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Ethiopia surprises its visitors with out of this world scenery and more birds than I ever thought p
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Our group experienced a great varity of aktivities during our visit to Ethiopia. The scenic views were breathtaking, especially in the Simien and Gheralta Mountains. Our guides met my exspectations highest form. They were flexible and adapted their programs to our requests. Our main guide Engidaw taught him self German, which was a high value for us.

We had a memorable safari trip with Cheno Travel & Safari Tours
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Tuli Block was amazing we saw, the lions, wild dogs, the cultural exchanges were so exciting.

main camps ok nothing to write home about. Avoid Matombe at all costs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hardly any wildlife, mainly elephants, eland, Impala, zebra, giraffe etc
In our 3 nights we never saw ANY predators. I will skip this in future, totally not worth it! Weather good, roads wet and muddy, we got stuck 3 times in mud during drives.

Unparalleled Experience
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Experiencing wildlife first hand as it truly is in nature is such an incredible experience that you can only fully appreciate it first hand. While traveling in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve region in Botswana I was in constant awe of natures true beauty. There truly aren't enough superlatives to describe the beauty of this region and being in nature as it is.

Seven days horse riding through the unspoiled African bush
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We are a group of riders who generally go on riding holidays with camping around the world . The Botswana experience was much better than I had imagined. That is because the Tuli Game Reserve is not in the touristy part of Botswana - it is just across the South African border over the Limpopo River. It is a well-kept South African secret for those that like their nature natural. Our riders are from medium experience to very, so, although we have been on horseback (through inefficiency in Ethiopia) for ten hours in a day - we prefer five to six hours with a lunch break. We need well-schooled and well-kept animals as our idea is to enjoy ourselves and experience the place and not spend our whole time fighting an un-schooled or very nervous horse. What is more, I need a steady horse which can neck-rein, as I carry at all times, a heavy camera in one hand.

The horses at Tuli Safari are well-kept - one week on, one week off - well fed and well schooled. I was given the biggest horse in Botswana, about 16 hands - half shire horse and half thoroughbred. When cantering you could hear the great thump of his enormous hooves for miles. He and I got on well - I was but another rider in a long succession for him, but I always do a deal with my horses - let them do a little of what they want in exchange for a little of what I need - and we had a great partnership - over log jumps as well. All of us enjoyed ourselves immensely. The animal and bird life was magic, staying in the open air old chief's bomba (defensive stockade) was enchanting. Only one criticism - if you ride you sign a disclaimer about injury - and we were taken, at full canter, over a ditch without warning and one of our more experienced riders checked her horse in surprise and went down, breaking a collar bone. We should have been warned. I was not worried for myself - I would have kicked my great lumbering (but surprisingly quick) charger over, but my wife, who is more nervous, could have been seriously injured - luckily we were both toward the rear in that instance.

I would recommend this experience for all riders who love nature and like a little luxury when camping - we all know the down-side, which is a small risk to take. Nice people - they will not let you down.

Northern Tuli - The Undiscovered Gem!
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We came in from South Africa through the Point Drift border crossing. What a way to cross the Limpopo river! After a short drive through the Tuli reserve in out Land Rover, we made the night at Molemo bush camp. It was amazing, making camp beneath a lone huge tree, not far from the water. The shower was with hot water, and no roof - the night starts were glorious. We enjoyed the quiet, the wildlife along the river, and the friendly staff. Overall, the place is great for piece and quiet, lots of birds, monkeys, and antelopes.

Tuli Wilderness - authentic and beautiful
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I've visited 'Tuli Wilderness' twice now, first in February 2013 and again in 2014, both times as a part of university lead group to collect data on the biodiversity of the region. My experience has been one of gaining an understanding of how wildlife management works in Africa, not a holiday.

Tuli is beautiful. It has a massively varied landscape: the tropical and humid Limpopo, dry rocky koppes (hills), fertile alluvial plains, dense mopane scrub, and the highest point of the region (eagle rock). There are no fences, no guarantees as to what you see, only luck and your guide. The 'wilderness' in 'Tuli Wilderness' is not advertising speak, I've spent over a month there and didn't see anyone who wasn't part of my group. The accommodation is basic and rustic, and the people are fascinating and genuine.

Some of the most memorable experiences from my time there:

Crossing the Limpopo river to enter Botswana via the worlds only international border crossing in a cable car. And leaving via the thin concrete bridge at Platjaan, being told to avoid the crocodiles on the left.

Sleeping in the bush under the stars, taking turns at watch and seeing glowing eyes reflecting back from my torch light.

Stalking a leopard through rocky mopane veld as the sun slowly sets, cascading everywhere in orange light.

Sitting atop eagle rock, relaxing in the refreshing wind and watching a herd of fifty elephants strolling across the land.

My time at 'Tuli Wilderness' was beautiful and authentic, I wish I could see how Tuli changes with the seasons.

Simply amazing
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We had an amazing time there, were there for only one night en route to CKGR. But it's just a stunning place. Already planning on going back there.

A dream come true.
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Lots of animals, 1st class ranger/tracker. Transportation was excellent as the food and the rooms. The personnel was very friendly and kind. We did not miss anything - only the opportunity to come back.

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