Asante Bibi Tours and Safaris - A Journey Beyond: Terms of Service

1. Definition of the Organizer:
In these terms, "the Organizer" refers to the entity contracting Asante Bibi Tours and Safaris for services provided to clients. The terms govern all contracts, forming an exclusive agreement unless amended in writing and signed by an authorized officer.

2. Organizer's Contracts:

The Organizer explicitly states that Asante Bibi Tours and Safaris is the agent, acting solely on behalf of the Organizer.
The Company is exempt from and indemnified by the Organizer for third-party acts, defaults, or omissions.
3. Indemnity:
The Organizer indemnifies the Company against any claims for breach of contract, ensuring a harmonious collaboration.

4. Tour Arrangements:

The Company strives for compliance with agreed-upon services. Liability for breach of contract is restricted to negligence, indemnifying the Organizer against client claims for actual costs, excluding consequential damages.
The Company accepts no liability for matters beyond its control, such as park closures or changes for comfort, convenience, or safety.
5. Price Variation:

The Company reserves the right to adjust prices due to factors like currency changes, tax increases, fuel costs, accommodation, and park fees.
6. Booking and Confirmation due to COVID-19:

A 15% deposit is required on booking, with full payment before Services commence. Reservations within 24 hours require full payment at confirmation.
7. Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations received 72 hours before Services commence incur a 10% charge.
Non-payment by the date for Services commencement may result in withholding Services, and the Company can collect outstanding payments directly from the Client.
8. Insurance:

The Company has liability insurance. Clients are advised to obtain comprehensive insurance covering death, injury, medical expenses, and baggage loss.
9. Injury, Illness, and Other Risks:

The Company accepts no liability for uninsured injury, illness, infection, or death of a client.
10. Loss of or Damage to Property:
The Company is not liable for theft or damage to client property.

11. Alteration Tours:
The Company reserves the right to change routes or arrangements when necessary and may decline or retain any person on a tour.

12. Camping Safaris:
Prices depend on the group size. The Company reserves the right to substitute hotels if necessary.

13. Additional Costs:
Clients are responsible for personal items, beverages, passport and visa fees, and tipping.

14. Payment Preference:
Prices quoted in USD. Wire transfers preferred, subject to bank charges.

15. General Sales Agents:
Contracts made with General Sales Agents are subject to Company ratification.

16. Governing Law:
These terms are governed by the laws of Tanzania, with both parties submitting to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tanzanian courts.

Cancellation Policy:

In the event of client cancellation due to unpredictable events, the Company deducts incurred expenses, refunding the rest.

Cancellations received:

Before 7 days: 30% of the tour price.
Before 3 days: 50% cancellation.
Within 24 hours (without unpredictable events): 100% of the tour price.


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by Asante Bibi Safaris and Tours, not SafariBookings
  • The tours offered by Asante Bibi Safaris and Tours are subject to their terms & conditions