Birds – Sabi Sands

With more than 300 bird species on its list, Sabi Sands is a great birding destination. Guides tend to be very knowledgeable about birds and everything else. The combination of walking and driving safaris in the private reserves is also very suitable to birding. The emphasis in Sabi Sands is, however, on mammals and the Big Five. It would be advisable to book your private game drives if you are a birder. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable Birds in Sabi Sands
Black-bellied bustard
Burchell's coucal
Common migrant
Comb duck
Red-billed oxpecker

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Birding Specials Treats for Avid Birders

  • African black duck
  • African crake
  • African emerald cuckoo
  • African finfoot
  • African hawk eagle
  • Black-crowned night heron
  • Coqui francolin
  • Croaking cisticola
  • Dwarf bittern
  • Eastern black-headed oriole
  • Gabar goshawk
  • Grey cuckoo-shrike
  • Half-collared kingfisher
  • Mosque swallow
  • Purple heron
  • Senegal lapwing
  • Shelley’s francolin
  • Shikra
  • Thick-billed cuckoo
  • Verreaux’s eagle owl
  • White-backed night heron

Best Time for Bird Watching

Bird watching is good year-round in Sabi Sands, although at its best from November to April when the migratory birds from Europe and north Africa are present. Wildlife viewing, in general, is best when the climate is dry – during the months of June through September.

Best Parks for Birding Including Birding Rating

Kruger is great for general birding, while Mkhuze is a real birding hotspot, offering almost as many species in a much smaller area with an incredible number of specials. The dry Kgalagadi is known for its raptors.

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Birds in Sabi Sands
Bird Species
Migratory Birds
Nov to Apr