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Your guide David in the wild with a Canon 400mm

Your guide David in the wild with a Canon 400mm

Ukhozi Tours

(5 Reviews)
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South Africa South Africa
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Custom mid-range & luxury tours that can start every day
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Your guide David in the wild with a Canon 400mm

Your guide David in the wild with a Canon 400mm

Ukhozi Tours (Pty) Ltd provides bespoke private tours to discerning clients. Your guide David Forbes is a well-travelled and well-informed film director and photographer. His personalised tours include safari tours to national parks or private lodges (as requested), art and cultural tours, visits to the Ndebele people to marvel at their mural art and beadwork, scenic tours to World Heritage sites and political history tours spiced with his own experiences and stories. Ukhozi means Eagle in Zulu.


Personalised tour

I’m a South African, living abroad now, but never got the chance to visit the Kruger Park or that region before. It remained on my bucket list for decades, so when I had the opportunity to go I wanted it to be a special experience. I chose Ukhozi Tours to fulfil this dream, and am very happy I did so. You get to see your itinerary beforehand, built around your wishes, to tweak it further if you so wish. Included is whether you want to know more about not just Kruger, but the region and the country as a whole: culture, history, the people, the politics. It’s up to you. My particular tour took in the Kruger Park and an an adjacent private park, the world famous Geo-trail, Blyde River Canyon and the picturesque historic settlement Pilgrim’s Rest. You get explanations of what you are seeing -- whether it be wildlife, geology, historical sites, and background information. On the way he will photograph your journey, which you will get at its conclusion. Ukhozi Tours ensured that this was a very special experience which will stay for me as long as I have a memory. The brochure lives up to its promises, and I highly recommend a tour with Ukhozi if you plan to visit South Africa.

Very informed and amusing character with an immense knowledge of wild life.

Firstly, David has a great sense of fun - you will enjoy much laughter, and you will hear hyenas laughing too! You will see beauty in every direction; from kingfishers on the river banks, to lion families lazing on the rocks.
The sounds of the

David knows the terrain, he knows the natural habitat of every animal. David can identify from the tracks, which animals had been passing by earlier. His eyes are always searching for signs of movement in the bush or the trees. David will tell you which seasons are best to see certain animals, which safari books to recommend. You will enjoy the beauty of kingfishers making their nests on the river banks, baby elephants out walking with their mothers, lions lying under the ledges of the cliffs, at rest (for the moment...), and he is skilled at slowing the Land Rover down, keeping it quiet, so that you can hear all the sounds of life around you.

David Forbes is extremely insightful,knowledgable and passionate about his guiding.

David was instrumental in giving me a real insight into the Ndebele people. His knowledge and passion about the people, their history and their art was evident from the very beginning. His connection allowed us access I don't think I could have gotten through another tour. David's background in filmmaking gives him an advantage over other tour operators because of how he researches the locations. He looks at the subject, location, or event with a photographer's eye, and the curiosity of a producer and writer, allowing him to give his clients a unique and special experience.

David Forbes is a knowledgeable and engaging guide, with knowledge of both birds and game.

The opportunity to visit a nature reserve with David Forbes was a particular pleasure as he is deeply interested and knowledgeable not only in the birds and animals that live there, but also concerned for their welfare in terms of the management of the reserve. Being a photographer himself, he is willing to be at a site for considerable lengths of time in order to allow his guests to be able to take photographs of birds or creatures in the veld. He is also a reliable and deft driver, an asset both in the reserves and out of it.

Forbes is also an interesting fireside companion not only because of his interest in the history and politics of the country, but also his own involvement as an activist and film-maker. He has spent twenty-five years photographing among the Ndebele people, for whom he has a great respect and love. He is also a graphic artist, and so has an interest in the arts, as well as a commitment to the learning and teaching of languages. He is thus an engaging host both in the veld and in the camp.



David Forbes is a deeply knowledgable, enthusiastic, dedicated, funny, warm, wonderful safari guide!

We had the most amazing five days with David Forbes of Ukhozi Tours in August 2021, first in Kruger National Park and then at a fantastic lodge in a private reserve nearby.

He found the ideal camp in Kruger, catered and cooked our meals and deftly drove us around the park for thrilling wildlife sightings, including a litter of indescribably adorable hyena puppies.

One day he heard a distant trumpeting sound and led us to a stunning standoff between a bloat of 17 hippos and a herd of elephants.

He shared his deep knowledge and appreciation of the natural world and his wonderful sense of humor.

You will have the time of your life if you can take a tour with David.

Susan Adams

New York City

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