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Always charity begins at home, with no doubts African people are hospitable and wonderful enough they are surrounded by nature that supports life to both plants and animals. Each of the African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi host attractive destinations and spectacular views of their landscapes. In such destinations you will come across plenty of wild animals, birds, plants as well as trees which attract activities including game viewing, nature walks, hiking, refreshment and leisure. Our story and ambitions began after identifying all this beauty and realized that you also deserve the unforgettable moments in Africa as per nature, people and culture. We work in Tanzania, a country that is popular due to its attractive wildernesses of Serengeti and Kilimanjaro, perhaps you should not miss such chances for hiking and viewing the great migration is awaiting your way.

We are available to serve you for whatever, whenever, forever as well as planning to make your trip in Africa simple, safe and fruitful. Gundua Africa Adventures is a link between people, dreams and reality.

                                                         IT IS YOUR TIME TO GET INTO REALITY THROUGH US.


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