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Baptiste & Chloé   –  
France FR
Visited: July 2022 Reviewed: Aug 31, 2022

Email Baptiste & Chloé  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Reactive tour operator that listens to its customers

We chose Moraka Africa Safaris from a large number of tour operators and have never been disappointed with our choice.
Before our departure, Latipher was very helpful in sorting out our problems with the booking. Once in Tanzania, she was always available to manage the pick up from and to the airport (even during unforeseen flight schedule changes..) as week as to welcome us and answer any questions we could have.
The 5 day tour of 4 different National Parks was perfect, with nice accommodations and good food. And of course, our guide, Omari, who allowed us to observe many animals while entertaining us with his anecdotes.
In short, we had a wonderful and unforgettable trip!

Iwka   –  
Italy IT
Visited: August 2022 Reviewed: Aug 27, 2022

Email Iwka  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

A perfect Kilimanjaro experience

Everything was very well organized. Email/whatsapp communication before the hike was very efficient and super helpful. Once arrived we were picked up from the airport and we learnt all we need to know about the hike starting the next day. The guides were very well prepared, the staff very helpful, the food was plenty and good. Overall we felt very well looked after. Moraka Safaris is highly recommended as a reliable and professional agency.

K and Peter   –  
Hungary HU
Visited: October 2021 Reviewed: Oct 10, 2021

Email K and Peter  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Professional team, smooth organization for a very enjoyable trip

We contacted the company last minute with a request of a private safari for 2, and they were very flexible. Their price was also very competitive.
Our driver-guide was professional, friendly and did his best to make the trip perfect. He even has brought very good binoculars which made animal sighting so much more enjoyable. No pushing at all for extra activities that we wanted to skip.
Very delicious lunch was provided.
We highly recommend Moraka Tours.

Khalil   –  
France FR
Visited: July 2021 Reviewed: Aug 13, 2021

Email Khalil  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Real professionals! Excellent customer service

Value for money: 5/5 (the cheapest price we found, yet prestations were excellent)
Customer service: 5/5
Guide: 10/5 (Ask for Joseph, he is amazing)

Thank you to all the team, you've been wonderful

Rajeev T   –  
United States US
Visited: November 2020 Reviewed: Dec 31, 2020

Email Rajeev T  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

A Great Safari at a Great Price by Moraka Africa Safaris facilitated by Ms Latipher Kondo's group

Tanzania welcomed me from the USA on Nov 26, after a nice flight from Amsterdam, without much fuss about the pandemic. I had signed up with Moraka Africa Safaris for a 6-Day Budget Safari having dealt online with Ms Latipher Kondo( pardon misspellings), an outstanding communicator, prompt, clear and thankfully the main point of contact for my African adventure, always responsive to every issue. The formalities at Kilmanjaro airport were easy and I was picked up by a delightful young man Seth Msechu who drove me about 50km to the hub town of Arusha to a modest hotel for the night. The next day was on my own and I climbed half-way up Mt Kilimanjaro with a guide, a roundtrip of 16km, an almost 1km grade, absolutely gorgeous forest trail, not for the faint of heart. It made up for the sitting on long flights preceding and for being driven around in the safari to come. Later that evening one of Latipher's colleagues prepped me for the safari. Next day, DAY 1, I took a smaller bag with me, leaving behind the rest at the hotel office/storage. I was taken to an area where safari jeeps from different tour operators were lined up. I was shown my jeep and met the others on this jeep, a Chilean couple travelling the world, an Italian communication professional, a French teacher/volunteer and a Spanish kite-surfer; we could all communicate in English. Our great driver-guide was Bryson, with the best sense of much-needed humor driving unpaved bumpy roads for 5 days of what he called "African massage", he was not kidding. We drove to Tarangire NP, going by Masaai villagers in their traditional attire, red or blue robes, heads shaved. Once in the park we learnt how to flip the top and stand in/on our seats to see the extraordinary spectacle of wildlife that unfolded on the African savannah before us------buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, impalas, dikdik, antelopes, termite mounds taller than me, kingfishers, cranes, eagles, a leopard in a tree( one of the Big Five). Lunch tasted delicious served jeep-side, then came torrential rain which did a number on the already bumpy road. We headed out of the NP towards Nrongoro going by Lake Manyara, the Great Rift Valley to Panorama Lodge with a view of the lake for the night in pre-installed individual tents. Our cook Peter served up a hot dinner, a Masaai troupe danced to drumming and it was time for bed, a night with animal sounds around the tent that took some getting used to. DAY 2 we drove to a Masaai village in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, to the edge of the Crater for a breathtaking view of the floor, then onwards to Serengeti NP after pulling over for a jeep-side lunch. Lions lazed along the way, the few males even lazier, the cubs frolicsome, cheetahs sunning on rocks. We reached Taj Lodge by evening, had shared rooms, took in the sunset and a hot dinner. DAY 3 breakfast was skipped to view dawn over the Serengeti, endless sky, reminded me of Montana except this was equatorial! Zebra flocks, elephant herds, buffalo, lions, a variety of antelopes, beautiful birds were everywhere. Hippos monopolized many pools which stank to high heaven. After late breakfast we headed out the way we had come in for the long drive to Ngorongoro reaching a camp. After dinner we put up our own tents and retired for the night, surrounded by animal sounds such as grazing outside the tent. DAY 4 was an early breakfast and start towards the Ngorongoro Crater, up the rim, a view with clouds below, then descending inside the crater thru the mist, a half km sheer drop to the crater bed with a lake. Baboons, rhinos with two horns, wildebeest herds, buffaloes stalked by lions, lions retreating to confronting buffaloes, lions walking alongside our jeep, flamingoes on the lake, an endless parade of wildlife all around. By afternoon we ascended the crater and got to the Panorama Lodge for dinner, African dance show again and a night in individual pre-installed tents. DAY 5 after breakfast we headed into Lake Manyara NP, bounded on one side by the Great Rift Valley ridge, saw even more wildlife including elephant herds, baboons, monkeys, many birds before lunch at the lodge and return by the evening to Arusha town and our respective hotels. Bryson had been incredibly knowledgaebale about wildlife, had a keen eye for spotting animals we missed even though he was driving; he had given us an unforgettanble safari. DAY 6 for me was a guided tour by Lucas Mollel and Seth Msechu of Arusha town with a visit to a private African art gallery and tanzanite store that was better than most museums in the world. We then went to Mt Meru, a sister to Mt Kilimanjaro, hiked to a beautiful falls, and returned to town for a delicious late lunch. In the evening the same Seth Msechu who had picked me up on arrival dropped me off at Kilimanjaro airport and I took the KLM flight back to Amsterdam en route to the USA. It had been an outstanding safari trip to Tanzania that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to others. Can't go wrong with Ms Latipher Kondo with Moraka Africa Safaris.
The only thing I would suggest readers is that there are little creature comforts one could shop for or asceratin beforehand, such as precise hotel quality details( there is a huge variation), jeep vehicle age/quality( for the unpaved roads), accommodation features in the field( lodge or camp, shared, room or tent, bed or sleeping bag, wifi location). But for a safari experience these are minor considerations in my opinion and may come at a higher price.
In terms of gear hats that do not fly off, warm clothes for a night or two, a handy towel, a small soap, insect repellant, ?snacks/bars, binoculars definitely, a camera with zoom ability would be good to bring along.
I was very glad I went. Thank you to all who made it possible!

Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Posted on Dec 31, 2020

I am so delighted to have all these compliments for me and my colleagues and I am really happy and glad we were able to make you have a good experience in Tanzania. Please visit once again and we shall be glad to operate your safari.

Mauro Zeltzer   –  
Brazil BR
Visited: December 2020 Reviewed: Dec 4, 2020

Email Mauro Zeltzer  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari


To be true, I have to say that we had a bad starting, with some misunderstanding on time of meeting at my hotel to set-up and finalize booking, but that was corrected with someone from the agency meeting me at another place of my choosing and even got a lift back to my hotel.

The rest went very smooth and to my liking.

I was picked-up from my hotel in time and we went in a group of only four tourists to the Tarangire Park.

The guide had more than ten years of experience in safaris and spoke very good English.

We had a slow start regarding animals inside the park, with packs of wild boars with their new born and some impalas, but with effort from the driver/guide we were able to see lots of elephant groups also taking care of some babies, feeding of the small plants, drinking water and even maybe two male brothers playing with each other in a pond and a good number of giraffes.

After a lot of searching we where able to see from a distance two lions taking a nap at the side of the Tarangire river, water bucks, one baboon, African buffalos and one zebra.

Lunch was adequate with options for vegetarians.

Being my first chance to see those animal out of a zoo cage or confined areas it was a wonderful experience and led to book another tour with the same agency for tomorrow. Now I am back at the hotel. Tired but very happy to write of one or two items on my bucket list.

Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Posted on Dec 31, 2020

I am glad we had a great ending with Mr. Mauro despite the misunderstanding caused by a a few emergencies, we were able to solve everything well and make your safari dream come true. We shall be so honored to have you as our client and visit the rest of the parks.

Sylwester   –  
Poland PL
Visited: September 2020 Reviewed: Oct 7, 2020

Email Sylwester  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Great experience and extremely helpful people

I went for 4 days safari with Moraka and it was a great choice. Everything was organized perfectly and contact with Lathiper was extraordinary. Game drive was amazing, I had high expectations but it was way better than I expected.
Lathiper also organized Kili hike for me which was as good as the safari.
Moreover she help me with many other things like bus tickets, sim card etc.
People from Moraka were extremaly helpful and they were willing to help even once the safari I hike were over. Highly recommend this company!

Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Posted on Dec 31, 2020

It has been such a great honor to have you as our client Sylwester. You happened to recommend our company to most of your friends and they also happened to have a very great time in Tanzania which is so overwhelming. I am very thankful for that.

Marcela and Mathieu   –  
Brazil BR
Visited: August 2020 Reviewed: Aug 27, 2020

Email Marcela and Mathieu  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Amazing experience and customer care

My fiance and I went on a 5-day budget safari tour with Moraka Africa Safaris and everything went perfectly. Even if the whole organization of the safari was last minute for us, Latipher was extremely patient and attentive and followed us from the beginning to the end of the trip, always making sure that everything was great. Due to the smaller number of tourists in that period, the agency was able to negotiate so that we slept in lodges instead of tents 3 of the 4 nights of the trip, which was a very pleasant surprise. They also organized a surprise birthday cake for me and gave us a bottle of local wine, which was very kind too. Our guide, Freddie, is super careful and attentive, and our cook, Abdullah, makes magic in the kitchen. The meals (always hot) were really delicious and generous. Regarding to the national parks (we did Tarangeri, Serengetti, Ngorongoro and Manyara), they are just wonderful. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. Thank you a lot for everything!

Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Reply from Moraka Africa Safaris
Posted on Dec 31, 2020

So much honor to have Marcela and her boyfriend. We are glad you both had a great time and enjoyed every moment you had with us.

Esra   –  
Turkey TR
Visited: October 2019 Reviewed: Aug 22, 2020

Email Esra  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Amazing Experience!

What an incredible experience! The professionalism of our Guides was world-class. The food was great, and the guides were friendly and conversational. Highly recommend!

Rahma Sayeed   –  
Tanzania TZ
Visited: July 2020 Reviewed: Aug 18, 2020

Email Rahma Sayeed  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Memorable holiday

Perfect Perfect Safari!
Morals Africa Safaris has the best guides for safari. Everything was execellent i will definetly use them again.

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