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Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories

Tammy Tours

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Treasured Memories

Treasured Memories

Tammy tours, one of the Kenya's finest Tour operator organizing safaris to Kenya at affordable prices ,Kenya is referred by anthropologist as the candle of mankind. A land of contrasts, vast plains, natural beauty such as soaring clad mountains, tropical sand beaches, friendly people, beauty wildlife sanctuaries, unique handcrafts, Adventure destinations and diverse landscapes,the list is endless which attracts many safari seekers from different parts of the world.


An absolutely incredible holiday for our family

We had a fantastic journey and an amazing safari with Tammy Tours. When I started to look for the best safari to suit our big family, it did not take long to find our that Tammy Tours was The One we would choose. Tunu’s response to my request about the safari went directly to my heart. From our first contact and all the time since then she has responded to all our needs. We were nine persons, seven adults between 24 and 59 and two young children, 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old and all of us had the best time ever. She arranged car seats for the children so they would travel safe in the jeeps, and also snacks for them during the long car rides. She helped a lot in finding the best safari route so we would avoid long travel distances and even though we had a very good itinerary it was always flexible to our needs and desires. We went for a diverse day’s safari to Lumu, Tsavo West and Tsavo East, which were all very good choices. Tunu helped in finding the best lodges that would both suit all of us and also be safe for the children and she even went to check the villa we had rented after the safari, to see that it would be good enough and also safe for the children. I booked the safari in the beginning of February and Tunu kept in touch constantly from then to the start of the safari just before Christmas, to check on us, how we were doing and how the vacation plan was moving ahead. Any questions I had I could address her and I did.
The safari was really great. We had two jeeps and Mohammed and Nick were our drivers and guides and they did a very good job, always meeting our needs. Tunu stayed in contact with us during the whole safari and even afterwards, when we stayed a week in a rented villa. We had such a good time in Kenya that is was really hard to leave, but we left with a lot of wonderful memories. We really recommend Tammy Tours for the best personal service and great responsibility in the service. We would love to come back ❤️

Six stars of five

From the first e-mail until we went home, we experienced six star service (of max five stars). Tunu did our holidays unforgettable, despite the fact that they were almost destroyed by the airline. First she was waiting for us at the airport for almost two hours, and expected us with a big smile. Next morning she helped us with our deleyed lagguage. She arranged for us a perfect driver (thank you Alfan). She took care of us from the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we left Kenya. We had 6 days safari and visited 4 parks (Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Amboseli and Taita Hills). Thanks to Alfan (our super(man) driver) we saw 4 of big 5 and a lot of other animals, even though everything was green and overgrown, what made the animals difficult to find. Tunu did us itinerary, but we could adjust it according to our wishes with Hakuna Matata-no problem (we could but we did not, becouse Tunu did perfect itinerary). We trevel a lot, and this was the first time we used travel agency. For this safari I've written to quite a few agencies, they were all friendly, but I felt in my heart that Tammy tours was the right one, becouse of Tunu. I was right!!!! Asante sana Tunu and Superman Alfan for the best holidays ever.

Unbelievable 4 day’s safari in Amboseli, Tzavo West And Tzavo East with accommodation in lodge

Tunu, the organizer, was super nice and satisfied all our requests with a really competitive price. The Badri guide was an exceptional and experienced driver, reserved, friendly and highly trained. Thanks to Badri's watchful eye we were able to spot 4 of the big 5, and many other animals such as antelopes, gazelles, foxes, giraffes. The accommodations have been marvelous in everything and the comfort while on the move is excellent.

Highly recommended, certainly an exceptional experience.

Perfect organisation

We did the Kilimanjaro luxury safari spending one night in taita hills, one night in Amboselli and one in Tsavo west. From the beginning till the end everything was planned to perfection from the pick-up to the nicely selected hotels. We had a great time and saw a lot of animals.

Nevertheless I would recommend other travellers to skip Taita Hills as the safari car has no air conditioning and is not the newest model and getting there from Diani took us 7 hours (2 in a traffic jam). The long ways between the parks are the only negative thing we experienced. ( the second day another 4 hours drive and the last day 3,5h).
Our guide Alpha was very knowledgeable and reliable and I highly recommend him.

We would definitely book again with Tammy Tours.

Tammy's tour was absolutely fantastic. She was so engaged and made the whole thing a breeze.

We did the 10 Day's Kenya Best Park's tour and it was completely amazing. We had some reservations initially as Tumu didn't have a tripadvisor or that many reviews, but the reviews she did have were all excellent and so we took a chance, and it definitely paid off. Tumu is all over the planning, she replies super quick at all hours of the day, Tumu, when do you sleep!? And she came to meet us on the first day which was a nice touch, we got to put a face to the name. About half of our accomodation was mid range lodges, with the rest permanent tents, see below for a review each. Our driver Alfa was incredibly knowledgeable, super friendly and an excellent driver. We were particularly lucky I think as we managed to see all of the big 5 in the first 2 days which Alfa said hadn't happened to him in years. He knew most of the drivers in the park which was handy as they all radioed each other to tell each other where the animals are. Twice Alfa was the first to find a male lion. His eyes are beyond 20/20. We went in a minivan which to be honest was fine. I'm sure the Land Cruiser 4x4s were a bit more comfy over the bumps but we didn't get stuck once in the mud, whereas several land cruisers did. Driver is more important than the vehicle I would say. Depends what you prioritise, the vehicles are rented so I'm sure it's easy enough to pay extra for the 4x4 if you really want it. There are definitely tours which are cheaper than Tumu's, but if you really want the best experience with some super nice lodges and someone who all over the planning, I would say Tammy tours are really well priced.

Personally, 10 days was a bit too long for us, I think we would have all been happy with 7 and were just pretty knackered by the end. However it was amazing to see such a breath of different environments. Every park was completely different to the last.

In terms of the lodges and parks:
Day 1 - Lake Nakuru Lodge
All I can say is complete luxury. We had a 3 bed twice with a window that overlooked the whole reserve. The pool was lovely and really well kept, also with amazing view over the park. The food was buffet style and it was all so delicious we ate about twice what we should have. Tea and coffee is included with all meals here, as well as water and juices at breakfast. This lodge was my joint second favourite I would say (Tied with Fig Tree). The park itself was simple, a small forest with a large lake. The star attraction here is rhinos but you won't be as blown away by the park as some of the others. A great place to start though.

Day 2&3 - Masai Mara & Fig tree camp
As you can imagine, you can't beat the Masai Mara when it comes to shear size and biodiversity. You will see most, if not all of the big 5 here as well as being blown away by the sheer distance you can see over the rolling hills. If you do nothing else in Kenya, you must visit Masai Mara, I'll say no more. And as for Fig tree camp, as I said before, my joint 2nd favourite lodge. You will stay in permanent tented accommodation, with a proper brick and mortar bathroom attached to each tent. The bathrooms looked brand new, really nicely done up, and the tents are set in the middle of a small forest, effectively in an island with the river surrounding it on 3 sides. Everything from the bridge into the camp, to the delicious buffet food looking into the forest, to the hippos you can see from some tents, was simply idyllic. The one bad thing here was that they did not keep the pool well at all, it was quite dirty, we tried using it and quickly got freaked out and left. That's the only reason it didn't pip Lake nakuru lodge to second place. The pool isn't really why you go there though.

Day 4 - Lake Navaisha Lodge
So this was my least favourite lodge, but was my mums favourite lodge so each to their own. The lodge is set high on a hill so you get some pretty impressive views. And the lodges are furnished with the most incredible carved solid wood furniture. However they are a lot more rough around the edges than fig tree and lake nakuru lodge, with dated facilities which could do with updating. It was quieter and so the menu was a la carte, the food was alright, but it was nothing on the previous buffets we'd had. Despite this I wouldn't take it out of the itinerary though as it's still lovely to see the variety. Also the gift shop here is super cheap, we got most of our souvenirs from here. The lake itself is a real bird watchers paradise and you get pretty close (but not too close) to a large group of hippos. Definitely worth going on the boat ride.

Day 5-6 Lake Ambolesi and Lake Ambolesi semtrim lodge
Lake Ambolesi was amazing. Way up there as one of my favourite parks. Super different to Masai Mara, much more arid and dry, you'll soon learn that the actual lake dried up years ago in a drought. However these incredible springs pop up from nowhere, draining from the not so nearby mount kilimanjaro. Here you will see loads of elephants as well as some lions if you're lucky (we found them right at the end).
The lodge here is also a bit more rough around the edges and we were unhappy to find that they did not have mosquito nets around the beds. Instead the rooms are 'sealed' and for the mosquitoes that do get in they ask you to spray the room with bug spray before bed. We were there in dry season where there weren't that many, but in rainy season I imagine its a bit tricky. Aside from this the rooms were pretty nice and the pool was lovely. The setting was also very lovely with a tropical jungle vibe and there was also a great viewpoint to see Mount Kilimanjaro. The food was another buffet with some delicious options. You'll see a lot of monkeys up close here as they roam through the campsite.

Day 7 - Voyager Ziwani
Here you will do a walking tour with a local guide and we absolutely loved it. We had a guide from a local Masai village and he taught us so much about the local wildlife, as well as masai culture and some of the amazing work they have been doing with international charities to move away from hunting. Very interesting and nice to stretch your legs outside of the car. I really liked this camp where as my cousin wasn't that keen. It's set on the edge of a lake with a nice jetty that juts out into the lake, with some chairs to sit and read or drink a cocktail. It was permanent tents and I thought they were lovely. The food was A la carte, and again it wasn't quite as good as some of the buffets, but was still pretty good.

Day 8 - Lions bluff lodge in lumo sanctuary
Now this was the real deal. Number 1 favourite lodge for all of us. Lions bluff lodge is set on the top edge of a hill range, with panoramic views over the surrounding grasslands. The lodges you actually stay in are perched on the edge of the hill with a view for miles. At night they get a fire going and the atmosphere is just incredible. It was quiet when we stayed with not that many guests, so the buffet was limited, but the chef was happy to whip something different up if you didn't get on with the main course. This lodge should be in every single itinerary in my opinion. We could have spent a whole week here. Lumo sactuary itself is full of lions and is classically what you expect when you think of the African Savannah - roaming grasslands with animals poking out here and there. Super picturesque.

Day 9 - Semtrim Tsavo east lodge
This lodge had a lovely setting right by a watering hole, meaning you could see a whole pride of elephants literally metres from where you ate dinner. The lodges were very well kept and the food was another buffet with altogether great options. The pool was fairly poorly kept again with murky water. By this point we were all pretty knackered and I don't think we really appreciated it as much as we should have. It was a great spot though

Day 10- home

TLDR; Do your trek with Tammy Tours as Tumu is an amazing host and the locations are all incredible. If you can, request to have Alfa as your driver. If you really want to see all the different landscapes do 10 days, if you want to have a bit more time to relax 7 would be plenty too.

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