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Chobe Safari From Victoria Falls - Compare 73 Tours

Combining a Chobe National Park safari with a visit to Victoria Falls is an excellent idea. It means that you can easily experience two vastly different world-class attractions on one trip: the extraordinary spectacle of Africa’s most dramatic waterfall along with exceptional wildlife viewing. More than that, they’re so close together it makes very good sense to do it. Chobe is a wonderful, multifaceted park with two incredible wildlife areas: the Chobe riverfront and Savuti, both of which are first-rate safari destinations in their own right. And whether you drive or fly between Victoria Falls (in western Zimbabwe) and Chobe (in Botswana), there’s lots to see as you travel between the two.

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5 Questions About Chobe Safaris From Victoria Falls


5 Questions About Chobe Safaris From Victoria Falls

Answered by Anthony Ham

Can I do a Chobe National Park safari from Victoria Falls?

“It’s possible to do a Chobe safari from Victoria Falls, and it’s quite a popular option because these are two of southern Africa’s most exciting attractions. This means you should have plenty of Victoria Falls and Chobe packages and tours to choose from. Victoria Falls is an extraordinary natural spectacle quite unlike anywhere else in Africa. Apart from the falls themselves, which are incredible to see, there are a whole range of activities to enjoy while you’re there. One thing that Victoria Falls doesn’t have a lot of is animals, so it makes sense to visit Chobe as an extension to your trip. Chobe is a massive park with lots of wildlife and two main areas to visit: Chobe riverfront is accessible from Kasane, while Savuti is a little farther into the park. To get between Victoria Falls and Chobe, you can either drive or fly.”


How much time do I need for a Chobe trip from Victoria Falls?

“There are many different ways to make this work. One is to drive from Victoria Falls to Chobe, which shouldn’t take longer than half a day (and will usually take a lot less), including the border crossing. If you’re just visiting Chobe riverfront and don’t have much time, you could do an afternoon game drive, stay overnight in the Chobe area, then go for an early morning game drive the next day, before returning to Vic Falls. This is certainly possible, if a little rushed. Adding an extra day would be a good idea to allow some time to relax and have more time to look for animals. If you add a visit to Savuti to your Chobe safari, I recommend an extra couple of days to really explore and make the most of this wild area. A further option is to fly from Vic Falls to Chobe and spend more time at a luxury camp deep in the park. All of these are good options, and the more time you have in Chobe the better.”


Which animals can I expect to see in Chobe?

“Chobe National Park is a fantastic place to see wildlife. It’s especially well known for its large herds of really big elephants: they’re impossible to miss, particularly at Chobe riverfront. Lions are also commonly seen, while leopards and cheetahs are possible but more elusive. At Chobe riverfront, there’s a good chance you’ll also see hippos and crocodiles, as well as buffalo, common waterbuck, impala and puku. You’ll see many of the same animals in Savuti, as well as spotted hyena, zebra and giraffe. Chobe is a fantastic place for birding as well, with more than 450 species recorded in the park. There’s a good chance you’ll see many of these if you stay for a few days. This is especially the case if you visit both Chobe riverfront and Savuti because you’ll get to see waterbirds along the river and arid-zone species across Savuti.”


How long is the drive from Victoria Falls to Chobe?

“By road, Victoria Falls is less than 100km/62mi from Kasane (the gateway town in Botswana for Chobe National Park). Although the international border crossing between Botswana and Zimbabwe can take a little time, the journey is still easily accomplished in a few hours. Most border crossings are completed quite quickly, but a wise tour operator will factor in extra time just in case. One of the best things about driving is that the Zimbabwean part of the journey will take you through Zambezi National Park. You can enjoy the possibility of seeing animals along the way and occasional views of the Zambezi River. The only reason to consider flying between the two destinations is if your time is limited and you’re flying directly into one of the luxury camps or lodges in the Savuti region (which is farther into the park).”


How much does a Chobe safari from Victoria Falls cost?

“It all depends on what kind of safari you choose: there are lots of different tours and packages to consider. If you go on a cheap and affordable budget camping safari, you can expect to pay around US$150 per person per day. This should include transfers in both directions, vehicle, guide, driver, accommodation (including camping equipment), food, some drinks and park entry fees. This could come down to as low as US$100 per person per day if your trip extends beyond a few days. At the luxury end of the market and for a safari that includes flight transfers, expect to pay US$400 to US$500 per person per day. But it could cost double or even more for top-of-the-range accommodation on a private safari in high season (July to October). However much you pay, always make sure you understand what’s included in the quoted price before handing over any money.”