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With over 250 species recorded, Shamwari is an excellent birding destination. However, as in many private reserves, birding tends to be overlooked with checking off flagship species like the Big Five being the main emphasis. Sharing game drives with other people that might not share a birding interest could be frustrating. In that case, it is advisable to book private wildlife drives. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable Birds in Shamwari
Crowned lapwing
Lesser striped swallow
Martial eagle
Namaqua dove
Pied kingfisher

Birding Rating

Birding Specials Treats for Avid Birders

(E) = endemic to South Africa & (NE) = near-endemic to South Africa

  • African darter
  • African fish eagle
  • African spoonbill
  • Black bustard (E)
  • Black harrier
  • Black-shouldered kite
  • Bokmakierie
  • Booted eagle
  • Cape starling
  • Cape weaver
  • Familiar chat
  • Karoo scrub robin (NE)
  • Knysna woodpecker (E)
  • Malachite kingfisher
  • Pale chanting goshawk
  • Red-billed oxpecker
  • Secretary bird
  • Sombre greenbul
  • South African shelduck
  • Southern anteater chat

Best Time for Bird Watching

Bird watching is good throughout the year, but at its best from November to April, when the migrants from north Africa and Europe are present. The drier months, June to September, are best for viewing wildlife.

Best Parks for Birding Including Birding Rating

Kruger is great for general birding, while Mkhuze is a real birding hotspot, offering almost as many species in a much smaller area with an incredible number of specials. The dry Kgalagadi is known for its raptors.

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Birds in Shamwari GR
Bird Species
Migratory Birds
Nov to Apr