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Alyssa   –  
Canada CA
Visited: October 2023 Reviewed: Jan 10, 2024

Email Alyssa  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Incredible once in a lifetime experience

We had an amazing experience traveling to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. The crater is how you describe heaven. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and so much wildlife. Our guide was incredible and definitely made our trip all that it was.

Jean-Damien & Elana   –  
United States US
Visited: December 2023 Reviewed: Jan 7, 2024

Email Jean-Damien & Elana  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Wonderful Experience, Amazing Guide, Great & Professional Service

My wife and me just came back from the most wonderful Safari/Honeymoon with the Soul of Tanzania. We spent 9 days in the northern part of Tanzani (Tarangire NP, Manyara Lake NP, Ngorongoro CA, Serengeti NP) and 5 days on the island of Pemba (Zanzibar Archipelago). We couldn't be happier with the services provided by the operator, from all the advice and help when booking our trip (special thanks to Sandy), to the actual Safari part and relaxing stay on the island.

We had a wonderful experience with our guide. Arnold is so knowledgeable about the country's history, its wildlife of course and the multitude of plants and landscapes, and his is so loving, kind, funny, and thoughtful. We literally couldn't have dreamed a better guide and way to get to know the wonders and welcoming nature of the country. We were so fortunate (thanks to his talents!) to see so many animals and birds: from the very rare Oryx, to leopards, rhinoceros, cheetahs, black-backed jackal, serval, full prides of lions, bat-eared foxes, hyenas, crocodiles, elephants and buffalos, the great migration (!), and so many others. Thank you so much Arnold!

We would absolutely recommend the Soul of Tanzania to friends & family, and anyone considering a trip to Tanzania. And if it's possible at all, we would particularly recommend Arnold as a guide (although I'm sure all their staff is wonderful).

Thank you for everything!

Filipe   –  
Portugal PT
Visited: January 2024 Reviewed: Jan 6, 2024

Email Filipe  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Fidelis our driver was very experienced at worked effortlessly to make the experience unforgettable.

From the start Marta helped us plan the perfect safari for our schedule and expectations, with every detail. When we arrived everything was prepared, everything went smoothly which contributed to a joyful experience. The driver Fidelis had over 17 years of experience and put a lot of effort to make the safari unforgettable. Overall the end we ended up seeing every animal we wanted and more than we ever expected, it was truly awesome and incomparable.

Juanna   –  
Portugal PT
Visited: November 2023 Reviewed: Dec 4, 2023

Email Juanna  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Wonderful safari with the best guide ever

This is not the first time I have been on safari in Africa, although it is my first time in Tanzania. I turned to your company on the recommendation of my mother, who used your services in 2019, with excellent recommendations and, in fact, did not disappoint at all, I am extremely happy.

I would also like to express my immense satisfaction with the guide that was assigned to us and my travel companions, Mr. Lawrence Mosha. He is an incredible person, incredibly polite, competent, knowledgeable and calm. A man like few others, it was a real pleasure not only to have him as a guide but also to get to know him. Thanks to him, I'm sure our safari was unforgettable, we even get to see all of the big five!!

Thank you very much.

Raha jipe mwenyewe. Asante sana, Lawrence.

Henry, Hock, Eric & Kelwyn   –  
Singapore SG
Visited: November 2023 Reviewed: Dec 4, 2023

Email Henry, Hock, Eric & Kelwyn  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Excellent guide Azaria Mwanga who went the extra mile to ensure we get to experience in 3 day Safari

Everything was perfect from the moment we enter the Safari parks … We get to experience the different animals behaviour and Azaria ensure we capture the best moments of these animals, zebras, wildbeast, lion, leapoard … Most interesting is the lion

Ana Leonor Andrada   –  
Portugal PT
Visited: November 2023 Reviewed: Dec 4, 2023

Email Ana Leonor Andrada  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

The ultimate experience - Soul of Tanzania

It's hard to put the experience into words, but I'll try... expectations were high, and we were already very impressed with Hugo's handling of the bureaucratic part of the booking. But when we arrived in Tanzania and met our guide Lawrence, everything we had imagined in our wildest dreams was exceeded. Getting to know the Serengueti and Ngorongoro and all their fauna and flora was spectacular, but doing it in the company of Lawrence Misha and drinking in his wisdom and friendliness was the ultimate experience.
It's impossible not to recommend the Soul of Tanzania team. CONGRATULATIONS!

Angela   –  
Canada CA
Visited: October 2023 Reviewed: Nov 6, 2023

Email Angela  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Professional - Reliable - knowledgeable - friendly

We just spent 8 days with our amazing guide Wilson from Unlimited expeditions. It took us 10 seconds to realize how lucky we were to have a guide like that! Wilson started guiding in 1991 and is amongst the top 100 guide out of around 10000 with the most experience touring the multiple national parks of Tanzania. He is also an outstanding human, father of 3 biological kids and father of 10 orphans. He is definitely a Pilar in his community and beyond. Wilson will do anything possible to make you feel comfortable and happy. We asked many questions, sometime difficult, and he always have a detail answer and explain very well. He is very passionate about is job and a very hard worker. He wanted us to see everything from every angle. He suggested many times to start the game drive early to maximise the potentiel of seeing more and it worked very much. We truely had the chance to see everything during our multi days safari. We got close enough for amazing picture without getting too close to disturb the wildlife. Maybe, there is another guide as good or almost as good as him somewhere in the country but I'm 100% sure that it is not possible to find a better guide, a better soul to share that amazing experience as a team. We will never forget you Wilson and we are locking forward to tour Tanzania with you again! We will miss you! Angela and roger

Sodia   –  
Portugal PT
Visited: July 2023 Reviewed: Nov 3, 2023

Email Sodia  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Very cozy staff and well organized tour without any additional efforts to the costumer

We really enjoyed the safari and the hotels, we were always well received and the quality of the accommodation exceeded our expectations. We always choose premium options.
We were always accompanied from the moment we landed until we left the country, without having to worry about any transport or meals.
The guide was very friendly and committed.
It was great that we ended up in Serengeti as it was the place where we were able to observe the greatest diversity of animals.
We hired a photographer on the last day, a FourSeasons collaborator, who contributed to the portrayal of unforgettable experiences. He was also very friendly and helpful, greatly enriching our trip. We highly recommend Laurent Francis Mmassy.

(automatic translation from Portuguese)

Angela   –  
Canada CA
Visited: October 2023 Reviewed: Oct 31, 2023

Email Angela  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Highly rated and reviewed by safari goers

We just successfully reach the summit of Africa yesterday with Soul of Tanzania and 15 members of an amazing team lead by Omary our main guide to reach the summit. Omary is an highly
skilled guide that reached the summit for the 363 times yesterday. We felt that he truely care for our safety, he was knowledgeable about everything related to the mountain and Tanzania, he is also a devoted father of 2 and pretty much the father of most porter and lot of guide with less experience on the mountain. He truely love his job. Sam,our assistant guide on the trip was also an important part of our success with his contagious energy and help at all time. Sam is in fact a licence guide so we felt lucky to have 2 amazing guides with us. Our cook Thom was also great listening to comment about the food and adapting to our sometime modified taste because of altitude gain. We add the chance to have Kassim with us that played a central role in our confort. He was listening to us and provided anything possible to make our summit possible. He event climbed to the summit with us as a third member of the team to reach the top with us. Kassim is 24, the world belong to this amazing men and we are happy he keeps studying at the guiding school. Gosheni was more high end then other agency. For exemple, in all our acclimatisation hike, Kassim for carrying a table with 2 chairs and food and beverage. We felt vip and customer from other agency eating a basic snack on a rock look at us with envy. We had the perfect time reaching the summit but more important then the summit we reached, we add the chance to get in contact with 15 individuals that made this adventure memorable. Big thanks to Omary (guide) Sam (guide) Thom (cook) Kassim (porter, waiter, Suisse knife of the trip) Issa (porter and toilet man) Ibrahim (porter) Mosses (porter) Baraka (porter) Salim (porter) Frank (porter) Nickson (porter) Samora (porter) Prosper (porter) Malkiadi (porter) Omary (porter) you guys are amazing and of course thanks to Soul of Tanzania

Denise   –  
United States US
Visited: October 2023 Reviewed: Oct 27, 2023

Email Denise  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Honeymoon Safari

We just got back from our 7 day safari for our honeymoon and had such a great time. Booking this trip was a very smooth process, and everything is customizable. The hot lunch provided were delicious and plentiful. The accommodations we selected were clean and as described online.

Our guide was Levis Lewis (Mmeruu). He has many years of experience and is very knowledgeable on everything Tanzania. He was a great driver, knows all the roads, and will get your there in the quickest and safest way possible. We had such a great time with him in the many hours we spent together. He was quick to spot animals from such a far distance, and because of this we were able to see so many of them including the big 5. On our transfer to Kenya, the main road leading to the boarder was closed, but Mmeruu got us to the right spot at the exact time we needed to be there. Thank you so much!

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