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Unfortunately, overgrazing due to livestock encroachment is a big problem in the reserve, and there is very little wildlife to be seen. However, the birding is great and the real draw is the flamingos. Leopard tortoises are quite numerous. Mammals sometimes encountered are impala, dik-dik, zebra, Grant's gazelle and warthog.

LeopardRare to none
HyenaRare to none

Wildlife Highlights

The reserve is home to one of Kenya’s last remaining populations of greater kudu. Although present, these magnificent antelope are very shy and you need to be lucky to see them. Dusk and dawn are the best times for a chance encounter.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

Lake Bogoria can be visited throughout the year. The flamingos are mostly present, but their numbers vary greatly. When water levels are too high or low, the flamingos can't feed, and move away – the timing of this isn’t predictable.

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