformed our safari into an educational journey brimming with excitement and wonder. His deep knowledge of wildlife and skilled tracking abilities ensured we didn't miss out on any wish-list sightings. Watching baboons saunter by our tent at sunset and feeling the vibrant energy of the Ngorongoro Crater, feeling as "the lost world," were highlights that illustrated the serene yet wild essence of Africa.

Assad's insights into animal behaviors enriched our understanding and connection to the natural world, turning each encounter into a vivid story. His dedication to making our adventure memorable and comfortable made him feel more like a family member than a guide. Our daughter fondly recalls her "close friend," and we share that sentiment deeply.

Special thanks also go to Mohamed, who was instrumental in tailoring our trip. His patience and detailed responses to our numerous inquiries ensured our journey was perfectly aligned with our expectations.

I can't recommend Telly Safari enough for families looking for a safari experience that combines adventure, education, and personal touches that go beyond the ordinary. This trip wasn’t just a holiday; it was a profound journey into the heart of nature, facilitated by a team who truly cares about delivering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Just an Amazing Tour Company, Professional, Diligent, Responsive, Well Organized and Caring.

Most people only do an African Safari once in a lifetime, so you want to be sure you get the right company. Telle Safari is that company. We were on the 5 day “fly-in” luxury safari, and by Safari standard, everything was luxury in-deed. The great thing about the “fly-in” option was that we only drove one-way from Serengeti to Arusha, rather than round trip as many safari itineraries offer. This gave us less time on some rather uncomfortable roads and more time searching for animals. Our personal guide Assad was to meet us at the Seronera airport in the Serengeti upon our arrival from Zanzibar. The Safari Land Cruiser was spacious and comfortable and stocked with drinks and most important binoculars as promised. We set out immediately on our first of many bush drives and in our first few hours found at least 7 different animals including 4 of the Big 5. Over the next 98 hours, we would go on to discover not only the big 5 but just about every animal, bird and reptile that east Africa had to offer. We even found a chameleon which was on my wife’s “had-to-see” list.
It was wonderful to have a guide so passionate about his job. Besides being completely knowledgeable about the variety of wildlife we encountered and the complex and challenging safari roads we had to navigate. Assad was completely vested in assuring that we were able to see every possible species during our tour. He was also on top of making sure that our every request was met and making our comfort his focus. He had the answer to all our millions of questions and at the same time had a great sense of humor and was very congenial and easy to talk to. He assured our comfort at every stage of our tour. He was the key to this trip tip being so spectacular. We will miss our time with him.
Before Assad, Mohamed and William were just great at making all the preparations and reservations. They kept us in close contact and updated us every step of the way. They were very professional and courteous throughout the process. I confused the “proposal” they sent as being a company brochure, because it looked so clean, colorful, and detailed. Actually, It was a personalized and tailored, trip specific, brochure-like itinerary, outlining every detail of our journey. Everything was handled so well. They made sure that every “t” was crossed and “i” was dotted, assuring a wrinkle free journey.
All of the lodging was top notch. The stay at our tent camp “Into Wild” was short lived due to the 24-hour permitting process for each park, arriving at 5pm and leaving at 6am in our quest to see as many animals as we could while in the Serengeti before our time expired. But we had a huge and beautiful tent that would have you believe that you were in a suite at a luxury hotel and there was just enough time to enjoy a pre-dinner glass of wine in the daylight on our porch and scout local wildlife from the comfort of our comfy porch chairs. The Buffet dinner was very tasty, and we ate outside to enjoy the views, although inside was an option. The Serena Ngorongoro lodge was equally short lived, but we had an the most amazing direct view of the crater from our balcony, (be it between bursts of mist and cloud cover), which we were able to enjoy for an hour before dinner and watch a beautiful sunset. The ala cart dinner with buffet salad and dessert bars was great and bountiful. There was even a pre-dinner acrobat act. We were ready for a little more downtime by the 3rd night, having by this time seen about 90% of the animals we were going to see. Thankfully we had a bit more time for our stay at the Escarpment Lodge in Lake Manyara. Arriving about 2 gave us plenty of time to enjoy our personal villa and the main the infinity pool on that sunny day, with a marvelous view overlooking Lake Manyara and the surrounding jungle. The food on the ala cart menu and salad bar was again excellent. Unfortunately, the evening cultural show was cancelled due to lack of attendance. We were there, watching from afar on the upper terrace, but they did not see us. The grand finale of all the lodging was Manyara’s Secret. We again arrived early enough to have some relaxing outdoor time, but this time at the private pool that comes with every villa, while experiencing the beauty of Lake Manyara very close up. The smaller private pool water was a little too cool in January, but the view was beautiful. We then headed up the main infinity pool with the same view. This was the newest of the lodges, and our very private villa offered a huge bathroom and a secondary “outdoor” shower to be one-in-nature. Dinner here was by far the best of all three, which was already a high bar, and was prepared in a very modern open kitchen that they allowed us to tour.
The ability to see 4 separate Parks over the 5 days really made this overall experience so unbelievable. Each park had its own personality and special offerings. We stopped for lunch (prepared by the previous night’s lodging) each day at roadside picnic areas with tables and all the food was delicious. The Serengeti was a mostly flat park of high and low grassy areas with some rolling hills and sparsely populated with an variety of tall trees. It had nearly all the wild animals, and they could be spotted with relative ease, assuming you kept looking and knew what to look for. Which Assad did for us grandly. The animals were generally in very small groups. The roads were quite challenging. They were bumpy, irregular, potholed and often flooded. The Nduto highway between Serengeti and Ngorongoro Parks was open flat low grazing type grasslands. We briefly stopped there to spy the great migration of droves of mostly wildebeests and Zebras, along with a variety of Antelope, in massive numbers in all directions, all grazing as they made their slow walk southward. Later, a crater sized (and flooded) pothole had pretty much devoured a tanker delivery truck on that road and blocked the highway. So, we had to detour into the bush around the obstructed highway into marshy flood plains which was quite an experience. We did get bogged down and stuck for a bit but were soon pulled out by another safari 4x4 and managed to make it through. The Ngorongoro crater landscape was very different with a completely flat and semi marshy grassland around a great lake with almost no trees except at the elevated perimeter walls. You could see for miles so finding animals here was almost too easy. The animals were everywhere and in abundance. And so many beautiful birds of every variety near the lake. It was here we finally found our last of the big 5, the Rhino. The roads in the crater were all dirt but mostly smooth and more easily navigable. Upon exiting this park and heading toward Lake Manyara we encountered a harrowing curvy mountain side descent from Ngorongoro on a very thin two-way dirt road to reach the Paved Highway for the remainder of our trip. The next stop was Lake Manyara which is a dream for Baboon lovers. We must have seen hundreds of them hiking along the roadways in this jungle setting or simply sitting in them. This is a lush tropical forested area with irregular terrain that made it more difficult to spot animals. But we did manage to find our first male lion there. On our way to Tarangire Park the next day we took the opportunity to visit a Masi Village which was certainly worth the time and cost as it added one more dimension to our understanding of peoples of the world the culture they embrace and the lifestyles they live. We also visited the mother of all artist shops. It had an amazing variety of African paintings and carved sculptures and souvenirs. If we were going to bring back art this would be the place to get it. In Tarangire, the Elephants are king. The terrain was a mix of high and low grass with rolling hills, like the Serengeti, but trees were more plentiful. This still allowed relatively open viewing and we could get very close to the elephants as they rolled in the mud or ate vegetation along the roadway. There were plenty of monkeys and a variety of other animals as well, but not quite as plentiful as the first two parks. This was the only park where we noticed the existence of flying insects. Still, they were not very bad at all. We had treated all our clothing before the trip, so I think that helped a lot. After our final park we were taken to Arusha, killed some time at the Cultural center (A large but upscale bazaar for local artisan products) and then on to Kilimanjaro for our flight back to Zanzibar.
There were only two slight disappointments during our trip, but neither was significant enough to rate this trip anything less than fantastic. The first was that the electrical outlets and USB connections provided with our land rover were worn out, so that they did not hold the connections on the very bumpy potholed and washboard dirt roads we traveled. They were basically unusable. Fortunately, we had several high-capacity battery banks with us that we were able to recharge each night. The second was that while the proposal indicated soft drinks, wine and beer were included, that was not totally true. We had plenty of drinks available each during our bush runs and lunch and we were even provided with a bottle to take to our room each night. But during dinner, each lodge and camp required that you purchase all drinks from them. You could not bring your own into the restaurant. So, we simply enjoyed our glass of wine each evening on our balcony or porch with stunning scenery, before heading the dinner. And then maybe a glass after we got back. It was not so much the cost (which was very reasonable) but rather the hassle of having to pay a bill each night. I think it would be better if that was clarified up front. BTW for tips, you simply make one donation to the entire lodge staff upon check out in something called the tip box. So that was so more convenient than feeling like you must have all this cash to tip for each assistance you receive.
Overall, this was a most amazing experience, and we thank Telle safaris for their diligence, professionalism, and dedication to our enjoyment. The tour length and itinerary were just perfect for us. We will recommend Telly Safaris to all our friends. If we are ever able to get back, they will be the only ones we consider. I could not imagine that any other company could provide a better overall experience than we had during our tour.


very well organized. safari was beautiful, interesting , amazing and well timed to our needs. saw big 5 and more!
aron, our guide, was very experienced and helpful.
we highly recommend telly africa safari!

Incredibly professional, friendly, excellent at spotting animals and full of knowledge.

That was the most incredible 3 days, and far exceeded both of our expectations. Mohamed from Telly was incredibly helpful in the lead up to our safari, answering all of our questions. He even arranged for us to have our extra luggage looked after for us in Zanzibar during the trip.
Assad, our guide, was fantastic! Not only was he amazing at spotting out all of the Big 5, but also a cheetah right after a kill. Assad was professional, friendly, was incredibly knowledgable and made our trip full of memories.
The accommodation within the Serengeti and at Ngorongoro were impeccable, beautiful rooms with amazing views.
My husband and I chose Telly Africa Safaris for our honeymoon, and are SO happy we did. Thank you so much for such an awesome experience. If you’re thinking of booking Telly, do it!

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