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Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions

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Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Thanking a 'poler' for a well executed mokoro trip

Based in Maun and having spent tremendous amounts of time ourselves, from very tender ages, running around exploring wild Africa, we have a genuine love and passion for authentic African safaris. We will use our treasured experiences of this side of the world to plan your African safari getaway to perfection simply because the African bush is where we play and what we know!


An incredible experience

We just returned from an amazing safari (6 days moremi safari)!! Everything was perfect, the camp was wild but comfortable.
The staff was very careful, the food was delicious.
Our guide focused on what we wanted to see but in the end we saw a lot of animal : leopard, lion, hippos, giraffe, elephants...
I recommend withtout hesitation !

Fantastic Experience!

Despite some early hiccups at the start of our safari, we found our tour with Moonstroll a truly wonderful experience. Monametsi, our main tour contact was fantastic, the tour was well organised and was a nice mix of wilderness camping and B&B/Lodges but mainly concentrating on the wilderness camps which we found a fantastic experience. He was also a fantastic help in tracking down and collecting my luggage after it didn't arrive on our arrival at Maun airport. The tour could not have functioned properly without three other people, Soks in our support vehicle worked tirelessly throughout our trip setting up the camps each night also going for trips to get water, our Chef TD who worked his magic with some truly wonderful food prepared on just a campfire and our fantastic guide Ben who's knowledge of the wildlife and each location was second to none. We would have no hesitation in using Moonstroll again for future trips and anyone looking to use them we suggest you ask for Soks, TD and Ben as together they make a fantastic team.

once in a lifetime safari

I was investigating for more than 3 years how to organize a family Botswana Safari trip and chose in summer 2018 to put my trust in Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions. We wanted to offer our 2 kids (after finishing their university studies) a unique experience before flying out of the family nest. And what a unique experience it became!

The trajectory that we chose (after many interactions with Monametsi) was Maun - Makgadikgadi - Maun - Chiefs Island - Khwai - Savuti - Chobe riverside - Kasana (+ transfer to Victoria Falls). Monametsi quickly understood that we wanted to combine a variety of 'off the beaten track ecological experiences' with a private Safari experience and sufficient comfort. The trip formula we agreed on was to combine the private experience of camping in nature parks (1 night Makgadikgadi, 2 nights Chiefs Island, 1 night at Savoti, 2 nights at Chove rivers side) intermitting with a bit more comfort at affordable B&B lodges along our way (2 times 1 night at Maun, 2 nights in a container lodge at Khwai). The campfire dinners of the cook that joined us during our trip were also much appreciated. The cook really made the best out of the limited supplies he had available - ... - even succeeded in cooking a birthday cake for my daughters' 23rd birthday.

Monametsi chose to involve Teenage as a freelance guide for our family trip. He had quickly understood that we wanted to get accompanied by a guide with strong ecological experience (our son is a Biologist) who could also share with us all he has learned about the fragile balances in the wildlife and nature in general.

As a guide, Teenage was a fantastic match with the profile we had been looking for. He is an experienced guide, driven by nature preservation and he left no effort to match our expectations. Teenage really pushed himself each time up-to the end of the day to maximize our satisfaction. We also appreciate he joined our dinners, telling us about Botswana history, how satisfied he is with the recent evolution of his country etc.

As our trip really went in crescendo all along our trip we have been joking with Teenage about 'his challenge for the next day to surprise us even more'. And yes indeed, each day again we were really amazed. In taking up our challenge, Teenage systematically checked with the other tour-guides that crossed our path and made sure that we always were on the right spot at the right moment. His maneuvring skills were truly exceptional - we were always positioned in the optimal shooting position to take the best photo's - even if other jeeps would make it more difficult. With my 'big mama' lens (500mm mounted on a D850 camera) I now have a set of fantastic photo's from very closeby.

Some highlights of our Safari
- day 1 at Makgadikgadi: a cadaver of a giraffe with vultures, jackals & marabu feeding on it ... awesome as first impression during our trip
- day 2 at Chiefs Island: Elefant sights during our mokoro trip & crossing our path during a late Safari walk, one elephant shaking a coconut tree
- day 3 at Chiefs Island: traces of a hypo sleeping at & lions passing our camp + an unforgettable Safari walk with locals, and late evening mokoro
- day 4 arriving at Khwai: our only leopard sight; Teenage maneuvered our jeep through the bush so that we could follow it at just a few feet
- day 5 at Khwai: a barking hypo at just 5m from the jeep, and our first 2 hyena during a night safari
- day 6 starting the day at Khwai with 2 lions hunting for impala, ..., arriving at Savuti with a close sight of lions with pups (3 of 2 wks; 4 of 2 mths)
- day 7: we failed to find (the only 2) Cheetah or other lions in Savuti, and spend rest of the day crossing the landscape towards Chobe
- day 8: a Hyena as the first sight of the day, followed by lions mating along our path to a Chobe river cruise
- day 9: on our path moving out of Chobe park, still enjoyend some last lions

All along during our Safari, next to 23 lions - 1 leopard - 3 hyena - between 5 or 10 jackals - too many to count hypo pools, crocodile, vultures and marabu, sea eagles (on with a cath) many other bird types like spoon birds etc. We also passed many big herds of buffalo, elephants, zebra, gnu, .... and much more I here forget to mention here. We only seem to have missed cheetah, wild dog and rhino (these do not reside in this region) on our trip.

What an experience we received. As the locals were singing at Chiefs Island: 'we will never forget'
Teenage, many thanks for making this a trip of a lifetime!

(ps for others planning to go on this route : if you plan to take the same itinerary, I would recommend taking a day more at Makgadikgadi (combine with NXai pan ?) and at least one or 2 days extra at Savuti + to also travel from west to east to make sure the wildlife sightings improve as you move further on your safari ...)

Simply perfect

We just returned from a wonderful safari with Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions.
We booked the 14-day Kalahari & Wetlands tour. Even though this is a tour for a small group, it was possible to adapt the program according to our wishes. In the end, we had almost the full duration of the tour as private tour which was very nice.
The communication with Monametsi (and also the guide during the tour) was very good. In the months before the safari we were in contact by e-mail and phone. On the time of booking I requested - if possible - to book quiet campsites, preferably not the public ones. We indeed stayed on very beautiful campsites, most of them very secluded and private (BOGA sites). When we arrived in Maun, Monametsi came to our hotel to meet and he came again and introduced the guide to us the night before we left for our safari.
Our impression was that Moonstroll is a reliable, trustworthy and very friendly company.

We had an amazing experience with our guide OK, the cook DT and camp assistent Paku.
The car and camping equipment was all in very good order. The cooking was amazing, varying and very tasty: soups, pizza, fresh muffins, beef fillet (Botswana has wonderful meat), stews, filled meat pies, but also lots of fresh salads and vegetables etc. - and all prepared on a wood fire. Also, everything was prepared very hygienically and clean - we did not experience any health problems.
The game drives were amazing. Our guide OK went above and beyond to show us as much as possible. I would strongly recommend to stay at least 2 nights at each campsite. We did and had wonderful and very extensive game drives. We saw a cheetah kill a springbok and then call her 3 cubs to eat. We saw leopards three times, many, many times lions (also with cubs, once attacking a hippo on land), had wonderful sightings of elephants, buffalo, giraffes, many different antilopes etc. Since we indicated that we are also interested in birds, OK also always took the time to show us birds. We could always stop and take as much time as we wanted to watch.
OK is a very experienced guide (23 years of guiding), he knows all the beautiful spots and many other guides. This also increases the chance of sightings and beautiful views. He always considered which angle (light) would be good for photography and tried to stop such that our position would be optimal. Also, he is a very responsible guide who truly loves and respects nature. He can answer any question about wildlife. We felt like being inside a documentary film, something we never expected before.

Besides the wonderful trip that we had, we are happy that our money went directly to a local operator and local people.
All in all, I can fully and whole-heartedly recommend Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions.

The trip was great - lots to see and do and all professionally handled

From the start, Monametsi of Moonstroll Vantage Expeditions was prompt and informative with his email replies. If I didn't get an immediate reply it was because he was out checking on a tour and that was comforting to know he was so attentive. We chose a combined mokoro/driving tour. Our mokoro guide, DP, and his fellow polers were helpful and informative. I hadn't done a walking safari before but after learning the safety tips we felt comfortable and it was exciting to see animals from a different perspective. Hearing an elephant shake a palm tree for the nuts is quite a sound! Our second guide, Keone, was equally helpful and informative, with both DP and Keone knowing so much about the animals and birds. Keone was attentive to our interests throughout the 3 days and we had the time to sit and watch animal movements, such as a leopard or a lilac breasted roller, instead of taking a quick photo and having to move on. The accommodations were comfortable and as we expected. The food, prepared by Gothata, was always tasty and plentiful and we had a nice combination of familiar and traditional foods. Camp Assistant G was efficient and friendly as well. Our flight out of Maun on the final day was suddenly moved up by 2.5 hours but Keone handled that without stress. Lovely trip!

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