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Welcome to Gorilla walking safaris to discover a completely different inspirational side of Uganda and East Africa. We offer tailor made safaris through east African destinations right away from Uganda where our travel journey begins.

Embark on exploring Uganda’s human closest Relatives the chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas that live freely in the mist covered rainforests combined with un-ending game in Africa’s vibrant & finest Savannah parks.

Be open to discovering the mighty longest river Nile in the world to the lush green but still virgin rainforests remarkably home to Africa’s highest density of primates including an upclose encounter with the endagered Mountain Gorillas. Travel through the vast open spaces of Kenya & Tanzania or ascend to the roof of Africa – Mt Kirimanjaro, Africa’s highest point.

Equally embark on a magical journey and witness the great unique spectacle migration that occurs as hundred and thousands of herds of wildbeest with their young ones cross crocodile fested rivers. Searching for fresh grazing that sprouts in the wake of the annual rains as well as visit the Ngorongoro Crater formed by the collapse of an extinct volcano, where more than 30,000 animals thrive in an enclosed grassland thereafter unwinding your trip at the finest beaches of East Africa.

Gorilla Walking Safaris brings to its customers a combined experience from Uganda to the rest of East Africa including Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. We endeavour to pay attention to detail with flexibility that every safari runs smooth. We pride in our passion and Teamwork doing our best to demonstrate that you are in capable hands through these beautiful lands.


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