Getting There – Murchison Falls NP

Unlike many of the other parks in Uganda, Murchison Falls doesn’t fit in a convenient circuit and is mostly visited as an add-on to a more standard safari package.

Murchison Falls NP is located 305km/190mi north of Kampala. The drive takes about four hours. It is also possible to fly to Pakuba, Chobe and Bugundu Airfield by chartered or scheduled aircraft service from Entebbe International Airport (EBB) or Kajjansi Airfield near Kampala.

When flying from abroad, you’ll arrive at Entebbe International Airport (EBB). It is located 46km/29mi from the capital (Kampala). Your local tour operator will usually arrange for you to be picked up at the airport and will take care of all further transportation as part of your safari package.

Airlines & Ticket Prices

Please check Skyscanner or, for multiple destination flights, check Expedia to see which airlines can take you to Entebbe International Airport (EBB), and what tickets would cost.

Domestic Flights

Charter flights are also available. As part of your tour package, domestic flights between Ugandan parks are usually arranged by your tour operator. Regularly scheduled, domestic flights are run by:

  • Fly Uganda (‘seat rates’ are available for daily flights from Kajjansi Airfield to Pakuba Airfield)
  • Aerolink (flies from Entebbe to Pakuba, Chobe and Bugundu Airfields, a minimum of 4 passengers is required)

Passport, Visa and Other Entry Requirements

Please check our Getting There – Uganda page to learn more about passport, visa and other entry requirements.

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