Company Profile

Mytrip Connector (MTC) is a native owned Safari, and travel services Company with professional travel offices in the United States, and a ground operations team within Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda Botswana and South Africa.

As destination ambassadors representing our own countries, we have an accurate and natural advantage to passionately serve all visitors in all aspects of the tourism industry as well as all travel services. Our uncompromising, dedication, and quality driven personalized services include but are not limited to;

East Africa destination offerings and promotion of tourism to the region, Tailored and customized programs, Wildlife safari organization to game parks recognized internationally or to ones that are untouched and rarely frequented, Superior guided tours by natives of the region, Lodges, camps, hotels and airlines reservations that make up our programs, Outdoor activities outfitter provided by experienced personnel from a native perspective. 


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by Mytrip Connector , not SafariBookings