The following assumptions are exemplary for the travel and tourist services intermediated by KingTomondo Safaris Kenya:

1) The travel agreement comes to being when the customer (the traveler or a representative) orders the service, KingTomondo Safaris Kenya accepts it and the advance money (deposit) is paid by the traveler.

2) The time and the period of the travel, the fixing and the quality of the services and the mode of fulfilment with the participation fee are all contained in the acknowledgement sent by KingTomondo Safaris Kenya.

3) If not agreed otherwise per written contact, when ordering the services, 20% of the whole participation fee have to be paid as deposit. The rest must be paid as per written agreement, either on the 15th day before the beginning of the travel or in cash at the start of the safari. Electronic notifications are sent about the dates of payment.

4) If the traveler does not accomplish the dates of payment, KingTomondo Safaris Kenya might consider the order as cancelled even when it was acknowledged before.

5) If the traveler becomes locked out of the travel because of the violation of the law or breaks off the journey for any reasons, he/she cannot raise a claim to the refunding of the paid in participation fee. The traveler is obligated to respect the existing laws of passport, customs duty and foreign exchange. In case of neglecting or breaking these laws, the traveler will bear all the costs and losses.

6) KingTomondo Safaris Kenya is not obliged to repay the service costs (participation fee) if the traveler does not make use of any agreed-on services or subservices on his/her own free will.

7) In so far as the travel fails or it is modified because of vis maior reasons, KingTomondo Safaris Kenya does not bear the responsibility of compensation.

8) The traveler has the right to cancel the travel or the ordered services. This cancellation has as to be done in written form (emails are fine). If not agreed on otherwise per written contact, in case of of cancellation, the following fees have to be paid-in from the whole participation fee (counting backwards from the beginning of the travel):

• Three months or before: 0% (all the money will be refunded apart from potential transfer transaction costs)
• Less than three months: 20% (deposit will be kept)
• within 7 days: 75%
• within 48 hours: 100%

9) On behalf of the implementation of the travel, KingTomondo Safaris Kenya co-operates with other companies, like flying-, bus-, taxi-, and ship companies. In case of any problems in the functioning of these companies (for example: strike, delay, technical problems etc.) KingTomondo KingTomondo Safaris Kenya does not assume responsibility or any compensation.

10) We advise all customers to seek sufficient insurance. KingTomondo Safaris Kenya does not offer insurance policies.

11) In case of any legal questions emerging in connection with the tourist services intermediated by KingTomondo Safaris Kenya, the parties submit to the absolute jurisdiction of court of justice according to the residence of KingTomondo Safaris Kenya.


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by KingTomondo Safaris Kenya, not SafariBookings
  • The tours offered by KingTomondo Safaris Kenya are subject to their terms & conditions