Company Profile

Kerry is Zambian born and lived in South Luangwa as a young girl when her parents built and ran safari lodges. Thus began a passion that would last a lifetime.
Kerry started her career with Thomas Cook in Johannesburg before returning to Zambia in 1997 and later founded Ntanda Ventures Ltd in 2013.
With 30 years’ experience in the global travel industry and extensive knowledge of serving the travel needs and expectations of families, diplomats, politicians and company directors.
Ntanda Ventures was created with one goal in mind: to bring a passion for wildlife, people and adventures in Zambia to discerning travelers in a package that’s finely tuned and tailored for you. We will show you the highlights and the hidden gems that we have visited and the new ones we have discovered.
Ntanda means “the stars”,  the name comes from a ceremonial sacred emblem of the Bemba Tribe, which occupies the country. It represents the sacred starlight in their homes and forms a spiritual connection with nature.
We offer stays in camps and lodges that are sustainable and guaranteed to give you memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. You can rest assured that every stay and option has been given the Ntanda Ventures seal of approval (and we’re very picky!).


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