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I would like my friend to experience the great Africa travel because he had not been to Africa ever.
My tour guide, Elvis was always kind and taught us Namibian knowledge.
I thought my friend really enjoyed Africa because of Elvis's guide!
I really appreciate his kindness. Thank you.

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weather was extremely hot
accomodations very good
Guide excellent
Transportation we had car breakdown, we lost a day in getting new car rental from the provider
Our provider was wonderful

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Definitely Namibia was different from everything that I’ve seen in my life. Sossusvlei it’s where I took the best pictures, and it was effortlessly. I just grabbed my phone, pointed to a landscape and then I had an awesome pic that impressed everybody back home!
I went in January during summer but the weather was not a issue. Just make sure to have a pool in your accommodation place and it’ll be perfect.

Me and my Friend we were positively impressed.
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I can just recommend to anybody/everybody to go and do the same Trip as my Friend and I did. I know quite a number of countries in Africa but Namibia is one of the best one.
It was wonderful. If I have the time, I will come again.

Sumptuous Namibian Holiday
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We literally did not have to worry about a thing on our holiday to Namibia. Everything was seamlessly planned and executed. We loved our lodges and the Namibian guides. The tour company was extremely responsive, even hiring us a private charter flight when there was some confusion regarding activities promised in our itinerary. I would definitely recommend this tour company, as it made the trip completely stress free and permitted us to really enjoy what Namibia has to offer.

Wild Wind Safaris is truly amazing. Etosha Safaris is better compare to Kruger and Botswana!
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Excellent. The best compare to Botswana, Kruger or Motoba. Lots of wildlife and the park is what I perceive Africa Safari to be. It was supposed to be the beginning of Spring with rainfall, but our 3 days at Etosha had amazing weather and the bush has not grown too much to obstruct the view.

We used Wild Wind Safaris and cannot be happier. From the first phone call, to the arrangement, itinerary, transportation and the guide Rambo, all were truly amazing an highly recommended.

Very poorly organised; disappointing.
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Namibia, the people and the wildlife is great; but do NOT use Discovery tours. Different friends and family members have used them and they all say that their tour organisation stinks. I was a single female and on the return from Etosha with one of their drivers I frankly felt unsafe. He left me in the car at a truck stop for an hour with no explanation, was rude, played loud rap music very loud despite my complaints etc etc While at Etosha the tours were not as advertised and very limited. Other people I spoke had similar experiences

Holiday of a lifetime
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An extremely well organised itinerary by the Cardboard Box Company with varied accommodation. Local guides were excellent and informative. Scenery was spectacular and the weather behaved itself! We saw a lot of very varied wildlife especially in Etosha National Park. We enjoyed the flexibility of our 4x4 self drive.

Exhilarating, exciting and very beautiful safari adventure
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Namibia is a beautiful ,safe and clean country.The safari is beyond my expectation, it is amazing, Landscape will blow your mind away especially the sand dunes.Beautiful is an u derstatement.

Rich in beauty, wildlife and people.
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While there are a lot of gaming farms and national parks to see the rich Namibian wildlife, going into the more arid areas of the country will show you as well many animals (Oryx, Baboons, etc.). November the right period to see seals off the coast of Walvish bay, it's some kind of show!
Namibians are generous, positive and welcoming. There are some prejudice between some tribes, but don't listen to nay-sayers: even if some other Namibians would warn you for their aggressive selling techniques, listen to what the Himbas have to say. Their culture is rich and the price not as expensive as in other "tourist friendly" shops.
I have stayed in Townships in both Swakopmund and Windhoek. They are not so as unsafe as what you might hear concerning South Africa, and the taxi drivers are fine. Just do as the locals and all will be fine.

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