Company Profile

Entugga Safaris is a tour operator based in Uganda the “Pearl of Africa”.  We possess deep understanding and special knowledge of the African continent; travellers needs and we use this always design articulate special itineraries for each journey. With tailor-made safaris that are built around each client’s individual needs, time and budget, we offer our clients a complete choice, freedom and a rare opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the wild Africa they have always dreamt of.

Our guides are extraordinary accredited professionals with a profound understanding of not only the countries we operate in but the beautiful nature around them let alone the touch that our guests need. When you book a safari with Entugga Safari as traveler, you destined for an amazing holiday. We always design a perfect itinerary to suit your interests and to follow through with the arrangements to make it happen. Both our office staff and guides have proficient command of the English language and Spanish. We can always upon request organize special guides in other languages like German, French and Italian.

Our fleet of cars includes special safari modified land cruiser which are 4x4, Super Customs and these are built for the African terrain. These are our best friends for they can take us anywhere in Africa from swampy areas to bumpy road and semi-arid savannahs. the


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