Company Profile

Terrain Tanzania Safaris operates from Arusha in Tanzania. It is a registered tour company which owned by a native Tanzanian. For many people a trip to Africa is a trip of a lifetime, the people involved with providing the service can make or break the experience, We at Terrain Tanzania Safaris   are committed to excellent service provided.

Our staff have over 15 years of experience in the office as well as in the fields. We are specialized in offering Adventure Safaris in East Africa particularly Tanzania & Kenya Game Parks. However, we do offer Beach Holidays to Zanzibar historical Island, Cultural connection to our diverse tribal groups & all Historical sites of Tanzania & Kenya. We have recommended set itineraries that can be changed based on customer request, Our team is always ready and happy to discuss your needs and interests for a memorable Tailor made trip to Africa. We believe in Surpassing your African Adventure. Kindly join our professional team for a trip of a lifetime.

Our vehicles are all 4X4 Safari Land Cruisers that can confortably accommodate up 7 passengers at a time. Besides English speaking guides, we also have fluent guides in Spanish, French, German and Italian languages. 

We cant wait to see you in Tanzania for your trip of a life-time. Terrain Tanzania Safaris - "Let the good times roll".


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