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Alan was a travel writer for almost 20 years, working for Lonely Planet and other travel publishers. He wrote and contributed to many guidebooks on Africa, particularly southern Africa - the African region he first visited, and it still weaves its magic on him. Alan remembers vividly his first forays into African national parks and being captivated by the wildlife - from observing the behaviour of randy dwarf mongoose through to lounging leopards and grunting hippos at sunset. And it was in Zambia - lion tracking in Kafue, and being swamped with elephants in the Lower Zambezi, in particular - where he became aware of just how wild Africa can be. Alan considers it a privilege to be able to watch the interaction of African wildlife in their natural habitat and loves nothing more than spending time in Africa’s wild places, where the tables are often turned: animals roam freely and people are in cages (cars)!

In 2016 Alan joined the crew at SafariBookings as their Director of Content, where he happily works with the nicest people in the world (or at least in Holland).

Based on a lifetime of travel, Alan founded RoundTrip Foundation where he initiated development projects in Africa and Asia. The motto of his organization is that travelers need to give back in order to complete their journey. A concept he holds close to his heart.

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