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They shoot animals in front of you
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They shoot elephants and rhinos in front of you and leave them to suffer. Horrific!

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All the game reserves of northeastern Namibia offer great wildlife viewing and birding opportunities.

Great bush felling
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I visited Bwabwata np in January this year (2014).
During previous traveling trough the Zambezi Region i had cross the park using the Transcaprivi in both day and nigth time. The daytime where not verry rewardings by during the night i saw duikers, springhares, buffalos, wilddogs on two occasions and even a caracal, all that along the main road!
When visiting this year i entered the park south east section from Kongola to Nambwa Campsite. There i saw elephant, kudus, impalas, lechwes, waterbucks, baboons, warthogs... and event 3 lions!
The campsite was lovely with a viewing platform towards the floodplains.
I stayed there for two nights. There was another party in the campsite on the first night, i was alone on the second.

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Kwando River is the best, i ever saw!

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Small, littered with the remains of military installations, but seek out the rivers; lush, full of wildlife and unparalleled birding.

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Bwabwata is usually witnessed as a drive-through experience, as the road through the Zambezi Region splits it in half. But it is worth an extended layover!

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Bwabwata National Park has very good birding

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