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Uganda Camping Safaris

4.3/5  –  285 Uganda Reviews

Do you fancy an African adventure that combines tracking chimps and gorillas with a more conventional Big Five safari in search of lions, elephants and so on? Then Uganda is the place for you. This lush equatorial country is where the western jungle meets the eastern savannah, and as such it’s the perfect safari destination for those seeking a best-of-both-worlds introduction to Africa's diverse plains and forest wildlife. And while Uganda now offers a great selection of upmarket lodges, it is also a wonderful destination for camping safaris, which allow you to experience the African bush at its most unfiltered and thrilling.

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1-20 of 37 camping safaris to Uganda

6 Questions About Uganda Camping Safaris


6 Questions About Uganda Camping Safaris

Answered by Philip Briggs

What are the pros and cons of a camping safari in Uganda?

“Camping tours have two main advantages over staying in lodges. The first is that they tend to be cheaper. The second is that they are far more immersive, bringing you closer to nature and allowing you to experience those wondrous African nights undiluted. Having said that, a Uganda camping safari is not for everybody. Sleeping under canvas will test the comfort zones of many first-time visitors to Africa, particularly those who are nervous about potential close encounters with wildlife (be it large mammals or smaller creepy-crawlies). Bear in mind, too, that sleeping in a tent is invariably less comfortable than staying in a lodge, and many people experience broken sleep and restless nights as a result.”


What facilities can I expect to find in the campsites in Uganda?

“Campsites in Uganda tend to be basic compared to what you might expect in North America, Europe or South Africa. Most have a functional ablution block with flush toilets and hot showers, but in some cases, there will only be cold water or long drop toilets. At campsites in national parks, most organized safaris bring a chef to prepare the food. Some private campsites outside of national parks, especially those attached to hostels or lodges, will have a restaurant and bar. Do not rely on campsites having charging facilities or wifi.”


Are the campsites fenced in Uganda?

“That depends on the location. In most cases, private campsites situated outside national parks will be fenced, as much as anything to define the perimeter and to keep out human intruders. Campsites in national parks are less exposed to human trespassers and are thus less likely to be fenced, which means that wildlife is free to come and go as it pleases. This is generally a positive thing, as it means that you are quite likely to see some interesting animals in camp. But you also need to be vigilant to possible visits by hippos, buffalos and elephants, especially after dark. Keep a torch handy in case you need to visit the toilet at night, and be very cautious, allowing your eyes a minute or so to adjust, when you first emerge from the tent.”


Is a self-drive camping safari in Uganda recommended?

“A Uganda self-drive camping safari is highly recommended to independent-minded travelers who are comfortable with the idea of navigating their way around an unfamiliar country. A self-drive camping safari allows you the freedom to travel at your own pace, and the flexibility to improvise your itinerary as you go. Disadvantages of a self-drive camping trip are that you need to set up and break down the camp yourself, you may often have to do your own cooking, and you will need to deal with any breakdowns or other unexpected issues. This can become quite tiring and time-consuming, especially if you regularly drive long daily distances and have limited travel experience in developing countries. Travelers coming from the USA and other countries that drive on the right should be aware that Ugandans drive on the left.”


How much does a camping safari cost in Uganda?

“The cost of camping safari packages in Uganda depends on many factors including the size of the group, which national parks and other sites are on the itinerary, and what activities need to be budgeted for. As a rule of thumb, you can expect the base price to be around US$200 to US$250 per person per day inclusive of park entrance and camping fees, camping equipment, transport and meals. If the itinerary also includes expensive one-off activities such as gorilla trekking (US$600 per person) or to a lesser extent chimp trekking and white-water rafting on the Nile, that will bump up the overall price.”


What do I need to pack for a Uganda camping safari?

“If you are doing an organized safari, it would be normal for the operator to provide all tents, sleeping bags and other camping-related equipment, but it’s safest to check this before you book anything. On a self-drive camping safari, you should be able to organize all camping gear through the rental company, but again it would be advisable to discuss this before you make a booking. If you're uncomfortable with using a sleeping bag that has presumably been slept in by other people, you could always bring your own, or bring a sleeping bag liner. Other useful items to pack for a camping holiday in Uganda include a powerful torch and/or headlamp, a Swiss Army knife or Leatherman-style multitool device, and binoculars. On the medicinal and sanitary front, don't forget to bring sunblock, insect repellent, antimalarial drugs, hand sanitizer and a basic medical kit. You're more likely to be exposed to cold nighttime weather or tropical storms when camping, so bring a range of waterproof and warm clothing. If you're traveling with a lot of electronic gear, be aware that many campsites in Uganda may have limited or no charging facilities. Bring a power bank or, better still, a solar portable power battery. If you need to go online on a regular basis, it’s best to buy a local SIM card and data bundle when you arrive in Uganda.”


Uganda Reviews

4.3/5 285 Reviews
Mark Eveleigh  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mark is a travel writer who grew up in Africa and has written over 700 titles for CNN Traveller, Travel Africa, BBC Wildlife and others.

Fantastic wildlife and some of the friendliest people in Africa make Uganda unbeatable

I spent a month travelling around Uganda with a self-drive, expedition-prepared Landcruiser and visited almost every national park in the country. Uganda was a revelation! I had not expected such a richness of wildlife or such great...

Full Review

Lizzie Williams  –  
South Africa ZA

Lizzie is a reputed guidebook writer and author of the Footprint guides to South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Mountain gorillas, chimps and birds in lush, well-watered and incredibly green hills and valleys

Most of the superlative descriptions you read about Uganda are totally true, and it really is a place of shimmering lakes, lofty mountains and mysterious forests. Best known as the place to see mountain gorillas, no safari to the country...

Full Review

Alex  –  
Japan JP
Reviewed: Feb 2, 2023
A wonderful destination in every way

If you’re considering a safari, Uganda should be your top choice - it's a beautiful country in every way. Amazing food, diverse wildlife, friendly people and very safe compared to some other countries in the region. Weather and vibes are...

Full Review

Klaus Hüskes  –  
Germany DE
Reviewed: Jan 25, 2023
I now know what made Winston Churchil say Uganda is the pearl of Africa, and he was right.

It was our first trip to Africa. We booked through Skyway Expedition in Entebbe and were thrilled. We felt absolutely safe at all times and warmly welcomed. The country is a wonder of nature, a treasure chest for nature lovers. I hope that...

Full Review

Ilias Kyriakopoulos  –  
Greece GR
Reviewed: Jan 16, 2023
Awesome nature friendly people

We booked home for Africa for gorilla trekking . The accomadation was great, our driver William, friendly and helpful. We also went hiking to mountain elgon Awesome nature. And we had a safari at Murchison Falls as well. Brilliant...

Full Review

Mariona CL  –  
United Arab Emirates AE
Reviewed: Jan 3, 2023
Uganda is a vibrant, welcoming and peaceful setting for wildlife lovers.

Home to Africa has been very accomodating and has adapted to all of our requests when planning and budgeting. Our guide, Benon, was fun, kind, patient and knowledgeable. He made us feel very comfortable and was always on the lookout to make...

Full Review