Company Profile

Meijo Safaris Ltd is proudly a Tanzanian company based in Arusha dedicated to providing personalized service from initial inquiry, to trip preparation and to the delivery of our services.

We are passionate about Tanzania’s wilderness and its wildlife and we want to share it with you.  Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience so that when you return home, you will share your stories and experiences with others thus becoming an ambassador for the preservation and conservation of Tanzania’s wild places for future generations.

Let us take you to explore Africa's last true wilderness areas to witness the staggering concentration of wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Let us show you heaven on earth standing on the summit of Kilimanjaro. Let us take your breath away...  Karibu sana (welcome) to Hazina's Afrika.

"For in the end, we will conserve only what we love.  We will love only what we understand.  We will understand only what we are taught."  - Baba Dioum


I am sure many of you are comparing itineraries of other tour operators and no doubt you will find cheaper safaris for similar looking itineraries but the quality of the safari will differ greatly.  Pricing is a common question that I receive when potential clients compare similar looking itineraries between different tour operators. 

At Meijo Safaris we pride ourselves in offering high quality safaris that focus on game viewing and we only sell itineraries that we believe in.  Other companies may offer the same number of days at a much lower price, however, the safari experience will differ greatly. 

Top Notch Guides.  We have some of the best guides in the industry who are passionate about the bush and are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and love for wildlife with their clients.  For them it's not just a job.  They will go the extra mile in an attempt to exceed your expectations and provide you with an unforgettable safari experience.  They love what they do and it shows.  Our guides will not follow the crowd or "radio chase" (this happens when guides get lazy and rely on chatter on the radio to find lions, leopards, cheetah).  Instead our guides will take you off the beaten path and will always look for game using their skills so you're not sharing a lion sighting with 30 or 40 other vehicles.  In order to recruit and retain top guides, we offer above average compensation and continuing education opportunities to our guides.  On safari, it is the guide who will make or break your safari. 

No fuel or mileage restriction on game drives & extra park fees.  The vast majority of tour operators have a fuel or mileage restrictions or include only the minimum number of park fees to keep cost down so if you want to explore farther out or spend a little longer in the park waiting for a cheetah hunt, those guides will push you along with "the road is not passable in that direction" or "we need to return to camp because it's getting late".  At Meijo Safaris, we have no fuel or mileage restrictions and we include enough park permits so that your game viewing is not rushed.  Park permits are single entry and valid for 24 hours.  We ensure that your safari has enough park permits for leisurely game viewing and your driver guide will not need to push you to exit the park before the permits expire.

Additional Extras.  We also include additional extras that other tour operators do not - such as Flying Doctors membership, Wildlife & bird field guide books, complimentary bottled water, coffee & tea service and Beer & Wine, etc.  Our Landcruisers are also fitted with a small refrigerator to keep drinks cool and charging sockets, and include picnic table & chairs so that you can get out of the vehicle sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee at a beautiful location. 

Our safari prices are higher than some tour operators but we do offer good value for the services that we offer.  A few things to keep in mind when comparing prices with other tour operators. 


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