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Georgeous look at the remains of african wilderness
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Pleasant hilly landscapes or wast savannah-like plains. We travelled at the beginning of the rainy season, and found temperature-range very enjoyable. We admired the sublime unrestraint of the nile valley, the rwenzory hights, the easy access to chimp- and gorilla habitats. After making peace with the salt poverty of the food, we gained 2 kilos each within 3 weeks. Seducing sweet and ripe fruits, some of them we had never seen before, excellent meat and fish, tasty side-dishes. All you can eat, and more. Shame on me. Never got a stomach egg though. Almost no moskitos. Tsetse-flies only on the people around me dressed in blue and black just like the insect traps . Thrilling Boda-boda rides, allegedly even more dangerous than hippos. Drivers were true reliable acrobats, so was our tour guide. Intelligent, always friendly, never tired, very communicative, competent. Felt like travelling with a friend. Safari-van in best shape to survive african massage. Commod way to get around. Wonderful wildlife experience, getting as close as that elephant sniffling at the porch of my tent. Accomodation viable. Sometimes no warm water, sometimes broken tent zippers, sometimes mosquito-tents only useful as decoration. Had not seen a single water tap properly bolted to the sink, however this is a mysterium to be found all over east africa. Opined Uganda with its vivid chaos much more attractive than almost suisse-like rwanda. This may however change with the soon expected doubling of population, meaning the doubling of dwellings, infrastructure, traffic. No more space for wildlife of any kind (please refer to Germany). No more rain forests. No more rain. Do your travelling now!

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We really enjoyed the tour of Uganda with Gatatu safaris. I found it was really good value especially as all the meals were included (the food was amazing) and the accomodation was also really good. We particularly loved the kasenyi safari lodge. The highlight was the gorilla trekking, which we did twice! The trek was hard but so worth it to see 2 different gorilla families up close, including babies. Stevie, one of the guides, arranged for us to do a Lion tracking experience one morning in Queen Elizabeth National Park so we were able to track lions off road and saw some tree climbing lions which was another highlight.

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One of my best trip ever. The walk in the jungle was amazing (and not too hard). Hanging out with the gorillas was an incredible experience. Our guide was very nice and explained us many things about the park we drove through.
Uganda is an amazingly beautiful country with stunning places to see. I really hope I will have the opportunity to come back.

Unforgettable experience with a lot of highlights - Many thanks at Bella and Grace
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In comparisson to Kenya we saw less animals but we have seen the BIG FIVE and in addition Mountain Gorillas. All our accommodations were like expected with one extraordinary highlight. For our 25th wedding anniversery we got the honeymoon suite at Birdnest. From the first contact on we had a very good feeling with Bella and this was never disturbed by anything. A few days before we startet our roundtrip she informed us that Grace will be our guide. Grace is a very kind and lovely person. We had a lot of fun together and whenever we needed her support she helped us. In total we had a 13 days guided tour with a lot of unforgettable memories. In case that we will come back to Uganda then definitly I will do the trip again with Bella and her team. Most of the teammembers are women. I recommend Bella and her team 100%! Now after I finnished my review I noticed already that I forgot one important/interesting thing. Our car was cleaned each and every day.

Beautiful nature and delightful mountain gorillas!
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Our trip was very well organized, all the lodges were of good quality an our guide George was piece of gold. He knew all the birds we saw, found lions in high grass impossible to see to unexperienced eye and took good care of us.
There was only one problem - the car was not in the best condition. It did not start without pushing or pulling and so we could not shut down the engine during game drives. Also during the night safari, when ranger saw some red glowing eyes in the darkness, our engine shut down and we had to get out to pull the car and so we lost the animal.
My conclusion from our trip to Uganda:
if you are for:
lots of animals - go to Serengeti;
chimpanzees - go to nearest zoo (bad luck for us - this was second time this year they were unable to trek the chimpanzee's);
gorillas, birding, beautiful landscapes, friendly people - go to Uganda;
Best park in my opinion was Murchison Falls and safari by boat from Mweya peninsula along Kazinga channel was very nice.
Apart from prementioned problems we found our trip satisfactory.
I recommended Destination Jungle Safaris and especially guide George.

The best thing I have ever done, fantastic, great tour company and staff, great service, great time.
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We went with "Go Explore Safari" in December 2017 and it was a really good tour company. I travelled with my elderly parents (60 plus) and my daughter (4yrs). They were punctual in picking us up and the cars were clean and in good condition. They were very responsive via email or whatever mode of communication we preferred. The trip was very well organised and we were well informed all the way throughout the trip. The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful all the way throughout the trip. We really had a good time and my family were very happy because we got to see a lot of wild animals, the tour company staff were very patient when we wanted to take photos and were happy to drive round to look for the big five to maximise our safari. Food and accommodation was good, rooms were clean and spacious. Please note that with the three different ranges of accommodation you get what you paid for so don't expect five star service for low budget accommodation.

My family and I had a brilliant safari and were really pleased with the service offered. I would definitely travel with Go Explore Safari and have actually started organising another trip in Northern Uganda with them. I would definitely recommend doing a safari with them.

Amazing experience
Overall rating

We make a travel with Gatatu Safaris. Good price and good driver. You can't forget the gorila trekking.
The only problem we couldn't see the lion tree becsise it's very difficult. We could see a lot of elephant, hipos, etc....
We recomend to visit Uganda. Also we recomend Gatatu Safaris

Uganda is a superb experience.
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We were doing an 11-day tour from Murchsion Falls NP, Kibale, QENP, Bwindi to Lake Bunyonyi. Worth every minute. Our tour guide must have one of the safest pair of hands in East Africa. Amazingly different landscape over relatively short distances. Animal Safaris were great- you’ll never step into a zoo again. Food and accommodation of very good Standard. If time and budget allow, Kampala really deserves a few days exploration. Highly recommended.

Awesome introduction to Africa
Overall rating

This was my first, but probably not last, trip to Africa. We were able to see animals infrequently enough to keep us on our toes, but often enough to make every moment worthwhile! Variety was limited, but the scenery was beautiful and weather was too - warm, often hot during the day, comfortable at night. The safari tents were a wonderful experience where we could hear animals (and see some too!) while feeling safe and comfortable. Food was middle of the road overall, but the fruit was phenomenal! Fresh pineapple, bananas, mango, watermelon every morning! The highlight of my experience was our Matoke tour guide Caleb. He taught us about Ugandas turbulent history, its culture, and his hopes for its future. He was funny and accomodating and even set us up with local guides for extra tours. I cant say enough good things about Caleb!!

Unforgettable experience with the best safari guide in Uganda.
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My husband and I just had an amazing 12 day safari in Uganda, thanks to Wild Jungle Trails. The lovely Teresa had helped us so much in advance with finding the right tour for us and helping us prepare for this amazing safari. She is so nice and professional, and we felt very comfortable through the whole booking process.

Once we came to Kampala we were very lucky to have Twaha as our guide. Twaha is the coolest and nicest guy and he is an amazing driver (people would bet that we couldn't get through certain tough spots during our safari, but Twaha just surprised everyone with his driving skills).

And furthermore he has extensive knowledge about wildlife and was a great guide. On our safari we were very lucky to see many birds and animals, among them were antelopes, buffalos, elephants, hippos, monkeys and even tree climbing lions in Ishasha plains. It was an amazing experience! The big highlight of our safari was of course the Bwindi forest Mountain Gorilla trekking. That part of our safari can't even be described in words, but it will forever be an unforgettable experience. Wild jungle Trails Safaris had also picked only great lodges for us with amazing views and great food.

I would like to particularly mention the Silverback lodge in Bwindi was our favorite. The view from our room was just breathtaking. All in all we would definately recommend Wild Jungle Trails Safaris to anyone who is going to Uganda. And also we would like to add that Uganda is a wonderful country with amazing safari experiences, great food, very friendly people and breathtaking nature and wildlife. Would love to go back some day in the future. Thanks again Wild Jungle Trails Safaris for a wonderful and unforgettable experience!

Best regards, Luks and Mark.

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