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Chobe Luxury Safari Tours

4.5/5  –  211 Chobe Reviews

Chobe National Park is one of the country’s top destinations for a luxury safari. For a start, Chobe has a rich and diverse wildlife offering, all set against the backdrop of picturesque wildlife habitats. Add to this a first-class portfolio of luxury accommodation all across the park, and a location that makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the world. The only question that arises is why more people don’t know about it as one of southern Africa’s most rewarding luxury safari and wildlife-viewing destinations.

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1-20 of 57 luxury tours, packages and holidays to Chobe National Park

6 Questions About Chobe Luxury Safari Tours


6 Questions About Chobe Luxury Safari Tours

Answered by Anthony Ham

Why should I choose Chobe for a luxury trip?

“Few safari destinations in southern Africa can combine the feeling of remoteness and high levels of luxury with the convenience of being so easily accessible, but Chobe does. Chobe begins close to the outskirts of Kasane, which has daily flights from Johannesburg. Despite being so close to an important provincial town, Chobe’s luxury safari camps and tours make you feel as though you’ve stumbled upon a remote African paradise. The Chobe Riverfront is one of the most unusual wildlife-viewing experiences in Africa. Boat safaris (using the region’s most comfortable boats) are every bit as good as those in a 4x4 on land. And the Savuti region of the park is considered to be one of Africa’s wildest corners. Best of all, luxury operators usually employ the best guides. Some of the world’s largest elephants, and Botswana’s largest elephant herds, share the park with a full suite of megafauna. This includes some of the most ferocious lions in Africa. And at day’s end, you’ll return to your room or tent and find yourself surrounded by supreme levels of comfort at every turn.”


What is included in a Chobe luxury safari?

“In most cases, your Chobe luxury safari will be all-inclusive. All meals, snacks and drinks (all but top-shelf champagnes and spirits), most transport, activities such as game drives, and, of course, your accommodation should be included. Possible extras that you may not be aware of could include the transfer from Kasane to the lodge or tented camp where you’re staying. Some of the lodges are accessible only by small plane, which is not always included in the quoted prices. Tips (gratuities) for camp, lodge or safari staff, and additional activities such as massages and spa treatments may also be extra. Most operators will spell out what’s included and what’s not. Always ask if you’re unsure. It’s also worth remembering that, unless you’ve made a special request and have paid extra for it, your safari package won’t usually include a private guide and vehicle. Instead, you’ll be sharing with other travelers. All of that said, most travelers find that all-inclusive rates do indeed cover all, or at the very least most, of what they expect from a luxury safari.”


How long do I need in Chobe?

“If Chobe is the only destination that you plan to visit on your trip, and perhaps even if it’s not, a week would be a minimum. This will allow you to split your time evenly between the two very different areas of the park. Chobe Riverfront is busy but beautiful with its hues of green and blue, and a seemingly endless show being put on by the wildlife along the riverbank. Savuti, on the other hand, is wild and barren and stalked by lions and leopards immortalized in many a National Geographic wildlife documentary. Three days in each is a bare minimum with a spare day for traveling between them (although if you fly you can be there in an hour). This allows you to also build in time for relaxing in camp and not feel as if your holiday involves rushing from one place to the next. And by combining the two, you’ll get a taste for both the daily drama that is wild Africa, and the range of habitats where it all happens. ”


How does a typical day on a Chobe luxury safari unfold?

“The recurring theme on any day while on a Chobe luxury safari is attention to detail by safari staff, a gorgeous location, and a beautifully designed room or tent and public areas. On most luxury safaris, the quality and variety of the food is sure to be a highlight. Some breakfasts or dinners can be taken in the bush. Staff will have spent hours setting up a gourmet feast, surrounded by attentive waiters, lights strung up in the trees and chef-prepared dishes. Most days on a luxury safari begin with a gentle African voice waking you before dawn. A steaming pot of tea or coffee follow as you ready yourself for a departure from camp with the day still little more than a distant glow on the horizon. After the morning game drive, you’ll return to camp for a more substantial breakfast or morning tea. From then until mid-afternoon, the day is yours to enjoy in camp, whether by the pool, on your deck admiring the view, or chatting with camp staff. Then again, you might just want to admire your luxurious surrounds from your bed. Lunch is the only activity you’re expected to attend during the heat of the day. Mid-afternoon brings a generous afternoon tea, then another drive to see what Chobe’s wildlife has planned for you. At sunset, enjoy the sundowner (drink) of your choice from some beautiful vantage point out on the trail. Then return to camp for dinner, a campfire and, on some nights, a night drive to see what weird-and-wonderful creatures you can spotlight in the dark.”


What type of accommodation can I expect?

“Accommodation on a Chobe luxury safari usually falls into two categories: the tented camp and the safari lodge. The lodge is like a hotel transplanted into a beautiful corner of wild Africa, usually with decoration that is unmistakably and evocatively African. The tented camp is the ultimate in glamping. It dates back to the safari camps of old, with canvas floor, roof and walls, set atop a low, elevated platform. The tent is large enough to contain a large bed or two singles, a bathroom, a shower (sometimes outdoors), a wooden trunk, a writing desk, throw rugs, space to hang your clothes, and an open deck out front. In a tented camp, your nearest neighbor might be a few meters away or invisible through the trees. But there won’t be many of them and you’re more likely to hear an elephant browsing nearby or a lion roaring to her pride in the night.”


How much will this safari cost?

“Here in Chobe, an upper limit would be around US$870 per person per day. If you’re traveling alone, it may cost more than that. The cost of the single supplement is rarely less than 75% of the price for two people traveling together. Packages do vary greatly for Chobe luxury safaris, but as a general guide, prices in Botswana are generally higher than elsewhere in Africa. Partly that has to do with the remoteness of much of the accommodation, as costs for supplying the more remote lodges and camps are sky-high. It’s also because Chobe, as elsewhere in Botswana, has some of the most luxurious and most exclusive safari possibilities anywhere on the continent. It is, of course, possible to enjoy a luxury Chobe safari for less, although the more you pay, the more likely you are to be staying somewhere that is not only supremely comfortable but also has plenty of the wow factor.”


Chobe Reviews

4.5/5 211 Reviews
Mark Eveleigh  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mark is a travel writer who grew up in Africa and has written over 700 titles for Condé Nast Traveller, Travel Africa, BBC Wildlife and others.

Spectacular landscapes, wonderful wildlife sightings and the 'gnarliest' elephants in Africa

We had been almost a month on a self-drive safari in Botswana and had had stunning wildlife sightings. The country had - once again - surpassed all expectations but we had one last aim. To see wild dogs would be the icing on the cake and we...

Full Review

James Bainbridge  –  
United Kingdom UK

James is a travel writer and author of many Lonely Planet guides, including senior author of the guide to South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Green plains covered with wildlife

For even the oldest safari hands, arriving at the Chobe riverfront is a 'wow' moment. Herds of elephant cross the placid waters, giraffes munch riverside trees and, stretching out towards the horizon and the Namibian border, zebras,...

Full Review

Chris  –  
United Kingdom UK
Reviewed: Jul 11, 2020
Paradise on Earth

Myself and wife did a self drive in Chobe National Park beginning of May 2018. Oh my god! I've never experienced anything like it. We saw so many beautiful animals and it felt untouched. The highlight was getting stuck between a hunting...

Full Review

Doug  –  
Canada CA
Reviewed: Nov 4, 2019
Second time in Chobe, amazing

We came to Chobe three years ago, in May. Saw very little, but still enjoyed ourselves. This time, hundreds of elephants, breeding herds of buffalo, hippo, croc, sable, lechwe, puku, tsebee and more. Some lions right by the side of the...

Full Review

Daniel Seco  –  
Spain ES
Reviewed: Aug 24, 2019

The main reason is the famous one: there are more elephants here than anywhere in the world and you can see hundreds perhaps thousands at the same time. We saw a few of everything else too. our cook did good food, very private spaces to...

Full Review

denysdo  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Jul 18, 2019
Excellent wildlife density

Chobe National Park is one of the great natural reserves of Africa. It is a rather arid environment kept alive by the Chobe River which helps to concentrate wildlife and permits excellent viewing of large and small animals. Elephants,...

Full Review