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Philip Briggs
By Philip Briggs

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of many Bradt guidebooks to African destinations, including the guide to Tanzania.

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of the Bradt guidebook to Tanzania.

Philip is the author of the Bradt guidebook to Tanzania.

Climate Chart Mahale Mountains National Park

Climate Chart Mahale Mountains National Park – 767-2,388m / 2,516-7,835ft

* Averages based on 50 years of monthly climate data, taken from 1km² (0.39mi²) interpolated climate surfaces.
© chart & park data: SafariBookings. © climate grid data: WorldClim project. All rights reserved.

Due to its location close to the equator, the climate in Mahale ranges from warm to hot and humid. This doesn’t change much throughout the year. Evenings remain warm, unlike parks found in the north, cooling down to a temperature of about 17°C/63°F. Average temperatures get to be about 27°C/81°F during the day.

Climactic variations are common due to a wide range of altitudes (from 767 to 2,388m or 2,516 to 7,835ft). Temperatures drop by about 6.5°C for every 1,000m you climb (or 3.5°F per 1,000ft). Areas open to tourists are mainly found where the altitudes are lower.

Mahale’s Dry season is from May to October. The Wet season is from November to April. The rains come in the form of afternoon thunderstorms and seldom last the whole day.

Dry season May to October

  • May – Although occasional rain is still possible, this is the end of the Wet season.
  • June, July, August & September – Clear and sunny skies with common afternoon temperatures of 27°C/81°F. This is a time of little, if any, rain. The coldest nights are in June through August with temperatures of about 14°C/57°F.
  • October – The Dry season comes to an end. It will likely rain some of the time.

Wet season November to April

  • November, December, January, February, March & April – High humidity gives a feeling of discomfort and oppressive heat, although it is slightly cooler in the Wet season. Rainfall all day long is very uncommon, but on most days there will be some rain in the form of afternoon thunderstorms. Afternoon temperatures are usually around 27°C/81°F, but it cools down at night to around 18°C/64°F.

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