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Tanzania Luxury Safari Tours

Tanzania is a dream luxury safari destination. One-quarter of its surface area has been set aside for conservation, and its protected areas harbor an estimated 20% of Africa’s big wildlife. The world-famous Serengeti National Park, the top attraction safari-wise, is famous for its wildebeest migration and density of lions and other carnivores. In addition to the Serengeti, Tanzania has six other Unesco World Heritage Sites, including Ngorongoro Crater (the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera), snowcapped Mt Kilimanjaro, the 30,000km²/12,000mi² Nyerere National Park (formerly Selous Game Reserve) and the spice island of Zanzibar. It’s difficult to think of any other African country that outshines Tanzania’s natural attractions.

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6 Questions About Tanzania Luxury Safari Tours

Answered by Philip Briggs

Why should I choose Tanzania for a luxury trip?

“Tanzania has three of Africa’s most attractive safari circuits, the Northern, Southern and Western circuits. These offer some of the finest wildlife viewing anywhere in Africa, as well as a scattering of world-class exclusive and upmarket camps and lodges, making it ideal for a luxury safari. The Southern and Western circuits are best suited to fly-in upmarket safaris, with the Western circuit in particular ranking among the most exclusive and costly in Africa. The focus of the Southern safari circuit is the huge Nyerere National Park, but it also incorporates Ruaha, Mikumi and Udzungwa Mountains National Parks. With its high temperatures and more dispersed wildlife, the south is better suited to repeat safari-goers. More off the beaten track still is the Western safari circuit, which offers the dry savannah country of Katavi National Park and the lush forests of Mahale Mountains and Gombe National Parks. At Mahale and Gombe, hikers can track habituated chimp communities on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. The best-known Northern safari circuit, with its temperate weather, offers the perfect introduction to the continent’s scenery and wildlife in one compact, well-equipped circuit. It incorporates Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, as well as Arusha, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. The north is easily covered by road and has accommodation to suit most mid-range and upwards budgets.”


What is included in a Tanzania luxury safari?

“Almost everything. A Tanzania luxury tour will usually include domestic flights and road transport, as well as game drives, other activities and the associated guides and park fees. Accommodation on a full-board basis is usually included too. Some luxury lodges and exclusive camps also include laundry and non-premium drinks (i.e. tea, coffee, soft drinks, local beer and house wine). Check this in advance. Aside from souvenirs and other personal purchases, the most obvious exclusion from most trip quotes is tips. These can add up quickly in Tanzania as tipping is widely practiced, so carry enough cash to cover it.”


Do all luxury safaris in Tanzania include the Serengeti?

“No. Travel logistics mean most safari packages to Tanzania, luxury or otherwise, concentrate on just one of the three different safari circuits. The Serengeti is almost invariably the key destination of any Northern circuit safari package. Northern circuit packages also usually include the Ngorongoro Crater and some, or all, of Arusha, Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. Trips to Tanzania’s Southern and Western safari circuits seldom include the Serengeti.”


Can you describe a typical day on a luxury trip in Tanzania?

“The typical routine is to get up before sunrise, grab a quick cup of coffee or tea, then head out on an early morning game drive. Most lodges and camps in Tanzania offer clients the choice of carrying a packed breakfast on their game drive or returning to camp for a late breakfast or brunch. The middle hours of the day are usually very hot. You might catch a quick power nap in your room or chill out at the swimming pool (assuming that your lodge has one). Afternoon game drives start at 3 PM or 4 PM. For those with the stamina, an alternative is to pack lunch and explore farther afield on a full-day game drive. Either way, the day usually ends with sundowners around the campfire and a three-course bush dinner. Then it’s an early night to ready you for the next day’s pre-dawn start. The safari day is designed to make the most of the first two and last two hours of daylight. These are the cooler times of the day in the warmer parts of the country. These times also provide the best chance of seeing lions and other predators in action and have the best light for photography.”


What type of accommodation can I expect?

“There are three broad categories of luxury safari accommodation in Tanzania. The best represented category comprises large wildlife lodges (say, 40-plus rooms). These typically rank highly in terms of conventional hotel-style amenities, but they also tend to feel somewhat removed from the surrounding bush. At the other extreme are exclusive permanent or semi-permanent tented camps. These consist of canvas units that usually come with en suite hot showers, comfortable bedding and private verandahs. They also offer high-quality cuisine, service and wine. Falling in between these two categories are small, exclusive five-star permanent lodges that might be described as the safari equivalent of boutique hotels. Where possible, look for a luxury safari package that offers a mix of accommodation types, as each has its advantages. For instance, an upmarket tented camp is almost certainly the most hands-on way to experience the African wilderness. However, after a few nights, the superior amenities of a larger lodge might come as a welcome break. If facilities such as 24-hour electricity, wifi or swimming pools are important to you, then be sure to research and choose your accommodation carefully.”


How much will this safari cost?

“The costs of a Tanzania luxury safari are highly variable. Bank on an all-inclusive price of at least US$500 to US$600 per person per day. It will cost a lot more – upwards of US$1,000 per person per day – if you stay in small top-of-the-range luxury camps. What you pay depends on just how luxurious and exclusive you want your holiday to be. Other cost factors are the parks you include in your itinerary, and whether you travel in high, low or mid-season.”


Tanzania Reviews

4.8/5 1516 Reviews
Brian Jackman  –  
United Kingdom UK

Brian is an award winning travel writer, author of safari books and regular contributor to magazines such as BBC Wildlife and Travel Africa.

Wilderness unlimited

Tanzania may be one of the world’s poorest countries but its national parks and game reserves are the crown jewels of Africa. First among equals is the Serengeti, probably the most famous wildlife refuge on the planet, a wilderness the...

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Sue Watt  –  
United Kingdom UK

Sue is an award-winning writer who specializes in African travel and conservation. She writes for national newspapers, magazines, Rough Guides and Lonely Planet.

The perfect safari destination

With almost a quarter of this vast country dedicated to wildlife reserves and national parks, Tanzania is justifiably regarded as Africa’s premier safari destination. It’s one of my favourite countries, not just for the bush, beaches...

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David Maybury  –  
Australia AU
Reviewed: Feb 25, 2024
Stunning experience for all of humanity

Tanzania wisely protected their lands knowing they were treasures on Earth. The sights are unforgettable. The people all very kind and hospitable. The journey of a 5-day safari allowed us to take the magnificent countryside in several...

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Carl Hagen  –  
Germany DE
Reviewed: Feb 19, 2024
Worth a visit!

Tanzania has everything a traveller can hope for. Great food, beautiful landscape, amazing wildlife, stunning beaches, the highest mountain in Africa, the biggest lake in Africa and a very happy, helpful and outgoing population. I would...

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Serena Moore  –  
United Kingdom UK
Reviewed: Feb 18, 2024
Really good day out, just a couple of adaptions to make the day great

The price was great for what was included. The day started a bit sour for us though. Collected at 5am, for a 6:30am flight to be told we was on a 09:30am flight. We had to sit and wait for hours. No clear instruction at the airport. They...

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Mathieu Dos Santos  –  
France FR
Reviewed: Feb 17, 2024
Amazing safaris mainland and astonishing Zanzibar

Safari (3 days) : - Ngorongoro : it is a must. Incredible 1 day experience (1 day is enough) - Tarangire : great park (we stayed 1 day there (I think 1 day may be enough as well) - Manyara : good as well (1 day is enough) Would have...

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