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Wooded hills and waterfalls
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If you believe a safari just isn’t a safari if it doesn’t include a few Big Five encounters, Nyanga is unlikely to make your shortlist. To me, this park’s biggest appeal lies in its hiking potential. Naturally, hikers would argue that a shortage of large, dangerous animals is a distinct advantage in making lengthy walks both feasible and enjoyable. The region is so tame that, in the 1890s, Cecil Rhodes snapped up a large chunk of it for orchards and grazing.

While you’re unlikely to see big cats in Nyanga, this large, mountainous park in the Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands is by no means devoid of wildlife – you’ll see antelopes and birds as you tackle the trails.

I love the variety of scenery here – there are some stunning panoramic views from the higher ground, and some tremedous rivers and waterfalls in the valleys.

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