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Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions

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Botswana BW
Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Based in Maun and having spent tremendous amounts of time ourselves, from very tender ages, running around exploring wild Africa, we have a genuine love and passion for authentic African safaris. We will use our treasured experiences of this side of the world to plan your African safari getaway to perfection simply because the African bush is where we play and what we know!


Very friendly & professional

The Team is cooperative and flexible to do the best for the customers

Superb experience all the way through


We had a very positive experience with Moonstroll. Professional all the way through including communication, planning, guidance during drives and making us feel snug in the camp. We did the 6 night, 7 day trip from Maun through moremi, savuti and chobe by Kasane.

Monametsi is a really good guy and you get the feeling that he will be able to plan almost any safari experience in Botswana. He has a great network within the safari community and knows the best subcontractors to use.

We were greeted in the airport upon arrival the day before we began the safari by Monametsi and were treated to a very nice room in Maun to get ready for 6 days sleeping in a tent through moremi, savuti and chobe by Kasane.

The team consisted of O.K, the guide (owner of Heritage Conservation Safaris), Russel, the cook and Taj, the assistant. We could not have asked for better. The food was great, the equipment was obviously tried and tested because we were held dry through multiple heavy showers and O.K. Was a super guide.

A typical day would be getting up at 6:30, then have some breakfast before setting out on the first 3 hour game drive of the day. Getting back from that, you have a bit of time before lunch and then a siesta from 12 to 4 pm where the second 3 hour game drive begins. After that there is dinner at 7:30-8:00 pm and the bed time.

We went in the wet season of February and had some amazing sightings. Obviously all safaris are different and some animals are rare and shy, so take this as a confirmation that you’ll have amazing game viewing but not as a guarantee that you will see what we did: feeding wild dog, 3 separate leopard sightings, mating lions, 20 grazing hippo during daytime, a huge herd of buffalo, swimming elephants, etc etc. Amazing!

Many of the sightings, including 2 out 3 leopards, were 100% due to our guide tracking the animals, talking to other guides. O.K. Was great. He also managed to steer us past a threatening bull elephant in the middle of the road which he handled with overwhelming calm.

Moremi, savuti and chobe by Kasane all three offer something unique and amazing. The experience is very much dependent on season. We went in February during the wet season where the delta is at its lowest and vegetation at its thickest meaning that it is harder to spot wild life through the leaves and that it doesn’t gather at water holes. Even so, we felt like all three places offered fantastic displays of nature.

All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better experience and we fully recommend moonstroll to anybody up for a fantastic safari experience. It also feels good to be supporting local guides and operators instead of the bigger lodges owned by foreigners.

The best safari experience ever!

We changed our minds about 10 times about what kind of trip we would like to do, but Monametsi had an option to all our ideas at an affordable price. We decided on 3 tours in the end both game and water safaris. His communication was excellent, he accommodated all our meal requirements and made the whole safari experience unforgettable. They were on time, provided excellent food and blankets for the chilly mornings during the trips.
Ben is the best safari guide ever, he really went the extra mile to find and show as many animals as possible. And we saw a lot! He also shared interesting facts about the wildlife.
If you plan to go to Bostwana, I would highly recommend Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions, you won't be disappointed. I will definitely be back once again!

Great 7 day safari in Botswana

We did the 7-Day Moremi & Chobe Wilderness Trail 2 Pax. I can definitely recommend this tour. A mobile safari is a unique experience, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Our team (guide Teenage and chef GeBe) was fantastic. Monametsi, the facilitator of the company, worked very hard to solve the issues that came up at the beginning of the tour.

Guides were Rockstars!! Saw big 5 up close and personal.

I never thought I would be less than 10 feet away from two male lions eating a water buffalo! This was a once in a lifetime adventure that was well worth going on. We saw tons of wildlife and our guide pulled up right next to them, sometimes eerily close. We were very fortunate that we did get to see the big five but it is not guaranteed. We went in the winter so we saw all of the babies - elephants, hippos, hyenas, rhinos, lions and more!
Our team, led by Teenage, was outstanding. I have to say, I was a little worried when I found we would be sleeping in tents in the wild but the food was awesome, (thanks to the Chef!!) the accommodations were comfortable, and the camp setup / breakdown was handled without a hitch. If you plan on going, be prepared for many hours of riding in the open safari vehicle. We did get to stretch our legs some but there is minimal physical activity.
I would highly recommend Moonstroll when considering a safari.

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