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Very beautiful. Nice that it was allowed to drive off road. It made the game drive more authentic.

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You could drive right up to the animals and we saw a lot of them!!

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Same as above , same area. Same facilities

A beautiful reserve with an amazing wildlife
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We really enjoyed our safari at Sabi Sands. First of all, in only two days, we managed to see the Big Five, plus a variety of other animals (antelopes, giraffes, hyenas, zebras, hippopotamus). The weather was nice, dry, a bit cold in the morning and night as it is supposed to be at this period of the year (winter). We stayed at Umkumbe Lodge, a human sized, owner run lodge, which really makes you feel at ease. Guides and staff were helpful and friendly, dinners around the camp fire were excellent and the sundowners in the middle of nowhere are a must. The situation along the Sand river allows you to watch the wildlife coming to the river just from your room.

Raveged by drought
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I booked a Sabi Camp for my photography tour I was leading, as I had heard Sabi Sands was the best place in the Kruger area. I bet it is when not ravaged by drought. There was very little to eat for the grazing animals so many had left, the predators were doing well off animals dying from drought. Our camp was only permitted in a small portion of Sabi Sands and I'm guessing there were better areas in the reserve. Although we had some great sightings my photo tour guests and I, chose to spend extra time in Kruger where the Sabi River was still flowing. I will return to Sabi Sands and hopefully next time it will live up to it's great reputation.

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The best experience ever. We were lucky enough to see a lot and found our rangers and tracker very competent

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We saw just about everything that could be seen by daylight: lions and leopards (almost daily), Africa wild dogs, spotted hyenas and their young, elephant herds, giraffes, rhinos, Cape buffalo, tortoises, hippos, giant land snails, dung beetles, baboons, vervet monkeys, half a dozen kinds of antelope, and birds galore. Only one crocodile because the river was dry. No cheetahs, which are less common there and difficult to spot because of the tree density.

Our &Beyond guides from Kirkman's Kamp were incredibly knowledgeable. They knew the mammals, birds, insects, plants. When they found out we were more interested in insects, plants and soil/geology than the average safari-goer, they made sure to point out more of these features and give us opportunities to discover.

It rained one of six game drives. The safari vehicles are open, so raincoats and ponchos were a must. Some people in our group opted not to go out, but we went and didn't regret it. The rains brought African wild dogs, and the rain was not cold so it wasn't too uncomfortable.

The other days were hot and dry (we went in March, late summer, in a drought year). That meant few mosquitos. We forgot about the heat when we were watching animals, and when the vehicles were moving we had a breeze.

In the private reserves, it's permitted to be out on game drives after dark. We did not do any specifically night drives, but drove back at dusk/nightfall on our afternoon safaris. We saw nightjars, the Southern constellations and a few other things.

Staying in a private reserve afforded us the opportunity to go off-road in appropriate conditions and meant few encounters with other safari vehicles. Because of this, we got closer/better viewing of lions, leopards, elephants and rhinos than we might have otherwise.

Diverse and abundant wildlife with guides and trackers who go above and beyond.
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I stayed at the Idube Lodge and the staff was very friendly especially the ladies in the kitchen. The local staff was very quick to offer up smiles and say hello and even lend a hand with greetings in local languages.....more than one! The game drives and access to the Sabi Sand were the shining star in my experience here. (I managed to poison myself by spraying the "Sleep Ease" bugspray in my room with the doors closed....not advised!). However, I got very,very lucky where I had a vehicle all to myself on one drive........Also quite unique was my guide, Promise, a local, whom I was told by a driver is a Prince in his tribe.....can't get much luckier than that! This was an unforgettable experience!

Sabi Sands Is Everything You Want For A Honeymoon Safari
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My husband and I decided to take a six day trip to Sabi Sands Game Reserve for our honeymoon. We stayed at andBeyond Exeter River Lodge. It's one of the many five-star lodges that share Sabi Sands Game Reserve. First, the reserve and Kruger National Park do not share a fence. Therefore, all the animals migrate from Kruger to Sabi Sands and back. This allows for some amazing viewing. We saw all the big five, more than one. Yes, Lions, Leopards (even leopard cubs!), African Buffalo, Elephants, and Rhinos. Because we were on a private reserve, we did not have to deal with traffic from normal cars. We took two drives everyday, once in the early morning and one in the afternoon to sunset. All he drives are conducted in open large green jeeps with a professional tracker and a knowledgeable ranger. They share information on the location of animals with all the rangers so no matter where you are, you can see the animal you came to see!

What I also loved, is that the animals are very use to the green jeeps. Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Wildebeest, Buffalo, they will all come very close to the jeep. That gives for an amazingly spiritual experience and if you are a photographer, great photos. You can even take private drives. The Bush itself if beautiful. You rarely see another jeep unless on the main road and you can enjoy the silence of nature. The rangers and trackers know exactly where to place the jeep for optimal viewing.

The animals! What can I say about the animals. They are beautiful. People often come to see the "Big Five" but end up falling in love with all the animals in the Bush. There were a few bird watchers on the safari and they also saw tons of birds. Especially migration birds. I even saw an owl! The rangers also made sure to conduct all business in a way that was not harmful to the animals. Their love for nature was clear. It made me confident I was "doing no harm" to the best of our ability!

The particular place we stayed at andBeyond Exeter River Lodge was a dream come true. We had a personal butler, Positive, who made us feel like family. Our Ranger, Mark, and Tracker, Chris, were true professionals. Knowledgeable in every way. Because our lodge did not have a fence, I often spent lunch and breakfast watching herd of elephants drink water from the river in front of us and antelope play. We had a few run ins with monkeys, but they were even a joy! In our room, we had a private plunge pool and I spent hours watching birds, drinking gin and tonics, and looking at the wildlife in front of me. It was an absolutely wonderful experience that I feel could not be replicated anywhere else.

Arid bush landscape with good mammal sightings
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The wildlife in Sabi Sands was great with good views of several leopards and lions, many elephants, spotted hyena and white rhino and even a couple of black rhino during our two night stay. Highlight was a pack of wild dogs that had just killed an impala and watching a group of spotted hyena at their den. A nice black mamba showed well besides the car on one of our game drives and the bird life around the lodge (Nkorho Bush Lodge) was very good. Just in the bush there were fewer birds than expected.
The lodge itself was very nicely situated with very comfortable rooms and very friendly guides and staff. The game drives were well organized and the guides knew their wildlife well. The guides also always put the wildlife first which was very positive, but still did all they could to allow for good close sightings and for taking photographs without causing the animals any disturbance.
The weather was a mix of sun, cloud and some rain but the temperatures remained mild.
The cars during the drive could seat 10 people, but we were never more than 7 which was very comfortable. It did rain a couple of times, and it was a little disappointing that the cars did not have a roof. We were nevertheless supplied with rain protection, but with heavy rain it was necessary to return to the lodge.
During both morning and evening drives it was relatively cold, mainly due to the strong wind. Both a Jumper and jacket were usually necessary, at least for me.
Food was OK although that would not be a reason to return. Everything else would be a reason to return though.

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