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7-Day Kenya Safari Tours

4.6/5  –  995 Kenya Reviews

If you’re looking at booking a 7-day Kenya safari, you’re in for a treat. Kenya is a highly rewarding destination for an African safari. The ever-changing landscapes of Kenya’s parks and reserves teem with animals. The well-established tourism industry caters to all kinds of visitors, from budget-conscious backpackers to people looking for an all-inclusive fly-in safari. While wildlife is the main drawing card, visitors are always enchanted by the openness and warmth of the Kenyan people. The country is home to a melting pot of cultures. The traditional Maasai of the interior have little in common with the Swahili coastal inhabitants, but you’ll find that all the people go out of their way to make your stay memorable.

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6 Questions About 7-Day Kenya Safaris


6 Questions About 7-Day Kenya Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Is 7 days enough time for a safari in Kenya?

“You can see plenty on a 1-week safari in Kenya. How long you should spend on safari depends on your priorities. I would say that longer is always better. There are a lot of parks and reserves in Kenya, and you probably won’t be able to visit all of them in one trip. So you’ll have to build a holiday around the number of days available. To make it a success, resist the temptation to cram too much into it. When comparing itineraries, don’t assume that those covering the most ground are better or give you more for your money. On the contrary, I would recommend spending more quality time in a few places, rather than driving or flying around too much. If you move lodge every day, a lot of your wildlife viewing will be done en route, which is seldom as productive as going on a dedicated game drive.”


How much does a 7-day safari in Kenya cost?

“You can expect a starting price of US$750 per person for a 7-day shared camping tour, going up to at least US$1500 per person for a mid-range private tour. The sky is the limit for luxury tours, but they start at around US$2000 per person. Keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that determine the cost of a safari in Kenya. The most budget-friendly option is to join a group camping tour. These are a lot of fun and you get to stay inside some of Africa’s best parks and reserves for a fraction of the price of a lodge safari. There are, however, some lovely accommodation options to choose from, and staying in safari lodges can be part of the experience. There are lodges in different price brackets offering varying levels of luxury and comfort. Most popular is mid-range accommodation at competitive prices. At the higher end of the scale are fly-in safaris, where you get flown between destinations in small aircraft. Not only does this save you from wasting valuable time in transit, but it also gives you a chance to get an eagle-eye perspective on the beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re going for a mid-range or luxury tour, you should consider traveling out of high season. You’ll probably get a better deal at this time, the scenery is lusher and the parks are less busy. Be warned, though, that the low season corresponds with the rains, and animal spotting might be more difficult. Once you’ve narrowed down your priorities, get a few quotes before making a final decision.”


What are the options to extend my 7-day safari in Kenya?

“There are several options to extend a 7-day safari in Kenya. While wildlife viewing on the open savannah might be your main incentive to come to Kenya, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to extend your time in the region. You’ll probably fly into Nairobi to start your safari from there. This is, in fact, one of Africa’s main transport hubs, and many of East Africa’s other highlights are just a short plane hop away. A very popular add-on is a gorilla trek in Rwanda. Looking one of our closest relatives in the eye is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These gentle giants live in Volcanoes National Park in the Virunga Mountains. Other activities on offer here include volcano hikes, golden monkey tracking and a caving expedition. Serious hikers might want to bag a peak before heading back home. The main contenders are Mt Kenya, Africa’s second-highest mountain, or Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa’s highest mountain. Although less known, the stunningly scenic Mt Kenya is arguably the most challenging of the two and is definitely less crowded. If you’re in need of some relaxation, you can head to Kenya’s beautiful coastline or Zanzibar in neighboring Tanzania. Both have many beach resorts and smaller boutique hotels to choose from. Alternatively, to really get away from it all, you can fly to Mauritius or the Seychelles for pure island bliss.”


Where should I go on a 7-day safari in Kenya?

“As there are so many amazing parks and reserves in Kenya, you might have a difficult time deciding where to go on a 7-day safari. The good news is that you can’t go far wrong. You’ll have a great time wherever you choose to go. Most well-known is the Masai Mara National Reserve. The wildlife viewing is superb and if you time your visit well, you have a chance of seeing the great migration. To get away from the crowds, consider staying in the exclusive Mara North Conservancy. Also not to be missed is Amboseli National Park. You can see most African megafauna here, but it’s the elephants that really steal the show. Lone bulls carrying impressive tusks and big breeding herds can be seen on their daily traverse over dusty plains to the swamps. On a clear day, you’ll catch them in front of Mt Kilimanjaro for that perfect photo. Another favorite is Lake Nakuru National Park, a convenient stop en route to the Masai Mara NR. Not only is the park teeming with wildlife, most notably rhinos and tree-climbing lions, it also protects a large Rift Valley lake and big flocks of flamingos, pelicans and other aquatic birds. An off-the-beaten-track option, feasible on a 7-day safari, is to head to Kenya’s arid north. The twin national reserves of Samburu and Buffalo Springs offer great viewing of elephant and leopard, as well as many dry-country animals not found further south, such as Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and gerenuk.”


What is the best time of the year for a 7-day safari in Kenya?

“The best time of the year for a safari in Kenya is the Dry season, from late June to October. At this time animals are attracted to remaining water sources and are therefore easier to find. Having said that, wildlife viewing is quite good throughout the year. Traveling in the Wet season, from November to March, has its benefits too. It’s a beautiful time of the year, when everything is green and lush, and the air is free of dust. Furthermore, the parks and reserves are less busy at this time and you might be able to take advantage of low-season specials. April and May are the wettest months, and best avoided. Indeed, some safari lodges close over this period. For a chance to see the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara NR, you need to time your visit carefully. The herds cross from Tanzania into the Mara sometime in September and they leave the area in October. The exact timing varies every year as the wildebeest follow the rains.”


Which animals can I expect to see on a 7-day safari in Kenya?

“You’ll be able to see many different species on a 7-day safari in Kenya. The variety of wildlife in Kenya is just phenomenal. You’ll probably have a bucket list with all the usual suspects including the Big Five. You’ll see most, if not all, of them as well as many other animals you didn’t even know about. Exactly which animals you’re likely to see depends on where you go. Even then, animals move around, and every day is different. There are no guaranteed sightings. Many parks and reserves in Kenya offer a good chance to see elephant, buffalo, zebra and giraffe. Some of the parks are great for big cats too. The Masai Mara NR is considered the best for this. To see rhino, either go to Lake Nakuru NP or one of the reserves on the Laikipia Plateau. Wildlife densities are lower in Tsavo East and West National Parks, but this vast wilderness area is home to the Big Five. Here you have a chance to see localized dry-country specials, such as the endangered fringe-eared oryx. ”


Kenya Reviews

4.6/5 995 Reviews
Brian Jackman  –  
United Kingdom UK

Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa.

Africa for Beginners

Kenya is so easy to get to - just eight hours away by air from London. Fly overnight and you can be in the bush in good time for lunch. Even before you arrive in Nairobi you can see giraffes wandering under the flight path in the city’s...

Full Review

Kim Wildman  –  
Australia AU

Kim is a travel writer who authored and updated over 15 guidebooks, including Lonely Planet's South Africa and Bradt's Tanzania guides.

Out of Africa

It’s a cliché I know, but you can’t get more Out of Africa than Kenya. The setting for the Karen Blixon’s 1937 novel of the same name - made even more famous by a certain Academy Awarding winning Hollywood movie starring Robert...

Full Review

Tobias  –  
Germany DE
Reviewed: Dec 8, 2022
Fantastic National Parks - a one in a lifetime experience!

I went to Masai Mara (3 days / 2 nights) and the wildlife and natural scenery is simply amazing! I can warmly recommend Masai Mara to everyone. Some of our group just stayed one night, but this was too short as you cannot drive deep in the...

Full Review

Richard M Rubin  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Dec 7, 2022
Kenya has a mild climate (in October), complex and varied wildlife and engaging, helpful people.

My brother Musa and I, both septuagenarians, had an 11-day tour that included the Samburu and Masai Mara National Reserves, the Amboseli National Park, the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, and the Lakes Nakuru and Naivasha. The Mufasa Tours...

Full Review

Miles  –  
Canada CA
Reviewed: Dec 7, 2022
Beautiful country with abundant wildlife, and cities with large wealth disparities.

Kenya is a must-travel destination if you enjoy wildlife tourism. Masai Mara is an expansive, well managed safari, with an abundance of fauna, though tour operators vary in their knowledge of details about the animals. The roads are...

Full Review

Cameron Clarke  –  
Australia AU
Reviewed: Dec 6, 2022
'Budget' felt like luxury

We had a fantastic 4 day safari in Masai Mara. There was no shortage of wildlife - elephants, rhino, giraffe, leopards, zebra, lions, antelope, gazelle, hippos... And we were able to get quite close, too, for some great shots. I definitely...

Full Review