Company Profile

Africa Safari Fundi grew out of my travel company, Jon's Dive & Travel Services, and my love for SCUBA diving and the Great White Shark Cage Diving they have in South Africa. From that love I decided I wanted to Specialize in African Travel for my clients. I am now certified as a South Arica Fundi Travel Specialist, a KATS travel specialist for Kenya, a Tanzania Travel Specialist, and Namibia Travel Specialist and away from the safari world, a Morocco Travel Specialist. I have vast knowledge of the other countries of Africa; they just don't have specialist courses. I have been selling travel to Africa since 2005 and have sent many clients to Africa, especially Honeymooners looking for a more exciting honeymoon than laying out on the beach, although that too can be added into a honeymoon package as the beaches in Africa are great.

I know lead a group tour to South Africa for a very small group of clients. The escorted tours are for a maximum of 12-to 14 people plus me as your escort. Please see our tour listings if you want to join us for our 2016 tour.

Africa is the place to be for anyone looking for adventure, culture, history, and of course the animals. I develop custom itineraries, using local partners in the countries I sell, so that your every desire and dream is fulfilled.

I also provide custom honeymoons and partner vacations for my GLBT clients. I know which countries are accepting and which you definitely want to stay away from. I know which hotels, safari lodges and beach resorts will welcome you with open arms and we have some of the best guides for gay and lesbian couples in the welcoming countries. 

Please contact us for your African Adventure; be it for romance or heart pounding, adrenaline rush adventure. We do it all and we live for the adventure!


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