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Namibia Luxury Safari Tours

4.6/5  –  194 Namibia Reviews

Dreaming of a Namibia luxury safari? The country's big open spaces seem custom-made for the kind of exclusive, deep-wilderness experience most travelers think of when imagining such a holiday. The country has an extraordinary breadth of landscapes, terrific wildlife-viewing possibilities and an experienced safari industry. Although there are exceptions, many of Namibia’s luxury lodges and tented camps inhabit some of the most beautiful country in Africa. With very few visitors nearby, there’s often a real sense of having discovered your own private corner of the continent.

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6 Questions About Namibia Luxury Safaris


6 Questions About Namibia Luxury Safaris

Answered by Anthony Ham

Why should I choose Namibia?

“Namibia is perfect for a luxury safari because it is home to some of Africa’s most spectacular landscapes and best wildlife experiences. It also has one of Africa’s fastest-growing safari industries, with fabulous new tented camps and lodges being added to the country’s luxury portfolio every year. The rich wildlife of Etosha and elsewhere combine with landscapes of real beauty. This includes deep canyons in the south, rugged mountains in Damaraland and soulful seas of sand all along the Skeleton Coast and beyond. At the luxury end of the market you’ll find the operators, lodges and tented camps that truly take advantage of the remoteness. There’s practically nowhere that a Namibia luxury safari can’t reach and there may well be occasions when your nearest neighbors are 50km/31mi or even 100km/62mi distant. If this is your first time on safari or your first trip to Africa, Namibia has another advantage. Often described as Africa for beginners, Namibia is a safe travel destination, and one with a highly professional safari industry.”


What is included in a safari package?

“Almost all Namibia luxury tours offer all-inclusive rates. ‘All-inclusive’ usually means that most of your transport will be covered from your safari’s starting point, as well as all meals, most activities and your accommodation. However, you should always quiz any safari operator about what is and is not included in your price. In some cases, particularly in the country’s northwest, remote lodges or tented camps are accessible only by small plane. Check with your operator whether air transfers to these lodges are included. Additional activities such as some spa treatments, balloon rides and scenic flights, are usually extra. It may also surprise you to learn that you will not have your own private guide or safari vehicle but will be sharing with other travelers. You will need to pay extra to have the vehicle and guide to yourself. Check also whether park or conservancy fees are included in what you’ve paid – they should be. However, tips for guides and other safari staff are always extra.”


Apart from Etosha what other parks can I visit?

“In the north, there’s Damaraland, with its desert-adapted lions, rhinos and elephants, as well as Himba villages. There’s also the remote charm of Khaudum National Park and the parks of the Zambezi Region (formerly known as the Caprivi Strip). In the country’s east, there are numerous opportunities to spend time among the San people. The coast is lined with sand dunes, shipwrecks and extraordinary scenery. North of Windhoek, Erindi Private Game Reserve and Okonjima are two brilliant, privately run wildlife reserves. There’s stirring rock art at Twyfelfontein and Brandberg. Further south, Sossusvlei is a classic example of Namib Desert sand-dune scenery. Swakopmund is one of the adventure capitals of southern Africa and Fish River Canyon is often described as the ‘Grand Canyon of Africa’. With so much to see and experience, the question becomes what to leave out. The reason Etosha forms the centerpiece of most Namibia safaris is because it is one of Africa’s best parks with an extensive network of trails. It has excellent habitat for a full portfolio of wildlife and it’s especially good for lions, elephants and rhinos. There are numerous luxury lodges, tented camps and even a few private concessions where visitor numbers are restricted to those staying on site. If wildlife is your reason for visiting, Etosha is not to be missed. But there is so much more to Namibia than Etosha.”


Can you describe a typical day on a Namibia luxury safari?

“A day on safari begins before dawn with a wake-up call from a camp attendant who’ll most likely bring you tea or coffee and a small breakfast snack. Next is your morning game drive in the cool, crisp morning light that draws Africa’s animals out of hiding and into view. How long your drive lasts will depend on what the wildlife’s up to. If things are quiet, you may stop somewhere for a bush breakfast. You’ll probably be back in camp by mid-morning. Lunch somewhere in the shade occupies the middle of the day when the heat drives animals under cover and out of sight. This is the time to enjoy your luxury accommodation and other possibilities of camp life, such as a spa session, a massage, time in the pool or perhaps a long siesta. Afternoon tea, which is sometimes an impressive affair, sets you up nicely for the afternoon game drive when animals starts to stir. The sunset sundowner (a drink while the sun sets) is a near-sacred rite of safari life. And some form of night drive should introduce you to Africa’s nightlife. Dinner and post-meal relaxation around a campfire mark the usual end to the day.”


What type of accommodation can I expect?

“Lodges and tented camps are the mainstays of most luxury safari packages in Namibia. The former is, for the most part, a solid-walled structure with rooms, a hotel in the wild. If the thought of a lion roaring in the night not far away fills you with more fear than excitement, the lodge may well be your preferred accommodation. The tented camp, on the other hand, consists of large safari tents, usually on slightly elevated platforms, with canvas walls. These are tents like you’ve never imagined them before. They are spacious, often beautifully appointed and with attached bathrooms, showers, large beds, writing desks and usually an open deck at the front. The better tented camps space their tents nicely, ensuring that you’re more likely to listen to animals of the night than your neighbors. Some tented camps are mobile, moving with the seasons or even to follow your itinerary. In such cases, fittings and furnishings are necessarily less refined.”


What are the typical costs of a Namibia luxury safari?

“Generally, the per-person per-day price rarely exceeds US$640, although this assumes that you will be traveling on a twin-share basis. Solo or individual travelers usually pay a single supplement that equates to around 75% of the twin-share rate. The price of a Namibia luxury safari varies greatly, depending on the size of the group, the level of luxury in the accommodation, and the time of year when you wish to travel. You can, of course, pay less, sometimes significantly so, if you’re willing to travel at a time of less-than-optimal weather conditions, or don’t need the latest in luxury. How much of your travel within Namibia is by plane can also have a significant impact upon how much you pay.”


Namibia Reviews

4.6/5 194 Reviews
Emma Gregg  –  
United Kingdom UK

Emma is an award-winning travel writer for Rough Guides, National Geographic Traveller, Travel Africa magazine and The Independent.

A place to bond with the desert and marvel at the stars

It’s rare for travellers to return from Namibia with anything other than glowing praise. I’m always impressed by the spacious drama of its desert landscapes, where oryx pick their way over towering, apricot-coloured dunes or stare out...

Full Review

Mike Unwin  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mike is an award-winning wildlife writer, former editor of Travel Zambia magazine and author of the Bradt Guide to Southern African Wildlife.

Harsh beauty

Namibia breaks the mould. Its rugged rock and desert landscapes provide a quite different backdrop – and thus different visitor experience – from any other African safari destination. For many, the country’s attractions are as much...

Full Review

Aimme Mendez  –  
Spain ES
Reviewed: Mar 13, 2023
The best experience I ever had!

We never thought to find such an amazing country and wonderful people. We have been driving around the country and everywhere it was different landscape and things to discover. Either Etosha, the desert or the coast, everywhere is unique...

Full Review

Deeksha Rathi  –  
United Kingdom UK
Reviewed: Dec 21, 2022
Epic landscape and lovely people

We did an 11 day wildlife, dunes and canyons trip, booked by Indigo safaris and organised locally by Chameleon safaris. From the time we landed to the time we left, we saw amazing landscapes - it’s really a breathtaking variety of...

Full Review

Pedro A. E. Duarte  –  
Portugal PT
Reviewed: Nov 19, 2022
Namíbia Is the most civilized country and also one of the most beatifull from the ones i know.

Namibia is a country with very beautiful landscapes.
It is also a country with excellent natural parks where we can observe its abundant fauna and flora.
all this in a country with a very friendly, civilized and welcoming population.

Full Review

Pauline  –  
United States US
Reviewed: Oct 13, 2022

We choose to visit Southern Namibia including the Kalahari Desert, Fish River Canyon, Kolemanskop, Luderitz, the colossal dunes of Sossusvlei. Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe and Windhoek. Each destination offered great scenery, wildlife, beautiful...

Full Review