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Birds of Addo Elephant National Park

Addo Elephant Park has grown over the years to include several sections with different habitats leading to an impressive bird checklist of over 400 species, including several endemics. For a casual visitor, the much smaller main game area has about 250 species recorded. Bird Island, which can be visited with special arrangements only, is home to the world's largest colony of gannets and also a huge colony of African penguins. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable birds
  • OstrichOstrichCommon
  • Jackal buzzardJackal buzzardCommon
  • Capped wheatearCapped wheatearLocally common
  • Cape glossy starlingCape glossy starlingCommon
  • Black-headed heronBlack-headed heronCommon
  • Chinspot batisChinspot batisCommon
Birding specials – Treats for avid birders
(E) = endemic to South Africa & (NE) = near endemic to South Africa
Best time for birdwatching
Addo Elephant's birdwatching is best during the migratory season, when birds from Europe and North Africa are present (November to April), but is generally good year-round. Wildlife viewing is best from June to September.

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