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Lizzie Williams

Lizzie Williams

From South AfricaZA
Member of the SafariBookings Expert Panel

Originally from London, Lizzie Williams has worked and lived in Africa since 1995. She started out as a tour leader on overland camping safaris through the parks of East and Southern Africa, and is now a guidebook writer based in Cape Town, but spends considerable time on the road and regularly visits Africa's wild places. For Footprint, she is author of South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, as well as Footprint Focus guides on specialist areas including Cape Town, Winelands & Garden Route, Johannesburg & Kruger National Park, Kilimanjaro & Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar & Pemba. For Bradt, she has written the only country-specific guidebook to Nigeria, for DK Eyewitness Travel, is co-author of Kenya and has contributed to many other guidebooks on Africa including the Rough Guide to Kenya and South Africa. Lizzie also writes for magazines and websites specialising in African travel.

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